Calling Your Family With Gmail Voice

Google Chrome 6 Autofill

As the biggest development of search engine technologies and Internet phone technology, Google was launching a new feature in Gmail. Now, You can use your Gmail account for calling friends and families.

With these new features, gmail users can make international phone calls. Gmail voice and video chat to make communication between friends and family becomes much easier, by just using a PC microphone and speakers. Currently the user must first login with your gmail aacount at the same time wanted to call.

How much is the International call rate? Unfortunately, this new feature is currently only available to the American public, Google will launch phone call and video chat as soon as possible. Gmail voice and video chat is free in the U.S and Canada until the end of the year.

How to Use Gmail Voice ? To use Gmail Voice Log In to your gmail account and start calling with your gmail account, because it's has integrate with google voice. Google seems to get serius about expanding it's business into the realm of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Lets we see and enjoy Gmail Voice and share on your social networking guide.