How To Install Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

How To Uninstall Google Toolbar

Do you check your fovorite websites everyday and you want to know new news from your favorite sites without leaving the page you are on? You need to install a yahoo toolbar for firefox.

Yahoo toolbar free give you 7 apps on default, are : yahoo mail, eBay, Weather information on your area, Finance, Facebook, Bookmarks, Travel. You can add your self if your favorite sites does not listing here.
Wahat's your benefits from using yahoo toolbar
Your toolbar gives you two option : preview your sites from toolbar or get it in just one click. adding applications to your toolbar is fast and easy, so you can personalize it to your exact needs.

How to install yahoo toolbar for firefox ?
Before installation yahoo toolbar download, check system requirement from this toolbar. It is need mozilla firefox 3.0 or later and windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Ok, lets go to yahoo's home page and search text "download yahoo toolbar" and click it.

Begin the installation process, Read the Software Licence Agreement. Click on the button that says "I agree" if you want to use yahoo toolbar, and click it.

Installation process will be continued and after finish download yahoo toolbar click allow on your sight side from your firefox and restart your firefox, Done. You have yahoo toolbar free on your firefox now.