Free Apple Ping Social Networking Site

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Free Social Networking Sites now be a part of life digital generation. Related to this, Apple makes music social networking sites called ping. Ping is a social network in terms of music. Because the music-based, ping will be accessible via latest version of iTunes 10 may be will accessible also via iTV.

In iTunes 10 Apple introduce something really cool. It's a ping. Pinging is social networking where facebook social networking and twitter micro blogging meet with iTunes.

Like Facebook or Twitter, users could also follow the artist's friends or their idol. In appearance, ping seeing live feeds regarding what is being listened to music of our friends in iTunes. We might comment on the status of our friends.

How to play the Apple ping social networking site ?
To play, users would have to upgrade iTunes 10 first. Steve Jobs explains, ping will not only be available for iTunes on the desktop, but also on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. This is what I could give you on my social networking guide. I hope this is useful for you to stay connect with your artists.