Logitech Revue Is Soul Mate For Google TV

Baweh Online Diary

Google TV will attend later this year. Some vendors also began to greet his arrival, through their respective devices. An example is Logitech which will come with a product called Logitech Revue. As known, Google TV is Google's attempt to bring the website to the television screen. This service is rumored to soon be available in the United States before December 2010 in the United States. As for the other countries, Google is promising present in 2011.

To use this service, users are required to have a player that would be connected with internet network connection. Afterwards, the player is connected to a TV as AVerLive Extreme Vision, Revue carrying the keyboard that serves as a controller.

As quoted from DigitaltrendsCom, on Thursday 09/09/2010, the controller keyboard has a series of function keys such as play, pause, rewing, fast forward and a series of other functions. Most interestingly, reportedly on the Logitech controller Revue can be replaced with an Android handset. Unfortunately, Logitech has not given official information about the presence of these products on the market.