Google Realtime Search Realtime Information

Google App Inventor For Android Phones

Google search engine release New google feature, it is google realtime search that give you new news and information on Internet. Google realtime let You get results directly on the new realtime homepage, you can pinpoint your search results by locations, times, and more, Read full threads of conversations to get context about any topic you search.

These are some features of google realtime search: everything, it's like common search result as you search on google. Updates give you new posting on the Internet and you can see hot topic on the Internet at this time. Any time it's like search everything. You can search your result on custom location you need. It's also have result for update images for it's results.

Google realtime also give us traffic of rearches realtime and every new information available on google facebook realtime, if you don't want to see new availble information you can pause it. Do you want to use Google realtime check here

how to share google docs realtime ? when you write on your google docs it is available on google realtime if you set yout google docs for public.