The Difference Between iPhone OS and Android OS Tastes

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No matter the extent the OS, the owners of iPhones and Android in the United States Apparently have different tastes. At least according to data released There are many differences between iPhone phones and Android phones users tastes from favorite foods to bath affair.

For example, iPhone owners choose more soap coupons for Android users, while women have more soap coupons for men. That was partly, because the iPhone was a female user more numerous than the user of Android.

For dinner, the most iPhone owners choose chicken and Android owners choose pork, a popular food in the land of United State.

Moreover, the data revealed ? iPhone owners seem more obsessed about cleaning, they ordered a lot of household cleaners that can be used in many places, while Android Owners prefer a special cleaning toilets only.

iPhone users prefer to order food stamps for the birds, it's concluded that they were happy to save birds. While Android users prefers to preserve fish for the same reasons.

In the personal care category, Apple iPhone owners use coupons for baby care items 41.7 times more than Google Android owners, while 2.1 times more likely to use coupons care for themselves rather than the owner of the iPhone.

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