A Social Network for Parents

New parents can have a difficult time setting in to their new lives, but New Castle's Leanne Worton is hoping to provide a valuable resource for new mothers through an online Community for local mothers.
Worton is the mother of a 2-year old son, Jackson, living in New Castle who started the online community Rifle Moms for Moms. The website is an online social network for moms and families with similar functionality of Facebook or other social networking sites. According to the site's mission statement, Rifle Moms for Moms is a local community resource to connect, inform, support and inspire the mothering community around Rifle.
"It really didn't make sense for there to be a rifle group, or a group specific for silt", Worton said, so, She decided to make a regional site which encompasses all the communities, "Its really a social network focusing on moms and families".
What separates this site from the other social networks, other than focusing on parenting, is that this site has a hyper local focus on the people within the respective communies. That is the whole point. "We want to keep it really local so that it feels very safe", Worton said. The site Riflemomsformoms.com, focuses on the towns of Rifle, Slit and New Castle, according to worton who started and monitors the site. On the site mothers can discuss specific issues about parenting and kids.
"It gives you a safe place to ask questions and get that motherly advice that you may not have in other social networks", Worton said.
Anyone who would like to join the site can simply go to riflemomsformoms.com and enter their basic information with name, birthday, email, and answer some questions. Members can also use their Facebook page to login.

Source : http://www.citizentelegram.com/article/20110929/MISC04/110929981/1002&parentprofile=1001