The Truth of Facebook Phone

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Facebook phone issues around the virtual world on these days. Baweh online diary will continue posting of Facebook Phone Issues Heat Back.

Blomberg is reporting that facebook is working with INQ Mobile on two smartphones that will first hit Europe, and then come to the U.S to potentially be sold through AT&T. These phones are believed to run on google's android operating system, but likely a modified version with deeper facebook integration.

Below are resume interview transcript between Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Arrington from

When people say "building a martphone" they actually can mean very different things. Facebook phone goals is not tu build any specific device or integration or anything like that. Because facebook not trying to compete with Apple phone or the Droid or any hardware manufactures. Facebook's strategy is trying to make facebook available on the web, mobile or other device.

What is Facebook's role ? Mark Zuckerberg says that facebook role is to be a platform for making all of these apps more social, and it's kind of an extension of what we see.

If something like HTML5 becomes a big standard then that would be hugely valuable for facebook. So we will help push that. The HTML 5 Mark think will going to be pretty goog. Some of the stuff that facebook working on. If we could build just one HTML5 version then have it everywhere then that would be awesome. If it possible on the Internet ?

That's resume of dialogue between Michael Arrington and Mark Zuckerber on Facebook Social Networking Guide. If you want to read the complete of interview transcript CLICK HERE