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Promoting your small business online can be a massive contributing factor to an increase in traffic and sales to your company website. As time has progressed social networking website have encouraged millions onto the internet; the total number of worldwide internet users has grown by 480.4% since the year 2000 with the latest count clocking an amazing 2,095,006,005!
The world has become more connected than ever before and with social networking sites being used daily by users across the globe who are able to share and link information to each other, what better place to promote your products or services?
Look at the tools you have at your disposal on Facebook alone; you can have people ‘like’ your company, social status updates and a whole range of other posts you may choose to make. This is massively useful; someone who sees a friend of theirs has ‘liked’ a particular product or post is far more likely to click it and check it out themselves.
Facebook promotions are a fantastic means of reaching out to a potentially limitless audience, so be sure to give the people on your ‘friends’ list a reason to ‘like’ your page or product. Promote a prize giveaway; a lucky user will be picked from the list of people who like your page or request to add you to their ‘friends’ list. From this their friends may be drawn to your profile and decide to enter the competition too; and so on.
Let’s assume we own a company that sells bathroom suites ; we have a new range of whirlpool baths in stock and we want to promote these products as much as possible. A great starting point is to ensure our own company website (let’s call it; not the greatest domain but you get my point) is full of great content and we’re displaying our new whirlpool baths nice and clearly on the appropriate page. Now any posts we make on Facebook about these baths can be linked to our whirlpool baths page on
Now we encourage our friends to like our page with our competition; which in turn will inevitably draw in Facebook users from each of their friends list, if they view our profile and spot the easy-to-enter competition they are almost certainly going to enter at the price of clicking a ‘like’ button. While our Facebook page is popular we can use this opportunity to drop some posts about whirlpool baths and other possible sales and discounts with a link though to
Remember to interact with any ‘friends’ that comment on our page. Don’t be too serious, if they wish to engage you in conversation or make an enquiry about a product then give them what they want. This will also help to humanise our brand and make us more appealing to any new visitors on our profile.
Remember, build some serious hype around your social network profile then drop links to great offers or new products you have on offer. Give incentives to gain extra likes and in turn, extra followers and friends; these tactics can work just as well on twitter but you’ll have to be a little more smart with your posts as you have a limited character count on your posts.

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Written by Daniel Travis – Brown; Follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

New Social Networking Site for Global Irish Launched

A new social networking site for Irish people around the world has been unvailed. is the brainchild of Riverdance founder John McColgan, who suggested it at the Global Irish forum two years ago.

It will allow users share information, video and even link up their other social media site such as Facebook and Twitter. "Worldirish offers an opportunity for this greater global family to connect, engage and support each other-and in doing so, both help define what it is to think Irish and to reshape the future of the world irish, wherever we may be", according to the site.

Mr. McColgan says the possibilities of the site are huge. "The power to communicate... to tell your stories-tell us about your own place whether it is Angola or Antrim.

"Tell us the story of who you are and where you are in the community"

And The Beat Goes on With Next Generation Social Networking Site

Beat100, a new wave of web interaction has arrived to combine all the best of other social networking sites all rolled into one exhilarating package which will allow people not only to keep contact with each other via the web but also post video for prizes! Beat100 looks to take on its forever ageing predecessors & injecting a brand new lease of life into a worldwide addiction of the masses.
How does Beat100 work you may ask? well like all great great things it's rather simple there are two charts, the 'music chart & the lifestyle chart'.
The music chart is particularly exciting as since the unconfirmed death of Myspace, bands and musicians have been scouring the internet wastelands looking for someone, anyone to listen to them. Look no more however, here lays the perfect way to revive the unsighed music scene. For the past month, Beat100 debutants have been at loggerheads battling it out for the top spot.
At23:59 on Friday the 30th September it all came to a climatic ending which saw Essex based band 'Plastic Youth' bag the number one spot & the prize money to boot with their self-penned hit for Glory's Sake'. The bands singer/bassist said 'it's great that social networking is evolving &incorporating music with it, we're all chuffed to be a part of it'. Title band which consists of brothers luke, dan & james higgs along with drummer Kieran Ambrose have just completed a stint in the recording studio with Verve guitarist Nick McCabe and are set to release new material and tour in the new year.

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"People Talking About" Facebook

Facebook social networking site launches new metric what people talking about. It's has overhauled Pages Insights analytics tool and added a new metric to gauge the health of a page.
That statistic, which users will see on Pages below the total number of "likes", will be one of four tracked by pages Insights. The idea is that users will understand a Page with a high people talking about rating is one that has compelling content. Likewise, content creators will be motivated to make their Pages more comment-worthy.
People Talking About will measure user-initiated activity related to a Page, including posting to a Page's wall, liking, commenting, sharing a Page post or content on the Page, answering a Question posed to fans, mentioning a Page, "liking" or sharing a deal or checking in at your Place.
David Baser, Product manager for Pages Insights, says that despite a raft of new activities that Facebook will be introducing soon under the Facebook Gestures banner, those four metrics will remain and the "like" will maintain its ranking as a top measurement. Likes are an expression of identity, Baser says "it's a user saying that I have a relationship with this brand.In addition to tracking the four metrics. Pages Insights will also offer a deeper dive into data around specific updates. Facebook will list your last 500 posts and count the total  number of engaged users. People Talking About it and virality. The latter measures the percentage of users who commented on the post.

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A Social Network for Parents

New parents can have a difficult time setting in to their new lives, but New Castle's Leanne Worton is hoping to provide a valuable resource for new mothers through an online Community for local mothers.
Worton is the mother of a 2-year old son, Jackson, living in New Castle who started the online community Rifle Moms for Moms. The website is an online social network for moms and families with similar functionality of Facebook or other social networking sites. According to the site's mission statement, Rifle Moms for Moms is a local community resource to connect, inform, support and inspire the mothering community around Rifle.
"It really didn't make sense for there to be a rifle group, or a group specific for silt", Worton said, so, She decided to make a regional site which encompasses all the communities, "Its really a social network focusing on moms and families".
What separates this site from the other social networks, other than focusing on parenting, is that this site has a hyper local focus on the people within the respective communies. That is the whole point. "We want to keep it really local so that it feels very safe", Worton said. The site, focuses on the towns of Rifle, Slit and New Castle, according to worton who started and monitors the site. On the site mothers can discuss specific issues about parenting and kids.
"It gives you a safe place to ask questions and get that motherly advice that you may not have in other social networks", Worton said.
Anyone who would like to join the site can simply go to and enter their basic information with name, birthday, email, and answer some questions. Members can also use their Facebook page to login.

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Youtoo and Mark Burnett Launch First Social TV Network

While Facebook has been getting attention recently as the next wave of social TV Site, Mark Burnett and Youtoo might have just ignited the first "age" of social TV. They're launching an actual TV network which aims to reach a national audience of 15 million by "putting 500 people on TV each day-providing more Americans than ever before with a real shot at their 15 minutes of fame", according to their release. Mark Burnett's company will be curating the content.

Burnett is no stranger to social TV. The team behind the wildly-successful The Voice spoke happily about Burnett's passion for the social web. Now his production studio VIMEY (Video In My BackYard) and online distributor KoldCast TV have teamed up with entrepreneur Chris Wyatt to launch Youtoo.
VIMBY will producing content for the network asking users to submit video "FameSports" or "Social Shouts" via the web. iPhone, iPad or Android to insert themselves into the content.

In 1997, Chris Wyatt left a successful career in Hollywood as a network television producer and show runner to find the intersection of television and the internet. He was hired away from Hollywood by Softbank to be part of the team that launched the world's first social network, He founded Big Jump Media and provided social networking sites to corporations on a private-label license basis. Big Jump Media culminated with Chris launch of Godtube as the fastest growing website of 2007 on launch. He drove the company to a $180M valuation and exited before he was able to purchase a cable network. Youtoo is financed through a series of institutional funds, secured dept and high-net worth individuals. In total the company has about 40 full-time employees with 30 FTEs (Full Time Equivalents)

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U. S. Military Social Networking Site

While the general populace does it's Social Network on widely used sites such as Facebook, Twitter and perhaps now Google+, military service members now have their own dedicated social networking forum. Milpages, a new site created by U. S Air Force Sergeat Adam Mulholland, will devote itself largely to military topics with the goal of bringing U. S service personnel together online.
"Unlike Facebook, we are focused solely on military topics or those things that have an interest to the military people around the world", said Mulholland, who created the site. "This means, everything from opinions on what the military is doing today, coupons and savings, international military reaching across to nations around the world, or just random conversation".
"our site is targeted directly at military or supporters of, which is unique in the sense that it is being done on a social basis", said Mulholland. "We are different because the site is not a commercial multi-million dollar company running it like It's created by actual military members.
According to Mulholland, the new site contains some columns, blogs, but is largely dedicated to social networking.

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Meet Your Best Friends With kupple

Image :
Kupple social networking site is an online social network for couples seeking friendship, advice, or simply looking to try out that new restaurant in town. was founded with one simple purpose; to help couples find couple friends.

No matter how much you and your spouse enjoy, each other's company, there's no replacement for couple friends. They are your dinner and a movie buddies, the other half of your golf foursome, or maybe even your companies to travel the world. But finding a good match can be difficult.

Kupple's database makes the process of finding, other couple-friends easier than it has ever been before. You can search based upon your shared, interests as a couple, a common hometown, or even the individual hobbies of each partner.

Kupple social network was founded in 2006, after Beatrice Eslamboly and her husband moved to a new city and found themselves with few opportunities to meet other couples. After a disastrous double-date with a couple they barely knew, they vowed to never do it again. Shortly after the horrible date, the Eslambolys found themselves at a business dinner with Jon Steinberg and his fiance who had recently moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia to pursue Jon's career as a television writer.

Twitter Launches Web Analytics Service For Websites

Yesterday Baweh and online social networking sites talk about how to keep your twitter account safe. Now we want to talk about Twitter web analytics. Twitter web analytics provides much more information traffic coming to your website via Twitter 140 characters.

Twitter was launched Tweet button last year for web publishers to use for their users to click on to share on Twitter, but websites using the tweet button couldn't know how much traffic they were getting from Twitter

The Twitter web analytics service, now in private beta, the new service also shows how much traffic comes from the Tweet button. It gives information for Tweet button publishers, which place they should put their tweet button to get more reader from Twitter. Finally the new tool reveals a list of the most Tweeted links or stories from a website and how many click those links receive.

More information that Twitter now has 100 million active members and 230 million Tweets every day. Twitter now drives 100 million clicks/day to websites across the web.

Facebook Announces Twitter-Like "Subcribe" Feature

Facebook social networking site continues to add new feature that have proved popular on rival social networking sites, introducing Wednesday a Twitter-like service that allows users to follow updates from people who are not contacts.

The service, called "subcribe", also gives Facebook users a more complete filter to help control what shows up in their news feed. But the biggest charge is the  ability for public figures, journalists, and others to allow their posts to be read without adding others as a contact on having them "Like" a page.

A Facebook user who wants to monitor the posts someone who has opted in to the program would simply hit the "subcribe" button on the person's Facebook page, and they would receive updates that person posts as "public". The service is similar to San Francisco-based Twitter, which has found a large following by allowing people to "follow" the 140 character or less updates from their favorite celebrities and other public figures.

The change comes directly on the heels of Tuesday's announcement of expanded "Friends Lists", including "Smart Lists", features that streamline the process for grouping Facebook contacts in order to have greater control over who sees certain content.

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How To Keep Your Twitter Account Safe

We often asked the question "How do I keep my Twitter account safe and private?" Good question, and we're happy you asked.
First you should know that attempts to directly "hack" Twitter are extremely rare. The majority of account compromises actually happen as a direct result of "phishing" schemes. Phishing is a way to target users by sending them fraudulent messages meant to trick them into sharing their passwords. This can come in the form of fake e-mail, attachments or log-in screens that are designed to look similar to your Twitter sign-in page.
You should know that Twitter never sends emails that request Your password or asks you to download attachments. Similarly, You will never have to enter your Twitter password into anything other than a Twitter log-in screen on the web and applications that trust. You can always make sure that you're on the real Twitter site by checking the address bar in your browser-make sure the domain is There is lot more about protecting your self from phishing attempts on our support pages.
Here are some additional important recommendations from our Safety Center :
  1. Use a strong password with at least 10 characters and a combination of letters, numbers and other characters for Your Twitter account. And use a unique password for each website you use (email, banking, etc) that way if one account get compromised, the rest are safe. A personal email account that's compromised is the second most likely way an intruder gains access to Twitter accounts.
  2. Use HTTPs for improved security on Twitter. This is the same encryption technology that allows you to safety make payments online.
  3. We recommend linking your phone to Your Twitter account. Doing this could save Your account if you lose control of your personal email and/or password.
  4. If you think your account has been compromised, visit our help page for compromised accounts to find out to to fix it quickly.
We're committed to keeping Twitter a safe and open community and educating you, our users, about the best ways to keep your accounts secure. We post regular updates about safety and security via @safety and regularly update our account security help page.

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Top Ten Oldest Companies

Yahoo small business release top ten oldest companies. Don't let their age fool you! These longstanding companies are still growing fast. Check out their humble beginnings and rich histories.
  1. Norwich, Vermont No. 3,636 2010 Revenue: $81.1 million The oldest company on this year's list, King Arthur Flour Company started as a flour import business before introducing its own product in 1896. Run for five generations by the Sands family, the now 100 percent employee-owned company manufactures flours of all kinds, gluten-free mixes and more in a township that houses three company headquarters: "Camelot", "Avalon", and "Excalibur". In this company photograph from 1896, company founders Mark Taylor, Orin Sands, and George Wood stand beside a sign heralding their new additive-free flour.
  2. New Your No. 4,116 2010 Revenue: $140 million. This 180-year-old law firm began as Graham&Graham, a typical wall street law firm that dealt in real estate. It became one of the first truly international law firms in the country when the firm began representing bond proceedings in Latin America. With 80 percent of the firms practices located outside of the United States. Currently, the firm is serving counsel on Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy proceedings. This company photograph shows a 1920 firm dinner at New York's famed delmonico's. it might have been a quiet affair-the 18th Amendment had gone into effect a year before.
  3. Richmond, Virginia No. 4,061 2010 Revenue: $532 million McGuireWoods, a law firm that boasts 19 offices worldwide, has grown substantially throughout the centuries through firm mergers and client-facilitated expansions. The firm maintained offices across the state of Virginia for 150 years before venturing to Washington, D.C. Now, the firm reaches as far as Belgium, specializing in varying areas, including Intellectual Property and Class Action Litigation. this photograph is of the company's oldest continually occupied office building, located at 491 Fefferson Street in Charlottesville.
  4. Newark, New Jersey No. 4,891 2010 Revenue: $216 million. This northeast regional law firm began in Newton, New Jersey, but relocated to Newark 147 years ago. The firm has provided counsel for famous inventor. Thomas Edison and gunslinger Annie Oakley, with a McCarter on the roster until the 1990s. Now, the firm has 400 lawyers in offices all over the northeast, specializing in intellectual property and corporate litigation, among others. Photographed from left to right are company founders Conover English and Thomas McCarter.
  5. New York No. 4,701 2010 Revenue: $870 million. Francis N.Bangs, a 21-year-old lawyer, opened his one-man firm on lower Broadway in Manhattan in the 19th century. Since then, the lawyers affiliated with Davis Polk's rich history were involved in trials concerning William M. "Boss" Tweed, JP Morgan, and Hollywood film studios among others. Now the firm, which has 750 lawyers in nine locations around the world, is lead counsel for CitiGroup's financial crisis-related matters. Photographed at left is name partner John W. Davis, who ran and lost as the Democratic Party nominee against Republican Calvin Coolidge in 1924.
  6. Philadelphia No. 4,843 2010 Revenue: $376 million. Since its establishment in Philadelphia by John Christian Bullitt, this law firm has steadily grown in the last 160 years. The firm provided counsel for many Philadelphia businesses, including UPenn and even some of the 30 alleged communist schoolteachers dduring the McCarthy era. Now, Drinker Biddle is one of the 70 largest firms in the nation, counseling in many areas including labor law and discrimination litigation. Photographed from left to right are firm founder John Christian Bullitt and Henry S. Drinker. Drinker, a long-serving member of the firm, aided the beleaguered von Trapp family when they ran aground of visa troubles on Ellis Island in 1939.
  7. Detroit No. 4,956 2010 Revenue: $146 million. though this law firm was founded in the middle of the 19th century, it began to grow rapidly under Sidney T.Miller fifty years later. When his own son died of pleurisy, Miller lelt the firm to Cleveland Thurber, whose leadership fostered more growth. Now, Miller-Canfield contains a network of 450 lawyers that represent individuals, business, and nonprofits for advice and litigation among other services. Photographed at left is firm founder Sidney Davy Miller, standing to the right of the pillar.
  8. Chicago No. 4,921 2010 Revenue: $717 million. This Chicago-based firm emerged as founder Frederick H. Winston provided counsel for several railroad companies in the 19th century. The company has defended breweries during prohibition, department store Montgomery Wards during World War II, and the Atlanta Braves during their departure from Milwaukee. Now, the 1,000-attorney international firm manages cases against companies both in the public and private sectors. Photographed at left is founding partner Frederick H. Winston.
  9. Chambersberg,Pennsylvania No. 2,314 2010 Revenue: $38.7 million. Englishman Alexander Cuthill Fergusson's company began in importing before selling domestic chemical products to the paper, soap, textile, and leather industries. The company also aided in the production of blueprints for the U.S during  WWI by synthesizing a chemical that was in shortage. Now, the "jack-of-all-trades" business provides educational programs, evaluations, and products for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial industries, among others. Photographed at left is the company's hometown of Chambersberg, Pennsylvania in a postcard from the last decades of the 19th century.
  10. Indianapolis No. 4,485 2010 Revenue: $152 million. The founder of this law firm, Thomas A. Hendricks, is perhaps better known for serving as Vice President for President Grover Cleveland's second nonconsecutive term. With a historical roster that includes a governor, a mayor, and the first female African American State Attorney General, the firm now boasts 370 lawyers across the U.S and in China and offers both consulting and litigation in a variety of fields. Photographed at left is company founder Thomas A. Hendricks.

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How To Play Daggerfall On Your Windows 7 PC

Before you can play Daggerfall game on your Windows 7 PC, first you need to find the game. You'll probably prefer to download Daggerfall game directly from publisher Bethesda Softworks, which released the title for free to celebrate the game's 15th anniversary.
You'll need to use the free DOS emulator DOSBox to play the game on a modern machine. Grab the latest version of DOSBox and install it to your hand drive. Remember that any filename over eight caracters will truncate to match the old DOS 8.3 naming conventions, so make sure to create a separate folder for housing your DOS game files with a short and simple name, such as C:\DOS. After downloading a copy of daggerfall, unzip it in a subdirectory of C:\DOS, like C:\DOS\DaggerCD.
DOSBox offers advanced users a variety of config settings to tweak, but we're going to keep it simple and show you the bare minimum you need to play Daggerfall on a windows 7 OS. To get started, select the Edit Options item in the DOSBox folder on your start menu.
This action will open the DOSBox--0.74 conf configuration file, where you can tinker with the variables of the emulated DOS environment. Scroll down to the {dosbox}section and change the 'memsize' variable to read memsize=32. Save and close the file, and then launch DOSBox in windowed mode from the Start menu; you'll find yourself staring at a basic DOS command prompt like 'z\>\', so you'll need to tell the emulator where to look for your Daggerfall files. This process is called mounting a virtual drive, and you can easily accomplish it by typing mount c c:\dos-freesize 1000 and pressing Enter.
Next you need to emulate a virtual CD-ROM drive from which to install your copy of Daggerfall. Type mount d c:\dos\daggercd-t cdrom-lagel Daggerfall to do so. This line tells the emulator to treat all the files in c:\dos\dagger as though they were stored on a physical CD labeled Daggerfall, without all the hassle of actually needing to find a working Daggerfall CD. Now switch your DOSBox emulator to the D:\ drive by typing d: and pressing enter, and then type install. This will initiate the Daggerfall install program; agree to all terms; and install the game to c:\Dagger on your hard drive; making sure to set the install size to Huge.

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Microsoft Gets Social In China With RenRen Agreement

Microsoft recently announced that it has signed an agreement with RenRen, one of the most popular chinese social networking sites. Accordingly, RenRen will integrate its services with MSN, allowing users to share login access, status updates and instant messaging on both platforms. With the rise of Google, Twitter and other social networking sites like facebook, and persistent competition from Yahoo, MSN has been relegated to the sidelines.

RenRen helps microsoft in China's Internet Market
Tying up with RenRen, which is known as social networking sites like facebook in China, will enable microsoft to gain additional footing into the chinese internet market which has more than 480 million users. Microsoft recently also entered into an agreement with China's leading search engine Baidu to power its English language search engine.

The Microsoft deal also helps RenRen to compete with other services in China like Twitter clone Sina Weibo, and the IM provider QQ. See more article at :

Social Networking Site For Bricklyers wants to prove there's job site for skilled tradespeople somewhere between the white collar networking of LinkedIn and the anarchy of Craigslist. A site focusing on the workers end has been up since last year. The employers end has been active since May under that site's old name, Now both sides are good to go under the Proven banner. According to co-founder and CEO Pablo Fuentes, 400 new workers are creating profiles a day. More importantly for its new phase of growth, employers are joining the network at a clip of a little over 250 per day.
Workers create an account and list a skill set, along with any certifications and references verifiable to Proven through trade degrees or video samples of a worker in action. One unique feature that sets the site apart from LinkedIn. Workers can set their "Crew" of people with whom they enjoy working. Then it's on to an interactive map to find employers and submit profiles, regardless of whether they're hiring at that moment. Workers get five submissions per day.
Employers have to undergo a verification process before they can list whatever skills they seek on the map. Workers in those skill sets see employers as blue, outside that skill set they are gray and without a contact link. A company that is currently hiring appears as green and can privately choose from the profiles submitted to it.
Joining the social networking sites is free for both workers and employers, but proven plans to roll out optional premium accounts for employers in the near future, as other site like LinkedIn have offered. Those accounts will pay to use more advanced filters to best find workers in their particular skill set. Premium-level workers accounts would only pay to cover the costs of opt-in verifications such as background or DWV checks, and even then Proven plans to allow users to earn credit through site activity such as referrals. Fuentes said Proven also expects to make money through partnerships with certain trade schools.

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Police use social networking to nab murder suspect

According toa police search warrant, it was a bold, suspected killer messaging details on Facebook that led cops to their man. Police are now following social networking sites very closely to catch illegal activity or even tips.

“The digitization of technology and information has really arrived to what I call a conversational footprint,” said Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

It’s the latest way to fight crime and likely why 28-year-old Thomas Kumalac is behind bars, accused of murdering 25-year-old Jessica Jenson and stuffing her body under a Salt Lake motel bed.

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How To Add a Second Line To Your iPhone

Gadget accessory maker VaVeliero has a brilliant way for you to manage two phone numbers from one iPhone; strap another SIM card onto the back of your iPhone and use an app to delegate which one you want to use.
You don't even have to turn off the iPhone to switch SIM cards, 9 to 5 Mac points out. It sounds too good to be true especially since the case adds little bulk to your iPhone.
One convenient feature of VaVeliero's companion app is that you can easily program your iPhone to switch SIM cards once you get off work at 6, or at any other time you like. Unfortunately, You cannot use both SIM's simultaneously, meaning You can't receive calls on both lines at the same time.

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How To Play Free Games With DOSBOX ?

Hy guys! As many of you may not know, I am an avid lover of Classic Games that require Pixel Type Format and Cannot be run in Your Average Everyday computer. So if anyone here love classic games as much as I do, then I will help you play em.
First of all, GET DOSBOX, How can you play these awesome classical games without the correct format program-me? To get DOSBOX for windows get it from DOS Emulator from SourceForge.
Second, download those classical games. I recommended sites like these : Abandonia Best Old Games DOSBox DOS emulator for windows xp.
Third, Create a folder in your computer called DOSGames or something like that, remember no spaces in the folder name. Now that you have a folder, download one of the games and put it in the folder. This will make it easier to look for the games later.
Fourth, Run DOSBox and you will see something like this,

It's a command script. To start the game You have to Enter the following command mount c c:\DOSGames\(Name of the games file)
Fifth, You need to type this in Dir C:\ look for a file that is executable or has .exe and then finally type this in C:\(Name of the .exe. to make it easier right click on the .exe file and click RUN USING : DOSBOX
Congratulation now you can play the old pixel games

Facebook to Introduce Video-Calling on Its Site With The Support of Skype

Image from

The social networking site like Facebook is on its way toward building an even stronger relationship with its users, with the launch of an application for video chatting and calling on the site after finalizing a deal with Skype, the internet calling service.
According to Founder and Chief Executive on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the new application makes chatting with friends more interesting as it goes beyond just sending messages on chat. Facebook has 750 million users worldwide and its users spend a lot of time on Facebook. If a user wants to video chat with another user, the only thing they need to do is click on their contacts profile when they are online.
The application will help users save money and time by talking face to face at low cost or for free. The new feature is also expected to boost Facebook's profits. The feature is expected to be made available to the users in a few weeks.
Presently, Google launched its Google +1 application, which the company hopes will surpass all other social networking sites like facebook in demand, as it can enable to people to chat together simultaneously.

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Google's +1 Button More Popular Than Tweet Button

After only being available for just over a month, Google's +1 button has already become more popular than Twitter's tweet button.
 Are you using google+1 yet? with how hard it is to get an invite, we are sure the majority of you are not, which makes this news even more interesting BrightEdge, a SEO platform, released information today that breaks down just how many websites are using all the fancy new social networking widgets. For instance, all of Digital trends articles have a handy "Tweet", "like" and Google's +1 buttons to help you share the articles you love the most with your friends and followers, but how many other websites offer the some convenience?
Twitter's tweet button and instant follow widgets are only used on around three percent of the top 10,000 websites. In comparison, Google's new +1 button, which was launched on June, is already on four and a half percent of the top sites. Google +1, which hasn't even been available for two weeks, seems to be taking the web by storm. To help put just how quickly the +1 button took off, in the first month that +1 buttons have been available, they have shown up on over 100,000 websites. In the first week of facebook's like button, it was on 50,000 websites.
The report also outlines some other very interesting information. Most shocking for us, only 49 percent of the top 10,000 websites have either Facebook or Twitter integration on their homepages. Not to point out the obvious, but that means that over half of the web's top sites still aren't taking full advantage of social marketing, it already seems as though everywhere you look you see something linking back to Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+1 and they still have plenty of room for growth, it seems.

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How To Be Successful on YouTube in 10 Easy Ways

In a few short years YouTube has gone from being an entertaining curiosity filled with funny videos to the world's second largest search engine. During that span the comppany (along with Google) managed to harness its initial popularity to create an increasingly lucrative marketing hub as more viewers and advertisers migrated from television to the internet.
No longer strictly the domain of film geeks and funny video aficionados, the network, which boasts more than 2 million video views monetized per week, can also provide a low cost to no cost way to create a social marketing channel for your business.
If you aren't effectively leveraging the network, you're missing the viral video boat. However, as with most things in life, success isn't often attained with a haphazard, slapdash effort. Being successful on Youtube takes planning. These are 10 ways to be successful on youTube
  1. Known What "Success" Means
  2. What are you tryong to archive? Video views- Do you just want a lot of people to see your video?, Conversions- do you need people to click to another website and take an action?, or Deeper engagement with your brand- Do you need to use video give your potential customers more interaction with your brand?
  3. Research Keywords
  4. To be discovered on the second largest search engine, you will need to know what people are looking for. Use YouTube's keyword tool to find popular searches within your space.
  5. Known Your Competition
  6. Search on YouTube to find other videos that rank well for the keywords that you would like to rank for. See what it is that you are up against and seek out strategies to out-do them. This phase should also help you in your keyword research. Find opportunities are there some high traffic keywords that seem like they may be easier to rank for than others?.
  7. Create a kick-ass video
  8. You don't just create viral content because you want to. viral content-unless it happens by chance-must be well through-out and gripping! no one is going to pass on a video to their friends if they don't really care for it themselves.
  9. Fill-out Your video details
  10. Put important keywords at the front of your video titles, include them in your description, and tags. Do not over-do it, just put keywords that are relevant and are being based on your keyword resezrch. Allow your videos to be embedded. Otherwise, viewers will only be able to see your videos on YouTube.
  11. Use the "featured videos" section
  12. If you are certain that your video will be a major hit, then use YouTube's paid "Featured Videos" service to get video seen by many people in a short amount of time. Once the video takes off, your organic traffic will usually out-do your paid traffic.
  13. Insert links in your videos
  14. Use annotations to insert links to other videos to maximize every viewer. Do not over-do this either. Make sure that annotations do not impete the viewing experience.
  15. Interact with high value users
  16. Find users on YouTube who are active and add value through their participation in the social network. Get your video in front of them-without spamming so that they can do part of the work for you. Your video will also benefit with more traffic. Thanks to increased comments. YouTube will be soon be implementing new features to increase the amount of social interaction on the website.
  17. Use Social Media
  18. With built-up and relevant social media accounts, get your video seen by more people. By "relevant" I mean that your friends and your user history should be somehow related to the topic of your video for it to get more qualified traffic. My favorite sites for video sharing are Digg, Twitter and StumbleUpon.
  19. Rinse, Wash and Repeat
  20. Go back and start over. Look at what you can improve about your videos and continue to keep your video channel page fresh with more videos!
Those are top ten ways to be successful on YouTube video sharing site. More detail info go to :

List Of Legal Sites to Stream and Download Free Music

Baweh online diary blog was published aboutGoogle free music feature Now time to talk about legal sites to stream and download free music.
  1. Deezer
  2. Deezer is the French-based service which is one of the largest and very popular music recommendation search engine. You can register there and can create your own profile and enter to the Deezer community. You can also create playlists of your own choice, send messages to your contacts, leave comments, add artists and albums to your favorites, and much more. Its best feature is that-The Smart Radio, which is an intelligent radio that generates 3 hours of continuous listening based on one artist automatically-It is completely free.
  3. 8tracks
  4. 8tracks is awesome site, with integration! 8tracks is handcrafted internet radio. It offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through an online mix, a short playlist containing at least 8 tracks. Listeners can search for a mix by artist or genre stream it in a legal, radio-style manner, and follow others who make compelling mixes. DJs upload MP3s/AACs or select tracks from the 8tracks library to craft a playlist, add context with description and art, and publish their mix on and a personal webpage.
  5. Clown Basket
  6. Clown basket is the songwriter's forum to share their own original music with the world. So here is a way for you to get your original music out there! upload the songs you created to ClownBasket for others to share-free.
  7. Groove Shark
  8. Groove Shark is a very nice music site which competes with all best web-based music sites. Thousands of MP3 music available for streaming. You can search music by song names, Artists, Albums, Playlist and People. There you can add selected songs to your playlists and also add as a favorite.
  9. Loud Crowd
  10. Loud Crowd is a musical game site where music meets play, gaming meets people, people play with people, and encounter squirrels, cupcakes, and toast that like music. A community of people who love music and want to do more than just listen. Play games, make friends, and build up your Loudcrowd music collections.
  11. Jam Legend
  12. JamLegend is the best music game site where you can play game on music by pressing key. You can play game on the web's music or can upload your own music there. More over, Jam Legend lets you play more songs, by more artists, with more friends, whenever and wherever you are and all for free.
  13. Melody Loops
  14. Melody loops is a very nice website of music where you can toggle between music categories like; Instrumentals, Genres, Style, Mood, etc. was started as a personal project of brothers Alex and Mike Nowa. Their goal was to provide a fast and easy way to discover royalty free music for a creative art people, growing quick, and will continue to provide high-quality royalty free music forever.
  15. Dada
  16. Dada is the only company offering both ringtones and DRM-free full-length MP3s for mobile and PC paid via the mobile phone. Dada is a leading international provider of web and mobile community and entertainment services to 12 million people in over 40 countries of the world. Dada has rapidly created a unique and seamless Web 2.0 experience arounds its rich catalog of music and entertainment content, ranging from full-length audio and video to ringtones and games. Dada Entertainment manages several direct-to-customer offerings, including a full portfolio of web-based services centered around the discovery and consumption of music, designed to encourage a sense of community and social networking.
  17. Duck.Fm
  18. From you can find full length songs, listen music online download mp3 for free. Download full mp3 songs, collect mp3 on your PC, share mp3 with your friends, find out bio facts about artists, download wallpapers, express your mind and much more.
  19. Deep House Page
  20. Deep House Page site provides deep house music, most of which is old and current recordings from radio station, dj's from new york, chicago, london, and a host of other cities... In this site, you can read histories about different musicians.
Need more legal music sites ? you can find list of 100 legal sites to stream and download free music from;

Friendfin Social Networking Site

Join Friendfin social networking site. Its tag line is Friendship, Soulmate, Friend finder, Dating direct site-100%free.
You can get soulmate, relationship, spouse, penpals, friend finder, that 100% free dating, and use friendship social networking site for Dating direct, marriage, matrimony, matrimonial to chat and meet singles, friends! Registration on friendfin is easy and takes less than a minute.
Friendfin manually screen registered profile and messages for spam suspects, cause friendship don't allow obscene, irrelevant profiles and pictures.
If you was registered and become friendship's member you can create a group or join groups, looking for and upload your personal videos, top chart and search peoples from friendship members. Below is screen-shot of friendfin homepage. home page
 If you want to register sign up at friendfin social network site at :

Google Disables Realtime Search Result

Google search engines said today that it has temorarily disabled its Realtime search function in the wake of the introduction of its social network Google+.
 The feature was developed to integrate real-time data from Twitter and other social networking sites. The option for the feature has been removed from the right side of Google's search bar, and the feature's Web page now contains a 404 message.
"We've temporarily disabled, we're exploring how to incorporate Google+ into this functionality, so stay tuned," the company said on its Google Realtime Twitter feed.
Google began indexing real-time Twitter message in its search results in 2009, but apparently that arrangement with the microblogging site has expired.
"Since October of 2009, we have had an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results through a special feed, and that agreement expired on July 2nd," a Google representative told SearchEngineLand." while we will not have access to this special feed from Twitter, information on Twitter that's publicly available to our crawlers will still be search-able and and discoverable on Google".
When Realtime returns, it will feature content from a variety of sources, not just Google+, the company's recently unveiled social network, Google told SearchEngineLand.

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How To Make Old Games Work On Windows 7

Getting old games running should be easy. those old system requirement? Irrelevant! The tools at our disposal? Endless!. So how to make old games work on windows 7
Indeed, 90 per cent of the time, getting an old classic up and running is a piece of cake. Sod's law being what it is, though, the game you really want to play will usually land in that fiddly other 10 per cent, and when that happens, you're on your own. Well, no longer.
Over the next few pages, we'll show you how to get almost any old game back up and running on your PC, starting with simple 'just work, please' instructions to DOSBox, and scaling up to deal with the four horsemen of incompatibility windows QuickTime, DirectX and 3D.
We say'almost', because unfortunately some games just won't play ball. If you want to be absolutely, positively certain, you don't have much choice but to head to eBay and actually hunt down or put together a new system using decades-old technology.
This is doable, but more than a little bit of a pain, since you'll need everything from the right processor and memory to an authentic soundcard. Luckily, these instances are few and far between, and rarely involve the kind of games that you're realistically likely to want to play these days.
Interactive movies, for instance, tend to be amongst the biggest nuisances to get running, but they're also some of the worst games ever, so it's no great loss.
Before delving too deeply into things, it's also worth checking to see if either Good Old Games, Steam or smaller sites such as DotEmu have the game that you're after.
Part of what you're paying for on these site is a version of the game designed to run on modern system, typically via a pre-configured version of DOSBox. You pay for the privilege, but typically not very much. It's worth it to skip the headaches, especially in complicated games that use fancy graphics, come on multiple CDs, or have very, very specific system requirements.

To get complete tutorial of How to make old games run on windows 7 open link below :

List Of Social Networking Sites For Gardener

Facebook social networking site Lets us to share our knowledge and hobbies to friends and family. Social networks are allowing gardeners to peer over the virtual fence and how some one build and create their garden more beautiful. Below are list of social networking sites for gardeners :
  2. Your Garden Show site brings some features like GLog (garden log), a contemporary riff on the farmer's almanac, is part of the citizen science platform. "Shared information in a social media setting". In this interactive timeline, gardeners record and track their garden over seasons and years,The Citizen Science feature includes a partnership with San Francisco State University's Great Sunflower Project, which tracks honeybee populations. A plant database, powered by the Missouri Botanical Garden and Cornell University, offers valuable basic plant information, such as light and water needs, USDA hardiness zone along with cultivation tips such as pH preference. Plant photos make for easy identification in the garden or nursery.
  4. The Plant Wiki feature is an interactive repository of information on individual plants, is modeled on a combination of Facebook and the online Wikipedia encyclopedia. The Plant Wiki give members to contribute and adding to it. Trade List lets members share extra plants, cuttings and seeds with other gardeners.
  6. In the Yard Ideas section, the crew posts a daily article based on yards already on site. A recent feature on cutting gardens brought together pictures with text, telling members how to do it. In the yard experts section, landscape professionals submit photos that show projects from start to finish.
Do you have another social networking sites for gardeners. Share your information about social networking sites for gardeners, lets people know your gardener's site

YouTube Top Online Video Content Viewership In US : ComScore

Online Video reached83.3% of US Internet audience last month. Digital business analytic s company ComScore has said that Google-owned YouTube topped the online video content viewership last month.
New data released from the comScore Video Matrix service showed that 176 million US Internet users watched online video content in May for an average of 15.9 hours per viewer. The audience engaged in more than 5.6 million viewing sessions in the month.
Online video reached 83.3% of the US Internet audience. The study found that Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in May with 147.2 million unique viewers, followed by VEVO with 60.4 million viewers and Yahoo sites with 55.5 million viewers.
Social networking sites like Facebook came in fourth with 48.2 million viewers, while Viacom Digital ranked fifth with 46.5 million viewers, said comScore.
Google sites also had the highest number of viewing sessions with more than 2.1 billion, and highest time spent per viewer at 311 minutes, crossing the 5-hour mark for the first time.
In the online ad world, the study found that Americans viewed 4.6 billion video ads in May, with Hulu generating the highest number of video ad impressions at more than 1.3 million. Video ads reached 45% of the total US population an average of 34 times during the month.
Tremor Media Video Network ranked second overall (and highest among video ad networks) with 700.8 million ad views, followed by with 642 million and BrightRoll Video Network with 565 million.
Time spent watching videos ads totaled more than 2.0 billion minutes during the month, with Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to its viewers with an average of 48 over the course of the month, said study.

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Top 10 Tips For Safe Social Networking

Congressman's Antony Weiner's very public downfall had all the earmarks or a memorable and slacious scandal. He was a rising political star, she a porn star with some tech savvy. Together they shared one or more promiscuous, and weiner thought, private online exchanges that would be his undoing. Weiner made a host of mistakes, but was mostly felled by astoundingly bad misjudgment about social interaction on the web. What happened to former congressman weiner is, without a doubt, a cautionary tale, but it should also serve as a lesson in for everyone about social media. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid your own personal Weinergate.
  1. Don't assume your digital correspondence is private.
  2. Our memories are faulty. What we see and hear is often misheard, or misremembered. Computers have perfect memories. What you say online, what you post, is a perfect reproduction of the original. It can all be saved, it can all be retrieved or recovered (Google Search, in particular, can index everything), Facebook, e-mail, instant messages, Twitter DMs can all, one way or the other, be copied and shared.
  3. Don't post anything you don't want others to see.
  4. Congressman Anthony Weiner perfected the "take a picture in the minnor" pose. He always held the smartphone in just the right place and had his body posed just so. It's a gift. The most common photo you see on Facebook of most America teens is also the mirror shot. Thankfully, most photos are tame, but we've all seen enough leaked naughty pics of starlets to know that people just can't resist the temptation to share a saucy photo with their current paramour. If you don't want your parents, friends and co-workers to see these shots-don't take them and don't share them with anyone.
  5. Manage your privacy settings.
  6. No one is going to stop using social networks, so let's at least close up the Swiss-cheese-like security holes in each of them. Services like Facebook often start out in sharing mode. You want dig in and make sure that what you do share to your Facebook friends cannot be shared outside your social circle. Groups, by the way, are a good thing and will help you and your friends keep the conversation to a chosen few. In flickr,a service that will share first. You have to remember to restrict photo viewing to friends and family.
  7. Share with fewer people.
  8. Twitter, Facebook, even good old fashioned e-mail, make it super-simple to share thoughts with larger and larger groups of people> Many on Twitter actively seek to grow their lists of followers so they can share more to many. It's a wonderful thing, until you accidentally share the thing you never wanted to with everyone. Look at your lists of friends, e-mail contacts and lists. Twitter followers and start culling. Cut the lists down and start sharing less with a much more trusted group of people.
  9. Clear out old accounts.
  10. Part of living the online social life style is signing up with every new social network in existence. They're all so much fun and so interesting. Problem is they all ask for your info and typically are sucking in information about your other social activities on other sites. Over time, you stop using many of these services-we typically only use two or three at a time- but the remnants of your former self on these now disused services remain. Go clean house. Shut down the accounts and regain control of your digital existence.
  11. Keep a record of your own correspondence.
  12. Since you know that everything you write and post online can be copied, and will persist even if you delete it, start keeping records of your own digital correspondence. Keep all personal Tweets, important e-mails and key personal interactions on Facebook. Be sure you have a copy of all photos you've posted. People you've corresponded with should not be the only ones who have this data. Having it all at your fingertips will give you a more global view of how you comport yourself in the digital world-and proof in case anyone tries to misrepresent what you've done online.
  13. Don't say anything to anyone online that you wouldn't say to their face.
  14. We get very brave online. We yell (ALL CAPS) and say nasty things to other people. In real life (IRL) we'd never be that bold. The rules should not be different online. Use good sense in IRL and online. If you're really angry, take a deep breath, count to ten and then take a short walk. When you sit back down in front of your computer you'll realize that sending that e-mail, making the Facebook post or Tweeting that bit of venom was a stupid idea.
  15. Don't share your location.
  16. I don't have a problem with location-aware services, but I would turn off all broadcast features that tell the various social networks exactly where you are at any given time. Also, do not post a note on any social network that you're going on vacation. This is an invitation for criminals to visit you home.
  17. Don't post pictures of your children.
  18. If you have not managed your privacy settings in Facebook, you simply can't post personal photos. Do you want people outside your inner circle of family and friends to know you have young children?
  19. Children under 13 should not be on these social networks.
  20. Your children will start asking for access to social networks long before they become teenagers. Just say no. Children, in particular do not understand how emotion and intent get mixed up on social network entries and things can quickly spiral quit of control If they press, put them on Club Penguin, it's safe, fun and will likely keep them happy until they turn 13. Permit them to join social networking sites for kids

Top ten tips for safe social networking from :,2817,2387174,00.asp

How To Use Social Media Sites To Land An Internship

Internship seekers frequently use social networking sites to make professional connections and search for employment opportunities, among other things. But some don't know that employers are reciprocating utilizing social media to vet prospective job candidates.
Plenty of companies are using popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to search for employees. It's important that internship seeker keep this in mind as they continue to establish their online footprint.
To learn more about how job seekers-students in particular-are using social media sites for job search, conducted a survey of 524 people self-identified as undergraduates 58%, grad student 22% and non-students 20%.
The survey found that 79% of respondents are comfortable with employers reaching out to them directly through social media for job and internship opportunities.
Those respondents are most likely comfortable being approached online because they've cleaned up their pages and created professional profiles.
Another way to prepare your pages and profiles for recruitment. Treat them as a resume and include information about your education, work experience, skills and interests. Employers will be impressed, and much more likely to contact you, if you exhibit a clean, professional online presence.
The survey also revealed that 47% of respondents said they've sent personal Facebook messages to at least ten friends directly asking for help finding internship opportunities, and 34% posted a general note on their Facebook wall asking for help.
If any of your friends or family know current or former employees at the companies you're interested in, ask for an introduction. Then friend, follow or connect with those contacts on the popular social media sites.
It turns out the most popular social media platforms being used for social recruiting are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter-but it's their apps that have been-and are continuing to be-develop to make social recruiting an easier task to undertake.
CareerAmp is one Facebook app that helps users manage the professional connections they can make through their friends and friends-of-friends. With a few clicks users can tap directly into their network of family and friends to figure out if they have relevant professional connections.
There are others, too, that may help optimize your social recruitment experience-so don't limit yourself to the standard programs or formats. Always be on the lookout for new, innovative programs and apps. says recruiters report that they hire 1 in 10 personal referrals as compared to 1 in 219 candidates they find through online job boards. With that said, internship seekers should be making a diligent effort to connect with employers and other business contacts on social networking sites. Another way to get internships place use LinkedIn student job portal

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Is social networking websites safe for kids under 13 ?

Baweh online diary was publish about first social networking sites for kids under 13. Is social networking sites sites safe for tween ?
Underage kids are flocking to social networking sites like facebook, foursquare, and formspring. Are these sites safe for kids ? We all know that the legal age to use social networking sites like Tweeter, Facebook and Foursquare is 13. Yet, we all probably also know of least one if not several kids, who are younger than 13 and are using the sites.
Forget playgrounds and Pokemon cards, young kids are flocking to social networking sites in record numbers. According to a recent survey by Costumer Reports magazine, about 2.5 million Facebook users are 11 or 12 years old, and nearly 5 million Facebook users are under the age of 10.
Technically, Facebook-and other social networking sites like Google, Foursquare, and Formspring-sets the minimum age at 13 and requires new users to enter their birth date to confirm they meet the age requirements, but there is nothing they can do if a kid who was born in 2002 enters 1872 as her year of birth.
So is it a big deal? after all, 13 is just some arbitrary age set by the companies, right? The problem is that even with careful parental supervision, the potential for cyber-bullying during the tween years is huge, and kids of that young age may not be able to distance themselves from the negative comments.
Strict privacy settings can help to protect underage kids on Facebook, but it's another site, Formspring, that has experts really worried. The site is relatively new-it has only been around for 18 months, but it is sweeping through middle schools and high schools like wild fire. It's similar to facebook in that it lets users set up a profile and connect with friends. But rather then just post boring old status updates, Formspring prompts users with questions. From their website:
"Centered around a mission to help people get to know each other better, Formspring lets people share interesting and personal responses about anything that matters to them. With tens of millions of members in over 120 countries, Formspring is focused on giving people around the world a new way to relate to one another and reveal their unique stories and personalities".

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Unisys Announces New Voice-Based Services for Social Networking Sites

Unisys announced a multitude of new services that allow providers to merge voice-based services with social media channels.
The services will be available on Unisys VoiceSource Express 400 Series Platform and will benefit customers who use smartphones and feature phones by bringing innovative easy-to-use voice and data applications directly to their devices.
"These new services from Unisys give carriers a secure, mission critical platform to quickly deploy and develop powerful new revenue-generating services that add richness and depth to the subscribers experience", said Steven Chuey, vice president of Global Solution Management at Unisys.
Other solutions available to carriers on Unisys VSE platform include :
  • Messaging Solution, which uses voice, fax and email services to offer subscribers new ways to personalize services and keep in touch with contacts.
  • Notification services, which delivers a personalized information alert service to users at a device of their choosing from any application.
  • Value Added Services, which allows carriers to build incremental revenue by offering advanced communication features.
  • Voicemail as a Service and VAS (Value Added Services) as a service, which allow communication providers to offer voicemail and value-added services via a secure subscription-based model using Unisys hosting cloud computing solutions.
Subscribers will be able to use Unisys Voice Tweet to easily record a voice-based tweet and post it as a voice or text-based message. This service resembles Unisys Speak to Facebook Service that allows users to use the voice system to update their facebook status and post messages to their friend's walls

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6 Ways Social Network Helps Home Based Businesses

When You own a home based business, you might not be certain which marketing tactics are a good option for you and which are too ambitious for your company. Social media a very popular form of networking and marketing facilitated through websites like Twitter and Facebook, offers home based business owners a fantastic marketing, branding and networking tool that costs nothing but time and a little creativity. If you are on the fence about adding time for social networking to your daily schedule, consider these six upsides to using social media.
  1. Flexible Networking : There once was a time when you had to go out to a meeting, class or other group event in order to network with clients who might be interested in your product or service. With online social media sites, you can network with a targeted group of individuals on your own schedule, from the comfort of your office.
  2. Global Reach : Without the internet it might be difficult and expensive to find clients overseas for your home based business. Social media opens your service or product up to the world at no extra cost to you. While You might have to make adjustments in shipping costs when you sell your products to individuals all over the world you can easily reach them and tailor different marketing strategies to them.
  3. Camaraderie and Community : Working at home can be lonely. With social media, You can interact with other business owners and not only make valuable contacts, but also learn processes and procedures that can help you run your business. In addition, it gives you a way to let off steam and build relationships even while you are at home without any coworkers.
  4. Opportunities for Continuing Education : Industries, sectors, service standards and other aspects of business can change quickly and it is hard to keep up with all of these changes when you are on your own. Some social media sites are almost like continuous news feeds. If you follow the right people in your industry, you can get updates about changes as they happen. In addition, you can get links to blog posts and articles that discuss your industry and that can teach you different ways of running your business.
  5. Data That Can Be Analyzed : There are a thousand different ways you can tweak your marketing messages in order to get the best response. Social media gives you measurable data to help you evaluate the response to your marketing attempts and fine tune them so they reach optimum effectiveness. You can tell by traffic sources, responses, purchases and other data what works and what doesn't with each of your social media strategies. Even better, you can get this data almost instantly, although data gathered over a sustained period of time is likely to be more accurate.
  6. Inexpensive Branding : Creating a brand identity for your company may be easy, but spreading that identity to the masses can be difficult and expensive. Social media gives you a tool for brand building and reinforcement that is free and simple. Just make sure that all of your social media message and communications reinforce the brand that you are trying to create.
The opportunities given to home based businesses by the easy accessibility of social media are almost limitless. With a little research and creativity, you may even find your own way to use social media that fits right into your business and marketing plans

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Welcome To Social Bee Network

Image from social
Social Bee Apps is the boon for all the people who are very active on social networking sites. One can update status on multiple social network Sites with few taps on their Google Android device. This is simple and easy to use social bee Android application to update your status on four major social networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Orkut. So how to use social bee ? What you need to use social bee application is download social bee apps for free and install it on your Google Android device. Login to your preferred social networks, enter your message and tap on update. Your message will be published on your profile on respective social networks!
Social bee apps bring some features to help you to connect to most social networking site ; seamless integration with most popular social networks, you are privacy is protected, easy to use interface
  • Seamless integration with most popular social networks : This application is perfectly integrated with the most popular social networking sites, includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Orkut
  • You're privacy is save : You are redirected to the respective sites for login via secure mode. We do not store your username or password during this process.
  • Easy to use interface : All the operations are handled from a single screen. One can login/logout and publish message using single tap. The interface is designed such that user does not have to go back and forth to check their login status or update message.
To get more about social bee app go to

LinkedIn Student Job Portal : Helping REcent Graduates Find Jobs Easily

It's the home stretch on college campuses across the country. Graduating students are looking for full-time jobs, while others are seeking summer internships. To help students during this intense time, LinkedIn world's largest professional social network site built a job portal for students and recent graduates providing easy access to entry-level jobs and internships at some of the best companies worldwide.
While anyone can search and view job listings on the public student job portal, LinkedIn members with a completed profile and connections have a much richer job search experience.
Image from LinkedIn blog
  • LinkedIn recommend jobs : Based on your education and interests, we'll recommend jobs specifically targeted to you - right on your home page or with optional email alerts.
  • Put your network to job : Each connection you make expands your network, adding people who can provide insights into opportunities, or who can even help you land a job. Connect to fellow students and see where they've found jobs, reach out to alumni whose companies are hiring, and leverage the networks of your parents, family friends or mentors.
  • You can research companies : LinkedIn's Company Pages provide rich insights to help you explore where you want to work. Learn who companies hire, what products and services they sell, what professionals are saying about them, and who you know who works there.
  • Companies find you : At the end of the day, it is also a great opportunity to be found by leading companies. Companies continually comb LinkedIn's member profiles for the best candidates. The more complete your profile, the better your chances of being found.
  • Find opportunities worldwide : The Student Job Portal is available in all languages currently supported on the site - and you'll find jobs from top employers in locations around the world.
How to use LinkedIn The Student Job Portal ? To expand your network, join your University Alumni Group. Connect to fellow students and see where they've found jobs, reach out to alumni whose companies are hiring, and leverage the networks of your parents, family friends or mentors.

LinkedIn's The student job portal :

Join To Social Networking Website for Musician And Music Lovers

Social networking sites for musician and music lovers brings a unique advantage to the table and will revolutionize the social networking worlds. It is MusicLunge comes to judging whether or not music lunge has come up with a suitable solution to the time shortage for the hungry social networker. A first glance at the web statistics tracking site,, one would see Music Lunge, a new up and coming SN website with a promising ranking in the world-wide-web, reaching under a million -very healthy place and a clear indication that mass-market recognition potential will become a reality in the very near future. The reason behind this incredible growth is the unique functions and services Music Lunge provides its subscribers, from 140 countries, which will launch social  networking into it's next generation phase.
Music Lunge is a social networking site designed to help indie and major artists with, music, music video, ringtone distribution and other services. With music Lunge, subscribers have the best features of the popular social networking sites, combined into one convenient location. Music Lunge offers the personal page malleability of sites like MySpace, allowing members to keep up with friends status updates and photos. In addition, videos can be uploaded and browsed with a service comparable to that of YouTube, and a Twitter micro blogging feature, are all readily available and easy to use. offers the freedom of what you should be able to do on a social networking website, network without limitations. More and more facebook members are getting their accounts suspended for networking. "we are not here to compete with the other social networking mega sites, like Facebook or MySpace. We are here to give the musicians and music lovers a social networking website of their own", says President/CEO, Sergio Giles.
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Twitter Follow Button

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When you follow interesting accounts on Twitter, it's easy to stay connected with what's most meaningful to you. Today twitter introduce it's new feature twitter the follow button, a new way to discover and instantly follow twitter accounts directly from the websites you visit every day.
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Muslim Social Networking Sites

IkhwanBook is one of many social networking sites for Muslims that have recently sprung up. Photograph Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images
Facebook has little to fear from muslim social networking sites. Sites like and Muxlim fulfil a desire for more conservative forum but are regional and limited in scope. 
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's IkhwanBook states that it is "an islamic social networking website, committed to the principles of our religion". Finland-based muxlim consolidates a network of services which include a search engine, a torrents finder and a Muslim MySpace, and aims to "connect the world's muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences". South Africa's muslimbook defines its objective as being "to provide a platform for all muslims to create a quality network as an alternative to the anti muslim facebook".
The emergence of Muslim social networking websites, and there are more than those mentioned above, is an interesting phenomenon that can perhaps be attributed to both a desire to produce a more conservative forum for discussion with stricter regulations (read: monitoring) as well as, in the case of the muslim brotherhood, to create a familiar-looking forum for existing and new sympathisers.
It should come as no surprise that networks and websites would emerge to cater to a particular cultural group; after all, even global social networks customize their settings culturally. Timothy bataillie, of Belgium-based Netlog, explains that "there are some extra challenges in terms of content moderation in the Arab region. We installed a moderation team that monitors traffic coming from the Gulf region. If they check pages from people outside the region, the website will display a warning notification", to warn users that they may be exposed to content potentially deemed offensive for local standards.
Those muslim social networks are simply taking the logic a step further rather than hoping for the cultural localization and customization of the website, they are establishing new ones.
IkhwanBook, which belongs to Egypt's principal political opposition force, the Muslim brotherhood, is expressly - perhaps too bluntly - politically oriented, so much so that during its first months of operation, a banner on its homepage would take you to the website of the National Association for Change, a political opposition coalition, and ask you to sign the association's petition. Technology professional Tarek Shalaby was quick to point out to the weakness of online security on IkhwanBook "anyone, upon signing in, can have access to all details of users and group members". A fatal mistake for a website that would logically be  particularly keep on protecting the identities of its members, not only from malignant internet users, but also from political components who are likely to be interested in knowing what discussions might be taking place on an IkhwanBook website.
throughout the revolution and in its immediate aftermath, the discussions on IkhwanBook website were largely political, though not necessary geared towards the political participation of the Ikhwan. But since then the mundane has rapidly regained the member's attention.
IkhwanBook site was launched in early July 2010 as a beta version, and its original website, IkhwanFacebook, made no effort to conceal its inspiration. IkhwanBook sees itself more as a complement than a competitor to Facebook - it actually allows signing in via Facebook Connect for Facebook Users.
DEspite their claims and wishes to the contrary, these social networks are both regional and religiously limited in their scope. IkwanBook - with its subtitle of "One world unites us" - has a primarily Arab membership , with a strong showing from Indonesian users. And despite its assertions that "You don;t have to be a Muslim to be a Muxlim", discussions on Muxlim are overwhelmingly in English, and largely target Muslims living in Europe and the US, while MuslimBook finds its members from within its local South African market.
All things being equal, it's doubtful these websites are hoping to be the next big thing in social networking, the weak membership numbers make it quite obvious. Besides the lack of innovation - the only "new" aspect is the stricter moderation - the demand for "clean" social networking hasn't produced the kind of site the creators may have hoped for. Most users are quite happy to be part of a more open and less monitored social network such as Facebook, even if they are offended by some of the content. After all, it doesn't seem that the current 705 members of delete group fuck islam or we all will leave Facebook have followed up on their ultimatum - the objectionable group is still there.

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