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Google App Inventor For Android Phones

Google search engine release New google feature, it is google realtime search that give you new news and information on Internet. Google realtime let You get results directly on the new realtime homepage, you can pinpoint your search results by locations, times, and more, Read full threads of conversations to get context about any topic you search.

These are some features of google realtime search: everything, it's like common search result as you search on google. Updates give you new posting on the Internet and you can see hot topic on the Internet at this time. Any time it's like search everything. You can search your result on custom location you need. It's also have result for update images for it's results.

Google realtime also give us traffic of rearches realtime and every new information available on google facebook realtime, if you don't want to see new availble information you can pause it. Do you want to use Google realtime check here

how to share google docs realtime ? when you write on your google docs it is available on google realtime if you set yout google docs for public.

New Feature Internet Explorer 9 Beta On September

Google Chrome 6 With Autorefill

Outstanding news, The browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta version (IE9 coming on September. The news circulated prior to the event entitled Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting some time ago. Kevin Turner as Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, even the center confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 beta coming on september 2010.

Related to this news, the picture IE 9 was been circulating on the Internet. As quoted from RemondPie, a site named cnBeta even claim to have been capturing screenshoot Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

In preview, IE9 like google chrome or Opera with initial tabs they have. Also equipped ie9 any new download manager. For information Internet explorer 9 has reached of Platform Preview 3 (PP3), internet explorer 9 not only able to harness the power of the main processor, but also the power of graphics processors.

In an Email received, Microsoft collaborated with Nvidia and AMD/ATI to maximize the power of the Graphics Processor on ie9.

Microsoft decision should be given attention, in particular systems, the computer will have the power processor graphics are quite "strong". Usually, the browsers on the market today, the power of the Graphics processor will not run the browser when the user touched it.

ie 9 pp3 version has better javascript engine. Engine will be able to take advantage of the many-core CPU that is believed to be more efficient, ie9 pp3 also support the HTML 5.

Google App Inventor For Android OS

Calling Your Friends With Gmail Voice

Do You Software's developer for Android ? Google provides tools for Android developers. This Software Developers Kit (SDK), it's Google app inventor for Android Phones. It is make useful for software developers to create applications for devices based on Android operating system.

The goal of google app inventor for Android is to help people create application for their phones, to enable every person in the mobile world could be a creator applications, not just being a costumer.

How to use Google App Inventor For Android ?
Users who want to register the program for Google app Inventor must first have a Gmail account and phones with android operating system, cause it is web-based tools so that users are required to connect their phones to a computer using a USB cable. Do you want to become google android developers or you have free Android applications share it here on baweh online diary and social networking guide.

10 Most Powerful End Games

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Lets relax our activities with playing best free windows games for windows xp. What you mean ? Below baweh online diary and social networking guide will share about 10 Most powerful end games. This article I re-post from

1. Kane and lynch 2 dog days
Among the games mentioned above, kane and lynch 2: Dog Days is the most recent games. Yet the developers did not seem to pay attention to the storyline that only lasted four hours to finishing your fissions.

2. Rogue Warrior
Not much to be proud of in this game. The story is uninteresting, poor graphics quality, and the order of the sound was disappointing. When playing this game, gamers just get a variety of dirty words during the four hours.

3. The Bouncer
When we want to be released, this game is showcase a myriad of advantages when compared to final fantasy game. But his presence just disappointing, even for gamers to solve it only takes about one hour.

4. Mirror's Edge
Game mirror's edge could be phenomenal in it's time. This game is unique, having a game system which is not unusual. Graphics look good too thanks to Nvidia's PhysX support, but it only takes four hours to complete.

5. Yoshi's Story
Yoshi's Story could practically have almost all the elements of the preferred game. Order of beautiful voice, incredible graphics, but is not accompanied by an interesting storyline. Players only need four hours to finish the game.

6. Army Of Two: The 40th Day
Although the game offers a nice concept, but it appeared Army of Two: the 40th Days less attractive to many gamers. This game only has a story about five hours.

7. Quantum Of Solace
Adventure story of secret agent 007 in this game are spelled exclaimed. Presented graphically to the order of the sound is good enough though not impressive, but only took four hours to complete mission.

8. Pokemon Snap
This is probably the fastest game that existed at the pokemon series. Gamers only need less than an hour to complete the entire mission.

9. Wanted: Weapons of Fate
This Game has been adopted directly from the wide screen version, gamers will play as a hero who can deflect the direction of the bullet. although many battle scenes, but this game could be completed within four hours.

10. Fable
Fable is a game that has many unique mission. However, due to limitations of the story, the game can be completed in just seven hours.

Do you have any most powerful end games. Share it on baweh online diary and social networking guide

Calling Your Family With Gmail Voice

Google Chrome 6 Autofill

As the biggest development of search engine technologies and Internet phone technology, Google was launching a new feature in Gmail. Now, You can use your Gmail account for calling friends and families.

With these new features, gmail users can make international phone calls. Gmail voice and video chat to make communication between friends and family becomes much easier, by just using a PC microphone and speakers. Currently the user must first login with your gmail aacount at the same time wanted to call.

How much is the International call rate? Unfortunately, this new feature is currently only available to the American public, Google will launch phone call and video chat as soon as possible. Gmail voice and video chat is free in the U.S and Canada until the end of the year.

How to Use Gmail Voice ? To use Gmail Voice Log In to your gmail account and start calling with your gmail account, because it's has integrate with google voice. Google seems to get serius about expanding it's business into the realm of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Lets we see and enjoy Gmail Voice and share on your social networking guide.

Google Chrome 6 Have Autofill

Google chrome to phone for Android phones

Do you newbie online users and doesn't know what is google chrome ? google chrome is free google's browser likely internet explorer or mozilla firefox and now google has release google chrome 6 Beta.
Google Chrome 6 beta officially released to the market. Google chrome claimed have a slighty better pace than it's predecessor and includes several new features.

Google chrome 6 beta have several new features that will further enhance easy of use and speed of chrome.

One of the new features available in chrome version 6 is Autofill. This feature will allow users to fill out a form on the website automatically with information such as name, address, telephone, number, and credit card numbers. Later autofill also allows users to fill out a long form on the website with just a few clicks.

For security reasons, by default google chrome will store user's personal information unless the users decides to share it with the website. Information on credit cards also never be stored without explicit permission from the user.

Chrome 6 Beta also claimed have better synchronization. Chrome users can synchronize data and autofill extension through their Google accounts. Synchronization chrome features also allows us to access bookmarks, preferences, themes, extensions, and autofill from any computer data when we log into google account using google chrome browser.

About appearance, google chrome browser 6 beta is also a simpler version, with a toolbar on a more simple, closer omnibox, and all options are summarized into a single menu. Do you interested to download google chrome 6 beta ? You can download google chrome browser frome google chrome download

Blogger Have Spam Detection

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Blogger release a new feature for blogger users named blogger comment inbox. What does blogger gives to it's user ? blogger users can manage published comments, comments that have been flagged as spam and comments awaiting moderation if users have turned on comment moderation.

Users with comment moderation turned on will continue to see comments that need moderation and have not been flagged as spam in Awaiting moderation. Users without comment moderation will not see any comment in Awaiting moderation.

Bloggers also filters comments that are likely spam comments to a spam inbox, it's like spam folder in your email. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, it will be reviewed against with blogger's spam detector, and comments that are identified as possible spam will be sent to your's spam inbox. It's can be found on comments spam.

if You you have knowledge and capability about fighting spam comment you can help blogger and give blogger feedback.

That's what baweh online diary talkingn about blogger's spam detection feature. it's repost from blogger's article

The Channel of Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook Questions Application

The start of a live video streaming channel video strategy for facebook has came, what do you think ? The live video channel will be used for official facebook announcements, press events, live chats with facebook engineers, and live streaming of facebook developers conference, ect.

The facebook live channel will incorporate facebook's real time live feed technology to facilitate interactions between the viewing audience and the speaker. Facebook live streaming also offer a feature similar to CNN live's use to the right of the live video of a news event, It's also included an ask a question feature, which lets viewers submit their questions to a facebook moderator.

Not only that, users also can look back on facebook live reruns, copying links to other sites as well as adding features to live facebook profile to be able to access the service faster.

Later facebook will show the dialog, highlight new products and revealed an activity that is being crowded on facebook. Whereas in the past we now do so via video.

Unfortunately, the service is different with ustream live streaming or livestream service that allows users to create their own streaming video. But more to the public relations arm of facebook to promote the new features.

A facebook representative said that his company does not yet have plants to incorporate these features into the product live streaming content that can be enjoyed by an individual users.

That are what on baweh online diary and social networking guide about the channel of facebook live streaming. What to add informations share your opinions on comment place please.

Chrome To Phone for Google Android Phone

Google Chrome Operating System

Google launched a new feature for google chrome browser that helps users to share links and data on the desktop google chrome web browser with Google Android operating system phones. Google Chrome to phone feature will allow users to send phone numbers to their mobile address book and to send directions to the Android map application. Chrome to phone can also build more interesting integrations than just sharing a link. To use chrome to phone you need google chrome to phone extention.

How to install Google chrome mobile phone extention ?
By installing google chrome to phone install mobile phone extention, you agree "chrome to phone terms". The source code for this product is available under the Apache 2.0 licence from the developer website. If you agree TOS of google chrome to phone install it NOW

This extension adds a button to chrome that lets you seamlessly pushes links, maps, and currently selected text and phone numbers to your android device.

You also need to install the chrome to phone Android application on your phone. The application can be download google chrome from Android app store market (search for chrome to phone). Requires a mobile phone running with Google Android phones 2.2 Froyo or later.

The Android applications is currently only available in English, in the following countries: US, Canada, Austalia, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa. Google will be extending to additional countries in the next few weeks.

Above are what can baweh online diary share to you. To see original post from google chrome to phone extention click here

What is Tweet Button ?

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Twitter launch new feature named tweet button. You can share links, find out how many times an article dividede and clicked by internet user

New button tweet officially launched on 12-08-2010, but the site mashable first leaked. "we still do not know for certain details of this tweet button features. But we can give an ilustration, tweet button is designed as the most comprehensive counter to retweet and share it on twitter network", writes Mashable.

Mashable describe that tweet button is a single line of code that can be added to any website. later there will be three versions of the size of buttons or keys. Tweet button with five different setting that can be adjusted.

Based on test results, the code is in fact did work. But Mashable added, the real action retweeting an article link can not be done by most users.

Above what I can share about tweet button on baweh online diary and social networking guide.
This article taken from Mashable and Detikinet

Norton internet security 2011 review

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

I had review kaspersky internet security 2011 days ago and now I will review norton internet security 2011 for all internet users.

Norton internet security can be considered as one application of a fairly complete somputer security, insight norton anti virus. Although not specifically designed to keep out the virus, but this application can be exploited by users to protect themselves from cyber crime threats.

What norton internet security 2011 offer?
At first time this product does not bring a change from previous series. Symantec changes made visible only on the interface. However, if we see more detail, it bring several new innovations that brought new features. Below are key features of norton internet security 2011:

Norton Download Insight
Norton download insight helps you download and share files safety by warning you if a download can be trusted or contains threats or crimeware before it harm your computer

Faster and Lighter
Norton internet security 2011 uses minimal system resources and scans only files at risk for fewer, shorter scans and the fastest scanning times, and easy to get norton antivirus download

New Rescue tools
Sometimes Personal Computer's become infected with difficult to remove "scareware" programs or they get so infected by threats that are deeply buried in the personal computer operating system that special tools are required to remove them. That's where norton rescue tools can help you.

Safe Web
Norton internet security 2010 identifies unsafe websites right in your search results, blocks known malicious sites, and exposes suspicious online sellers.

Proactive Performance Alerts
Proactive performance alerts norton security helps you optimize your personal computer performance by notifying you when applications are slowing you down.

Norton internet security 2011 Operating System requirement
Norton internet security 2011 walk on windows xp 32-bit with service pack 2 or later, Home/ Professional/Media center.
Microsoft windows vista 32 bit and 64-bit (starter/Home Basic/ Home Premium/ Business/Ultimate)
Microsoft windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit (Starter/Home Basic/ Home Premium/Professional/ Ultimate.

Minimum Hardware Requirement
300 Mhz or Faster processor, 256 MB of RAM for XP, 512 of RAM for vista and 1 GB of RAM for windows 7, 300 MB of available hard disk space.

AntiSpam and Browser
Antispam norton security 2011 available for microsoft outlook 2002 or later, microsoft outlook express 6.0 or later, windows mail, browser support Vulnerability protection and phishing protection for microsoft internet explorer 6.0 or higher, and mozilla firefox 3.0 or later. Email scanning support for POP3 and SMTP compatible email clients.

Above are norton internet security 2011 review and iI tell you. Now norton updates on beta version and norton internet security 2011 application is scheduled to be released in september 2010. you can download norton internet security trial from here.
Below are screenshot of norton internet security 2011