Facebook Questions Applications VS Yahoo Answers

How To Make Money With Facebook
What Is Facebook Questions?
How-to facebook questions. Millions of people ask their friends about things everyday, what is social networking ? What is the fastest and safest browser ? What music they listen this time? How do I make money via the Internet and many more questions from all members of facebook to their friends according to their hobbies that imposible I write all on Baweh Online Diary.

Facebook introduces new feature to the user that is named facebook questions, facebook questions is currently in facebook question beta version, You may have facebook questions problems sometime. What's on facebook questions beta version? these are what do you have on face book questions: facebook questions answers, facebook survey questions, which allows facebook users to ask questions in their minds to the public facebook. With facebook questions application you will get lots of questions and answers, learn valuable information from people who understand the various topic.

Facebook questions, help you take advantage of the knowledge of the 500 million-plus members of facebook. For example if you want to go to Indonesia You can ask, What your favorite place in Indonesia ? How social life of Indonesian society. With facebook questions application you will get answers to questions of personal and from the experts.

How do I ask on Facebook questions ?
How do you ask facebook questions, To ask questions on facebook questions simply, click the "ask questions" at the top of the homepage. You can also ask questions to your friends from their profile, do the same with how you will post on their wall.

After you ask a question, you have the options to add an image or a poll. With facebook questions pool, you can create a simple survey. Such as whether your cellphone operating system ? Google Android Operating Systemques (GAOS), Windows Mobile Operating System (WMOS), Linus Operating System (LOS), Symbian Operating System (SOS), Other. You can make fun facebook survey questions as you want.

If you ask about facebook frequently asked questions about your security questions facebook and facebook profile questions, I Tell you, to Keep in mind that all the questions and answers can be accessible to anyone and visible to everyone on the Internet. If you simply want to ask your friends, or a certain group of people, you still can apply as a status update on your profile are specially targeted to your friends.

Explore Any Topic
Tagging themes also helps others benefit from the knowledge of everyone on facebook. For instance, if you're always want to learn more about how to implement search engine optimization page results, cooking, coding, politics or even how to learn html scripts. Facebook Questions lets you see what others are asking about those subjects.

Facebook questions lets you browse from people with deep knowledge on a topic or click "follow" under any questions to receive a notofication each time someone submits a new answer. You can Browse through all of the questions to help find one you may have never thought to ask. How to browse through all of the facebook questions ? Just select "everything" from the "questions about" drop-down menu at the top of the application, and click "next question" start your questions and share your answers. You can see original post from facebook here

What is Yahoo! Answers ?
What is yahoo answers, yahoo answers is a place where people ask and answer questions on any topic. It's collects all yahoo questions and answers

When asking a question, you categorize it in a topic, making it easier for others to find and answer it. Your question is open for others to answer for 4 days. You can extend or shorten this time period. Select the best answer, or have the community vote for the best answer

How to answers at yahoo? Use the category list on the left side of each page to find open questions related to the topic you know about, You can also search with yahoo search engine on the left side of each page to locate questions and answers related to specific words or phrases, your answer to a question may be chosen as the best one, and answers yahoo giving you extra points.

Discover yahoo answers
Use the category list on the left side of each page to browse through the questions and answers on the topics that interest you, resolved questions, and use the search box on ht left side of each page to locate questions and answers related to specific words and phrases.

What are yahoo answers categories ?
Yahoo answers has many categories to help user to discover yahoo answers. Below are all yahoo answers categories: Arts and Humanities, Beauty and style, Business and Finance, Cars and Transportation, Computer and Internet, Consumer Electronics, Dining Out, Education and Reference, Entertainment and Music, Environment, Family and Relationships, Food and Drink, Games and recreation, Health, Home and Garden, Local Businesses, News and Events, Pets, Politics and Goverment, Pregnancy and Parenting, Science and Mathematics, Social Science, Society and Culture, Sport, Travel, and Yahoo Products. Go to yahoo answers home here to find official yahoo answers api application

New SiteNotice from Google Webmaster Tools

Baweh Online Diary

Google webmaster tools release new feature for webmaster members "new message center notification for detecting and increase in crawl error". If you don't know what is google webmaster tools go here. How to use google webmaster tools for search engine optimisation and What's new from this feature?

When google robot (crawl) unable to reach our contents webmasters will sending SiteNotice messages when google webmaster detect a significant increase in the number of crawl errors. these notifications are meant to alert you of potential crawl-related issues and prvide a sample set of URLs for diagnosing and fixing them.

You'll only receive these notifications if you're verified your site in webmaster tools and it detect significant changes to the number of crawl errors google webmaster tools on your site. If you don't want to miss out on any these important messages, you can use teh email forwarding feature to receive these alerts in your box. Check originil post from webmaster tools google here

Alexa Toolbar Review

Free Antivirus Kaspersky

Alexa toolbar review talking about alexa internet about alexa toolbar, alexa sparky, and products of alexa internet. If you search alexa benson or alexa rose you can check here

Alexa internet is founded in April 2006, it is a subsidiary of amazon.com, best known for operating www.alexa.com. alexa internet is provides information on the web traffic to other websites

What are products of alexa internet?

Alexa toolbar
Alexa grow day by day with the participation of the alexa toolbar community. By using the alexa toolbar each member contibutes valuable information about the web, how ig is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community as Related Links, Traffic Ranking and More

Alexa Site Information
alexa site information can be found on alexa's site overview pages, traffic detal pages and related links pages. To access alexa site information very simply just type the url of any site into the alexa search box.

Alexa Top Sites
Alexa top sites available by country, language or in a category, and you can download a free file of the global top million sites sorted by alexa traffic rank

Site Owner Tools
Alexa has created a series of tools specifically for website or blog owners. These tools can help to drive traffic, make money, find broken links and more

How to Download alexa toolbar
you can get alexa toolbar download from here. If toolbar download alexa you have, you can easy know the ranking of sites from around the world

What is Alexa Sparky?
Alexa sparky is alexa internet's free firefox status bar plug-in. Sparky accompanies you as you surt, providing you with alexa internet data about the sites you visit without interrupting your browsing, discover website traffic trends, get detailed traffic information including reach and rank, Gracefully navigate past dead and error pages, plus, as you browse with sparky, you are helping to make the web a better place for everybody by contributing to the traffic information that alexa provides.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011

How To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

A virus is a negative side in the virtual world (Internet) that haunt us every time. In order to avoid the attack of viruses that are also updating themselves with the latest technologies, then we should install anti-virus on our computer.

Anti-virus solution on baweh online diary this time around kaspersky, namely kaspersky internet security 2011 and anti virus 2011.

Kaspersky Internet security 2011 and Kaspersky antivirus 2011 equipped with latest technology to protect your computer from viruses. The protection is proactive, routine, and real time, which constantly monitors the system to detect all types of potential threats and prevent activities that damage the system.

Kaspersky internet security and Kaspersky antivirus also brought the technology watcher system watcher system which monitors all activities in full system such as the creation and modification of files, system calls and change the system registers.

Other Kaspersky feature is the ability to use disk as a rescue disk installation product that contains a variety of facilities to treat the infected computer without the need to download the bootable operating system.

Not only that, Kaspersky 2011 also has the ability to install machines that had been infected by a sophisticated threats such as rootkits. The threat is usually applied to combat antivirus solution. Kaspersky Internet security 2011 and Kaspersky anti-virus 2011 managed to restore files that have been infected with the virus through the module watcher system, safe surf, and safe module runs. Kaspersky also provided additional facilities that have not previously provided to customers kaspersky before.

How to download antivirus kaspersky
Now kaspersky compatible with windows 7 operating system, and you can download antivirus kaspersky from here

How To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

How To Install Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

Do you feel that there is a toolbar on your firefox browser that you no longer need ? whether it is yahoo toolbar that you mean ? if that's what you are looking for, the following ways to delete yahoo toolbar. there are three ways to remove yahoo toolbar. check and select what you need.

How to uninstal yahoo toolbar for internet explorer ?
below are ways How to delete yahoo toolbar for internet explorer. Click "view" from the toolbar of your internet explorer. check lists of you toolbars. click yahoo toolbar, then remove the program. If not available, you should try to remove the toolbar from the toolbar itself. (from the yahoo companion toolbar, click "edit", select to delete yahoo toolbar, after the toolbar is uninstalled you must restart your computer.

How to uninstall yahoo toolbar from your computer ?
How to delete yahoo toolbar from your computer : click start menu, then choose control panel, click add/remove programs in your control panel, highlight the yahoo! toolbar and click remove to remove yahoo toolbar, follow the instructions, Done

How to remove yahoo toolbar from firefox ?
Not different like to delete yahoo toolbar for internet explorer : open your firefox, choose "tools" , click add ons select yahoo toolbar on extentions, click uninstall, restart your browser, Done.

How To Install Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

How To Uninstall Google Toolbar

Do you check your fovorite websites everyday and you want to know new news from your favorite sites without leaving the page you are on? You need to install a yahoo toolbar for firefox.

Yahoo toolbar free give you 7 apps on default, are : yahoo mail, eBay, Weather information on your area, Finance, Facebook, Bookmarks, Travel. You can add your self if your favorite sites does not listing here.
Wahat's your benefits from using yahoo toolbar
Your toolbar gives you two option : preview your sites from toolbar or get it in just one click. adding applications to your toolbar is fast and easy, so you can personalize it to your exact needs.

How to install yahoo toolbar for firefox ?
Before installation yahoo toolbar download, check system requirement from this toolbar. It is need mozilla firefox 3.0 or later and windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Ok, lets go to yahoo's home page and search text "download yahoo toolbar" and click it.

Begin the installation process, Read the Software Licence Agreement. Click on the button that says "I agree" if you want to use yahoo toolbar, and click it.

Installation process will be continued and after finish download yahoo toolbar click allow on your sight side from your firefox and restart your firefox, Done. You have yahoo toolbar free on your firefox now.

How to uninstall google toolbar

Add Google Toolbar for Firefox Download

Yesterday www.bawehonline.com posting how to download google toolbar and how to install google toolbar, now we will learn about how to remove google toolbar for firefox and internet explorer browser.

How to uninstall google toolbar for windows internet explorer browser ?
there are two ways to delete free google toolbar for internet explorer : from toolbar and from the add or remove programs control panel on your computer.
  1. To uninstall or delete google toolbar from the toolbar follow these instructions : Click the down arrow next to the wrench icon beside sign in icon. On the down arrow there are five option : option, google toolbar help, privacy information, uninstall, and about google toolbar. Select uninstall, Click uninstall the google toolbar. Done
  2. To uninstall from the add or remove programs control panel, follow these instruction : Click the windows start menu, control panel, double click add or remove programs, select google toolbar for IE, click remove, Done
How to uninstall google toolbar for mozilla firefox ?
How about mozilla firefox? don't worry below are ways to delete google toolbar for firefox. there are two ways which one you can choose, are delete it from the toolbar and delete google toolbar from the firefox add ons window.
  1. to uninstall google toolbar from the toolbar follow instructions below : It's like uninstall google toolbar for IE, select the down arrow next to the wrench icon, Select Uninstall, Click uninstall, Done
  2. To uninstall google toolbar from the firefox add ons window follow instructions below : Click the firefox tools menu, Select add-ons (On the add-ons there are four menu: get add ons, extensions, themes, plugins) Select extensions, Select google toolbar for firefox add ons, click uninstall, Done.
Do you have other ways to delete google toolbar? Share your information and your knowledge here.

Add Google Toolbar For firefox Download

Zemanta Add Ons For Firefox

Do you want to implement search engine optimization marketing for your website? After posting zemanta add ons for firefox on this occasion www.bawehonline.com will write about google toolbar for firefox download. We can use Google toolbar for internet explorer and mozilla firefox browser.

google toolbar installation
How to install google toolbar? As I mentioned above that we can use google toolbar for firefox and internet explorer browser, so if you still use other browsers, use one of mozilla firefox and internet explorer as your main browser. Ok to install google toolbar is easy, just go to http://toolbar.google.com and and start to google toolbar download. After finishing of add google toolbar for firefox download, restart your browser and start enjoying the facilities of google toolbar.

Key Features of google toolbar
Free google toolbar has key features such as: web history, google translate, spell checker, google page rank, automatic links, google bookmarks, pop-up blocker and many other features.

Google toolbar features that I am interested are: google toolbar page rank, because I can instantly know the page rank of a particular website/ blog and the urls without the help of tools anymore. In addition I also like to auto fill feature that saves me time to fill out online forms when I was sign up for free social networking websites or specific forums. Pop-up blocker, because I avoid a variety of ads that actually I do not know. How about You ?

Zemanta Add Ons for Firefox

Baweh Online Diary

Internet technologies gives facilities the bloggers to write their online diary, including the author of www.bawehonline.com always looking for new technologies to support the activities of blogging.

Plug-in technology solutions in this post come from zemanta add ons for firefox. Actually zemanta also support on other browsers such as internet explorer, google chroom, and other browsers. But in this post I write zemanta for mozilla firefox.

What is zemanta ? Zemanta is a revolutionary new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user.

What are the benefits for bloggers using zemanta add ons for firefox ? benefits of using plug-in zemanta is a blogger get alternative content, links, images directly from zemanta, so that our blog's content is getting richer and quality. Do you want to use zemanta add on ons for firefox ? Download zemanta for firefox now from here. Do you need free facebook tools ? get it now from Free facebook tools