Amazing of Apple iOS 4.2

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally reveal the presence of Apple iOS 4.2 at the Apple Digital Media Event 2010. What are features of Apple iOS 4.2 ?

Steve Jobs explained that Apple iOS 4.2 would have an overall features of Apple 4.1, which comes with some bug correction. Steve Jobs said that Apple 4.2 comes with Game Center, TV Show, Rentals, Allows uploading HD video over WiFi, and display high quality photos dinamics range (HDR) features.

Well, The most special feature of iOS 4.2 is called Airplay 4.2 as changer of Airtunes. With AirPlay 4.2, you can stream musics, videos from your computer to the i device via WiFi.

AirPlay also has printing via WiFi feature, as a result it is easy for users who like to print documents directly from iPhone or iPad.

What is iOS 4.2 Game Center Function ?
Besides fixing some bugs in earlier operating systems, Apple iOS4.2 also brings many new applications. One of these game center. Quoted from on 09-02-2010, Apple Game Center will fucntion properly on the playstation and playstation network like xBox Live on xBox 360.

Apple Users can play multiplayer game with other gamers via the internet connection through Apple Game Center. In addition, through this application users can purchase any games.

As a complement, users can also showcase the achievements to get, or just check the leaderboards his own or another player.

Game Center, will be automatically included with the latest generation iPod Touch. Do you have any news from Apple 4.2 share your news here on Baweh Online Diary