Keeping Passwords Tips

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Baweh Online Diary Blog will share how to keep and record keeping passwords. So how to keeping track of passwords ? As we know that password is a secret code that must be protected from any one, Below are 7 tips for keeping passwords.
  1. Do Not Using Default Password
  2. The defaul password is the password that we get at the first time. This default password quickly replace with a new password because it is very vulnerable. The default password easily searched on google search. Sometimes administrators fear of forgetting to change the default password, so that an intruder can take over the system with default passwords.
  3. Do Not Using Password Hint
  4. Sometimes we're afraid to forget the password, so we create a reminder for password. Now this is called password reminder hint, if we create a password hint question with this then we can quickly recall these forgotten passwords. Likewise with the hackers, thew will answer our password hint question. If they are answer is true, our account will be cracked
  5. Do Not Writing Passwords
  6. Do you write your password into other media such as a notebook, notepad, stickies, password folders, books, mobile phones or other media ? It's also quite vulnerable to leaking ? why ? because when a variety of equipment is lost, then all information about a user id and password will be known by the thief.
  7. Use a Strong Password
  8. Sometimes owner passwords using a short password only. Do you know that the more longer password is the more secure for your account. Strong passwords can be created with a combination of numbers and letters and even a variety of other characters. Some admins are currently using a password that is long enough, coupled with encryption such as PGP key and others, so it is quite difficult to cracked by crackers.
  9. Change Passwords Periodically
  10. Changes to the password depends on the owner password, could be a week, a month, three months. Keep on your mind your new password
  11. Do not Using Same Password on Multiple Accounts
  12. Do not use same password for multiple accounts, because these passwords through a single accounts, all accounts will be taken by the hacker.
  13. Using Password Management
  14. To help recall the various passwords and various accounts, often very difficult for somebody, but don't worry because there are many current applications to help organize our passwords. There are applications can be downloaded for free or paid you can search your self on search engines.
Do you have any tips about keeping track of passwords ? shere your knowledge on baweh online diary blog and social networking guide

How To Make Money with BlackBerry

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Applications developers use Blackberry to make money with their applications. Research In Motion (RIM) also intoduce a BlackBerry Advertising Service for developers of applications.

RIM reveal new platform for BlackBerry advertising in the BlackBerry Developer Conference 10 (DevCon10) at the Marriott Marquis, San Francisco (27-30 of september 2010)

BB Ad Service allows for BlackBerry developers to insert codes to display ads on their applications. Developers income is from ads on their applications. Tyler Lessard as VP Global Alliances and BlackBerry says that BB Ad Service can be used to access various mobile ad providers, later this platform also includes advertising services from operators.

Advertising is not the one way to make money with BlackBerry because RIM also introduce BlackBerry Payment Service Beta Version. Blackberry users can use BB payment service to transaction within the black berry application. It's can be used to micro-transaction in an application, such as purchase e-books from the authors of e-books.

The payment of Blackberry Ads Servise can used from various ways such credit cards, paypal which are quite common payment used. there is also carrier billing or pieces of pulses. To support BlackBerry ads service RIM will eliminate Blackberry App fee in the world. Do you owner of BlackBerry Applications ? Use this opportunity to make money with BlackBerry

How To Build Backlinks For Your Blogs

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Do You have any online dairy blogs or websites and learn to optimize on search engines? One of the ways to get on first page result on search engines is by building back links. so how to build links for your blogs ?

There are many ways to build backlinks according to webmasters seo. There is says that there are 5 ways to build back links, other says there are 10 ways to build to build back links for blog. Below my ways to build backlinks for my online diary blogs.

Creating articles
The most important one to build huge links is creating useful and helpful information and articles accourding to your business. If your blog information popular in many locations, it will get noticed and will help to drive the search engines and traffic interested coming to your blog. A press release also useful information to drive traffics and backlink for your blogs. The greaters owner blogs regularly use press release to get their blog exist. If you have newsworthy information, create your own press release and distribute is on your blog. Don't forget to put backlinks to your blog.

Commenting on Blogs
Commenting on blogs or blogwalking is another way to drive links for your blogs. Search others blogs that have some information for your blog. Use this way to invite traffic on those blogs by putting your comment name as anchor links and a link to your blog.

Article Directories
Writing article between 300 words and 650 words to submit it in various article directories is beneficial ways to generate backlinks. Don't forget to put your blog links in Author Bio.

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking is very importante way to drive blog traffic. there are many social bookmarking sites in the world like TechnoratiCom, DiggCom, StumbleuponCom, RedditCom, DeliciousCom, BlogcatalogCom etc. Bookmark your blog there, which will be bookmarked by other members, If your blog bookmarked by other members, you get a free backlink, isn't ?

Social Networking Sites
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Yuwie are some of social networking sites. Social networking websites now commontly used by bloggers to create pages, groups, introduce and develope their blogs. Be careful do not to seem like you are advertising or pushing your business onto your friends.

Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal Links or link exchange is an agreement between two bloggers or webmasters to provide hyperlink within their own blogs to each other's blog.

Web Directory Submissions
There are many paid and free directories in the world, you can submit your site in relevant category for your blog. many owners blog neglect this way because the web directory submissions is outdated, a lot of internet users still use web directory submissions to get backlinks for their blogs. Best way is submit your blog on the web directory submissions that do not require you to put a reciprocal link on your blog.

Forum Activities
Choose relevant forum for your blog. Put a link on your profile. Answer questions from newbies and help them to solve their problem. Yahoo answer is example way for you to give answer for the questions and put your link on the answer.

Blog Directories
Blog directories submissions is like web directory submissions. Use these ways to build backlinks for your blogs. I hope these ways help and solve you about how to build backlinks for your blogs

Logitech Revue Is Soul Mate For Google TV

Baweh Online Diary

Google TV will attend later this year. Some vendors also began to greet his arrival, through their respective devices. An example is Logitech which will come with a product called Logitech Revue. As known, Google TV is Google's attempt to bring the website to the television screen. This service is rumored to soon be available in the United States before December 2010 in the United States. As for the other countries, Google is promising present in 2011.

To use this service, users are required to have a player that would be connected with internet network connection. Afterwards, the player is connected to a TV as AVerLive Extreme Vision, Revue carrying the keyboard that serves as a controller.

As quoted from DigitaltrendsCom, on Thursday 09/09/2010, the controller keyboard has a series of function keys such as play, pause, rewing, fast forward and a series of other functions. Most interestingly, reportedly on the Logitech controller Revue can be replaced with an Android handset. Unfortunately, Logitech has not given official information about the presence of these products on the market.

Sony Launches Google TV

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Google TV have been good responding from the top electronics vendors one of them is Sony. This Japanese company would soon be introducing their TV product that supports Google TV service. CnetCom on Saturday 09/25/2010 reported that sony is schedulated to launch this newest TV on 10/12/2010, special Sony claimed that as the world's first Internet TV. It is one of home video products that includes a built in support embedded Google TV.

For information, Google TV is a new web video service from Google that promised integration with the internet search engines and other web-based flash videos derectly into the TV.

This service was first announced at the Google conference 1/0 last May, then display on electronic exhibitions internationale funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin, Germany. Reportedly Sony Internet TV also has the capability of Blue-Ray. This product will compete with Google TV devices offered by Logitech via Revue set-top box which will also be released in the near future. Lets we see the battle of the top electronic vendors.

What is Google's Competitor ?

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In an interview with the wall street journal, Google CEO Schmidt talked a bit about Google's Competitor. He said that Google looking at Bing search Engine as competitor as a competitor, not Apple. As Baweh Online Diary Quoted from Newwin, saturday 09/25/2010, Schmidt said that Bing is a competitive search engine.

Along with all the innovation that was developed at Google labs, Google's CEO also explained that they would continue to monitor the development of Bing as the competitors in search engine service.

How about Apple as a competitor of Google's Android platform ? In this case, Schmidt was actually looking at Apple as a partner. "Google does not publicity consider Apple as a competitor, even though they claim that the grant consumer companies is a great partner", wrote a description Neowin.

Schmidt explain that there are agreements in which the Apple iPhone includes Google as the search engine in default. Obviously this is a distinct advantage for Google, before they actually head to head in a new battle.

Overtime, in the end the two companies will battle in the same market. Yes with the presence of Google TV, Apple TV practically got a new rival. Let's see if Google CEO still think Apple as partner or competitor.

How To Turn On The Motorcycle With a Mobile Phone

Cell Phone In Hand

Motorcycle and mobile phones are like two things that can not be united. For the sake of safety riding, do not call when riding a motorcycle.

MINI However, one brand that is known with his little car, jumped into the motorcycle market by introducing a motor scooter that has plenty of features. Named Scooter MIMI E. The engine uses electric engine plug-in hybrid.

MINI claim this scooter is required to cover 3 aspects of urban youth that is spontaneous, flexible and free mobility of CO2 emissions. What is unique from BMW MINI E Scooter is to turn on the scooter engine, the owner can use a mobile phone or smartphone. Connect the phone to a docking station in the motorcycle, the motor will automatically be used.

When Scooter MINI E flame, the cell phone directly integrated with the BMW software, and the phone was turned into a GPS device, music player, and bluetooth for communication. GPS tools were sophisticated, because if there is another who happened to Scooter E passed, cell phone notifies the driver. So you can greet each one another.

As quote from detikinet and the official website of BMW, friday 09/24/2010, it's actually a scooter consept will debut initially in the automotive arena world caliber Paris Auto Show 2010 next week. But BMW give a little sneak preview on the sidelines of London Fashion Week, which was in progress.

BMW MINI E Scooter will carry lithium-ion batteries to drive the rear wheels. There are 3 versions scooter E, but all have a retro model with typical speedometer MINI cars. The consept of the body like old scooter consept. Just look from front to rear like a Vespa in the 1950's. The size is also not so big. Suitable for users who like traveling in the town.

Model Agness Deyn who happened to be a brand ambassador Scooter MINI E said scooter is suitable for use in urban areas.

"I was shocked when I heard MINI create an environtentally frieendly scooter. Their reputation in teh cool car designs are well known. I can not wait to ride one", he said with enthusiasm.

So what about price ? looks like BMW is not interested in open-aperture. Let's see, if a scooter is able to attract the world's consumers.

The Truth of Facebook Phone

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Facebook phone issues around the virtual world on these days. Baweh online diary will continue posting of Facebook Phone Issues Heat Back.

Blomberg is reporting that facebook is working with INQ Mobile on two smartphones that will first hit Europe, and then come to the U.S to potentially be sold through AT&T. These phones are believed to run on google's android operating system, but likely a modified version with deeper facebook integration.

Below are resume interview transcript between Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Arrington from

When people say "building a martphone" they actually can mean very different things. Facebook phone goals is not tu build any specific device or integration or anything like that. Because facebook not trying to compete with Apple phone or the Droid or any hardware manufactures. Facebook's strategy is trying to make facebook available on the web, mobile or other device.

What is Facebook's role ? Mark Zuckerberg says that facebook role is to be a platform for making all of these apps more social, and it's kind of an extension of what we see.

If something like HTML5 becomes a big standard then that would be hugely valuable for facebook. So we will help push that. The HTML 5 Mark think will going to be pretty goog. Some of the stuff that facebook working on. If we could build just one HTML5 version then have it everywhere then that would be awesome. If it possible on the Internet ?

That's resume of dialogue between Michael Arrington and Mark Zuckerber on Facebook Social Networking Guide. If you want to read the complete of interview transcript CLICK HERE

Mobile Facebook Issues Heat Back

New Twitter Multimedia Showcase

Baweh Online Diary Quate from detikinet that Mobile Facebook Issues come again in virtual world. Facebook may have been denied the rumor if facebook social networking site plans to make mobile facebook phones. Nevertheless, these issues do not necessarily finished for granted.

This issue again came to light after one of the facebook people post "mysteriously" posting at his twitter's account.

The figure who became-blowers was certainly no ordinary man. But a former senior product manager at Google's Android, Erick Tseng are now migrated to facebook. Tseng frontally did not mention facebook would make a cell phone. He simply wrote down if it plans to innovate in the field of mobile and social.

Previourly, two powerful developers facebook-Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos-reportedly worked for the secret project. Both have extensive experience in operating systems, especially operating system for smart phones.

While according to other sources, the project will adapt the Android version of their own design and integration with facebook on the main display. Secret project that may explain why Tseng defected to Facebook.

As quoted from Ars Technica, wednesday (09/22/2010), reported that this project did not put facebook smartphones branded, but how to build a sophisticated application which has a tighter integration with current mobile operating system.

The most likely scenario is the facebook mobile phone manufacturer HTC will hold or other vendors in order to get a special place in the Android Operating System.

Facebook is famous social network site and has a very high visibility especially at younger consumers. Especially with a bandage sophisticated phones like smarphones. Nothing wrong when facebook made a new breakthrough in this field.

Facebook may be denied. Just as when google issued a similar stance a few years ago when have many questions about his plans to make mobile phones. Anyway, Nexus One come produced by google smartphone together with HTC. So it is not impossible if facebook use the same stance like Google. This is my social networking review, How about you ?

Google Affiliate Network Program

Google Affiliate Network Review

Google has program calls google affiliate network. To get more knowledge and information about google affiliate network let we know about affiliate network.

If we check to wikipedia affiliate network is an acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. It allow website publishers to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for their website (and thus generate income from those programs), and allows websites offering affiliate programs (tipically online merchants) to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs to all of the publishers participating in the affiliate network.

Traditional affiliate networks enable merchants to offer publishers a share of any revenue that is generated by the merchant from visitors to the publisher's site, or a fee for each visitor on the publisher's site that completes a specific action (making a purchare, registering for a newsletter, etc). The majority of merchant programs have a revenue share model, as opposed to a fee per action model.

For merchants, affiliate network services and benefits may include tracking technology, reporting tools, payment processing, and access to a large base of publishers. For affiliates, services and benefits can include simplifying the process of registering for one or more merchant affiliate programs, reporting tools, and payment aggregation.

Affiliate are generally able to join affiliate networks for free, whereas there is generally a fee for merchants to participate. Traditional affiliate networks might charge an initial setup fee and or a recurring membership fee. It is also common for affiliate networks to charge merchants a percentage of the commissions paid to affiliates.

Now we step to know more about google affiliate network program. Google affiliate network is google's program to connect advertisers and publishers who want to increase sales and drive leads through affiliate marketing.

As an advertiser using google affiliate network program, you'll dicsover pre-screened publishers who can refer consumer traffic to you. As a publisher, you can market your site to advertisers in the network, if selected to participate in an advertiser's program, you will earn a percent of sales or a referral bounty.

Google affiliate network offers : Industry-leading advertiser and publisher service, rigorous network quality standards, reliable conversion tracking, detailed reporting, automated payments to publishers, simple link and creative delivery tools, flexible commissions, and access to top brands on the web.

As we know from above that affiliate network divine into 2 (two), Baweh online diary will share about google affiliate network for publishers and google affiliate network for advertisers below :

Google affiliate network for publishers
As google affiliate network publishers you can find new advertiser referral programs and generate more revenue. It is easy to use and save your time with an intuitive user interface, fast loading pages and creative trafficking tools. You can check and track conversions and member ID for loyalty marketing, schedule and save reports. Get support and development from google affiliate network for technical support and they will help you to find new revenue opportunities. Earn affiliateVIP status and enjoy exclusive marketing opportunities and greater visibility in the network, enjoy recognition for maintaining high performance and a proven quality track record. To see google affiliate terms for publishers Click Here

Google affiliate network for advertisers
As google affiliate network advertisers you can attract quality publishers and drive more sales. With google affiliate network, you can manage a custom affiliate marketing programs and attract publishers to grow your affiliate channel. Consult with google affiliate marketing specialists on planning and distribution, account optimization, and technical issues. Choose from a wide variety of high-quality publishers based on detailed profiles and metrics. Work with qualified publishers who are continually screened, reviewed, and advised by google quality team. Rest assured that cost per action pricing means our interests are alighed with yours. Google affiliate network support will teach you how to drive sales, find leads, and reach your goals, with program optimization you can discover new publishers, choose optimal commission structures, track conversions, and promote your brands.

It is what can Baweh write about google affiliate network review, before you join google affiliate network for publishers or google affiliate network for advertisers you may check google terms of service HERE

New Twitter Multimedia Showcase

What Is Tweet Button

New twitter design will change and eliminating characteristic twitter as microblogging site, with it's new appearance, twitter seems like a multimedia showcase for some of the additional feature, allows users to see photos and videos.

The new twitter design is expected to make it's users more comfortable to spend more time on twitter and more frequently visited. Twitter is also expected to become a more attractive advertising site.

Like what the new twitter design ? as an illustration, twitter page will be divided into two parts, left and right. One part displays the tweet that appear while the other other part contains the image that appear in the text.

So far most of the links to view images and videos that are included in the text usually will displayed on other sites or new browser tab. Now, with new twitter design, users can view pictures and videos links in one page.

This is a new twitter microblogging site
New twitter home screen view divided into two panels : application form was a little like twitter in the ipad, new twitter profile give twitter users access options favorites, lists, followers, or the following. When the users clicks a twitter user name, there is a new option that displays a brief profile which make users more easily when they want to follow, adding friends on the list, or write direct message.

Twitter Users can immediately see the sequence tweet another account by simply selecting a tweet right panel shows some selected accounts tweet view. Twitter users also can instantly view a video that was distributed without opening a new window or a new tab, through the right panel.

thus Twitter social networking guide and new twitter multimedia showcase that baweh online diary quote from detikinet and mashable.

Google Instant For Faster Search Result

Google Realtime Search Realtime

Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. The most obvious change is that you get to the right content much faster than before, because you don't have to finish typing your full search terms.

What are benefits for Google instant users ?
as Baweh online diary quote from Google instant, users have three benefits, there are :
  1. Faster Searches : By predicting your search and showing results before you finish typing. Google instant can save 2-5 seconds per search.
  2. Smarter Predictions : Even when you don't know exactly what you are looking for, predictions help guide your search.
  3. Instant Result : Start typing and results appear tight before your eyes. Google instant appear instantly as you type, helping you see where you are headed, every step of the way.
If you don't want to use google instant you can turn off google instant by clicking the link to the search box or any search results page, or by visiting your preferences page.

Is your google instant not working ?

If your google instant not working you can check google instant requirement. Google Instant is starting to roll-out to users on Google domains in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia who use the following browsers below: Google chrome v5/6, firefox v3, safari v5 for Mac and internet explorer v8. Google Instant doesn't support for Google Instant Messenger Mobile, Google Instant Messenger For Mac Mobile and Google Instant Messenger For Blackberry and other mobile device now.

Amazing of Apple iOS 4.2

Download iTunes 10

Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally reveal the presence of Apple iOS 4.2 at the Apple Digital Media Event 2010. What are features of Apple iOS 4.2 ?

Steve Jobs explained that Apple iOS 4.2 would have an overall features of Apple 4.1, which comes with some bug correction. Steve Jobs said that Apple 4.2 comes with Game Center, TV Show, Rentals, Allows uploading HD video over WiFi, and display high quality photos dinamics range (HDR) features.

Well, The most special feature of iOS 4.2 is called Airplay 4.2 as changer of Airtunes. With AirPlay 4.2, you can stream musics, videos from your computer to the i device via WiFi.

AirPlay also has printing via WiFi feature, as a result it is easy for users who like to print documents directly from iPhone or iPad.

What is iOS 4.2 Game Center Function ?
Besides fixing some bugs in earlier operating systems, Apple iOS4.2 also brings many new applications. One of these game center. Quoted from on 09-02-2010, Apple Game Center will fucntion properly on the playstation and playstation network like xBox Live on xBox 360.

Apple Users can play multiplayer game with other gamers via the internet connection through Apple Game Center. In addition, through this application users can purchase any games.

As a complement, users can also showcase the achievements to get, or just check the leaderboards his own or another player.

Game Center, will be automatically included with the latest generation iPod Touch. Do you have any news from Apple 4.2 share your news here on Baweh Online Diary

Download iTunes 10

Apple iPhone VS Google Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced that iTunes 10 download available today with new logo, is iTunes 10 comes with new features ?

Quote from, when it's tray to install itunes 10, installation iTunes 10 was quite smoothly and was completed in a few minutes which has size 72.2 MB.

After finish the installation process, the logo changed to iTunes 10 looks more glossy with a blue orb shape, with symbols such as the tone of the previous series. This logo gives look more fresh.

Nevertheless, the display in iTunes 10 features was not much different from the previous version 9.2. like top 10 albums on itunes, itunes top 10 music, and if you want to get top 10 itunes addons check it on mozilla. There was no change in color or design. Far from the impression previously imagined.

iTunes 10 was added new features such as a TV Show, Rentals, which allows users to enjoy content TV channels for 99 cents. Some of the popuoar TV series looks adorned the pages like the glee iTunes, or Poison Break.

As Steve Jobs explained, in iTunes 10 there is music social networking features named ping. Jobs called, ping is a social networking where Facebook and Twitter meet with iTunes.

How can i get free itunes for my ipod ?
Do you want to get free itunes for your ipod ? just get free downloads itunes 10 on Apple iTunes download

See Your MySpace Update On Facebook

Apple Ping Social Networking Site

Do you have MySpace social networking account, and want to integrate it with facebook ? If you want to integrate your MySpace with facebook, below is my social networking guide to integrate your MySpace update on Facebook.

MySpace users now can display their status to facebook. Previously, this free social networking site has also been integrated with twitter microblogging. Not only updates the status, MySpace users also can share musics, games, videos, photos and other digital content to their friends on facebook and other social networking sites.

This new MySpace feature certainly very attractive to millions of musicians or music artists on MySpace to use it as a supplementary tool for MySpace music's presence and for sharing their contents.

Interested in trying out a new capability ? below is MySpace social networking guide to integrate MySpace with free social network sites check it here

The Difference Between iPhone OS and Android OS Tastes

Apple Music Social Networking Site

No matter the extent the OS, the owners of iPhones and Android in the United States Apparently have different tastes. At least according to data released There are many differences between iPhone phones and Android phones users tastes from favorite foods to bath affair.

For example, iPhone owners choose more soap coupons for Android users, while women have more soap coupons for men. That was partly, because the iPhone was a female user more numerous than the user of Android.

For dinner, the most iPhone owners choose chicken and Android owners choose pork, a popular food in the land of United State.

Moreover, the data revealed ? iPhone owners seem more obsessed about cleaning, they ordered a lot of household cleaners that can be used in many places, while Android Owners prefer a special cleaning toilets only.

iPhone users prefer to order food stamps for the birds, it's concluded that they were happy to save birds. While Android users prefers to preserve fish for the same reasons.

In the personal care category, Apple iPhone owners use coupons for baby care items 41.7 times more than Google Android owners, while 2.1 times more likely to use coupons care for themselves rather than the owner of the iPhone.

What your conclution from Apple iPhone tastes and Google Android tastes. Share your conclution here on baweh online diary.

Free Apple Ping Social Networking Site

Google Realtime Search Result

Free Social Networking Sites now be a part of life digital generation. Related to this, Apple makes music social networking sites called ping. Ping is a social network in terms of music. Because the music-based, ping will be accessible via latest version of iTunes 10 may be will accessible also via iTV.

In iTunes 10 Apple introduce something really cool. It's a ping. Pinging is social networking where facebook social networking and twitter micro blogging meet with iTunes.

Like Facebook or Twitter, users could also follow the artist's friends or their idol. In appearance, ping seeing live feeds regarding what is being listened to music of our friends in iTunes. We might comment on the status of our friends.

How to play the Apple ping social networking site ?
To play, users would have to upgrade iTunes 10 first. Steve Jobs explains, ping will not only be available for iTunes on the desktop, but also on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. This is what I could give you on my social networking guide. I hope this is useful for you to stay connect with your artists.