3 easy ways to treat body acne

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Do You have acne problem with your body? some people have problem with this one, and this make them going out from their community because they shy with this problem. How about You? I give you 3 best natural acne treatment below:

number one: to zap body acne and prevent it from coming back, you can wash your body daily with a salicylic acid based cleanser.

number two: Shower daily and be sure to shower as soon as possible anytime you have been sweating such as after playing sports, working outside or just being in the sun. After your shower, you can follow up by a body moisturizer that contains Alfa Hydroxy acid. This will exfoliate skin and help prevent breakouts.

number three: At night time you can treat body acne just like facial acne, by applying an acne zapping gel or cream at the effected parts.more from baweh online