Keeping Passwords Tips

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Baweh Online Diary Blog will share how to keep and record keeping passwords. So how to keeping track of passwords ? As we know that password is a secret code that must be protected from any one, Below are 7 tips for keeping passwords.
  1. Do Not Using Default Password
  2. The defaul password is the password that we get at the first time. This default password quickly replace with a new password because it is very vulnerable. The default password easily searched on google search. Sometimes administrators fear of forgetting to change the default password, so that an intruder can take over the system with default passwords.
  3. Do Not Using Password Hint
  4. Sometimes we're afraid to forget the password, so we create a reminder for password. Now this is called password reminder hint, if we create a password hint question with this then we can quickly recall these forgotten passwords. Likewise with the hackers, thew will answer our password hint question. If they are answer is true, our account will be cracked
  5. Do Not Writing Passwords
  6. Do you write your password into other media such as a notebook, notepad, stickies, password folders, books, mobile phones or other media ? It's also quite vulnerable to leaking ? why ? because when a variety of equipment is lost, then all information about a user id and password will be known by the thief.
  7. Use a Strong Password
  8. Sometimes owner passwords using a short password only. Do you know that the more longer password is the more secure for your account. Strong passwords can be created with a combination of numbers and letters and even a variety of other characters. Some admins are currently using a password that is long enough, coupled with encryption such as PGP key and others, so it is quite difficult to cracked by crackers.
  9. Change Passwords Periodically
  10. Changes to the password depends on the owner password, could be a week, a month, three months. Keep on your mind your new password
  11. Do not Using Same Password on Multiple Accounts
  12. Do not use same password for multiple accounts, because these passwords through a single accounts, all accounts will be taken by the hacker.
  13. Using Password Management
  14. To help recall the various passwords and various accounts, often very difficult for somebody, but don't worry because there are many current applications to help organize our passwords. There are applications can be downloaded for free or paid you can search your self on search engines.
Do you have any tips about keeping track of passwords ? shere your knowledge on baweh online diary blog and social networking guide