Google Chrome 6 Have Autofill

Google chrome to phone for Android phones

Do you newbie online users and doesn't know what is google chrome ? google chrome is free google's browser likely internet explorer or mozilla firefox and now google has release google chrome 6 Beta.
Google Chrome 6 beta officially released to the market. Google chrome claimed have a slighty better pace than it's predecessor and includes several new features.

Google chrome 6 beta have several new features that will further enhance easy of use and speed of chrome.

One of the new features available in chrome version 6 is Autofill. This feature will allow users to fill out a form on the website automatically with information such as name, address, telephone, number, and credit card numbers. Later autofill also allows users to fill out a long form on the website with just a few clicks.

For security reasons, by default google chrome will store user's personal information unless the users decides to share it with the website. Information on credit cards also never be stored without explicit permission from the user.

Chrome 6 Beta also claimed have better synchronization. Chrome users can synchronize data and autofill extension through their Google accounts. Synchronization chrome features also allows us to access bookmarks, preferences, themes, extensions, and autofill from any computer data when we log into google account using google chrome browser.

About appearance, google chrome browser 6 beta is also a simpler version, with a toolbar on a more simple, closer omnibox, and all options are summarized into a single menu. Do you interested to download google chrome 6 beta ? You can download google chrome browser frome google chrome download