Mobile Facebook Issues Heat Back

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Baweh Online Diary Quate from detikinet that Mobile Facebook Issues come again in virtual world. Facebook may have been denied the rumor if facebook social networking site plans to make mobile facebook phones. Nevertheless, these issues do not necessarily finished for granted.

This issue again came to light after one of the facebook people post "mysteriously" posting at his twitter's account.

The figure who became-blowers was certainly no ordinary man. But a former senior product manager at Google's Android, Erick Tseng are now migrated to facebook. Tseng frontally did not mention facebook would make a cell phone. He simply wrote down if it plans to innovate in the field of mobile and social.

Previourly, two powerful developers facebook-Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos-reportedly worked for the secret project. Both have extensive experience in operating systems, especially operating system for smart phones.

While according to other sources, the project will adapt the Android version of their own design and integration with facebook on the main display. Secret project that may explain why Tseng defected to Facebook.

As quoted from Ars Technica, wednesday (09/22/2010), reported that this project did not put facebook smartphones branded, but how to build a sophisticated application which has a tighter integration with current mobile operating system.

The most likely scenario is the facebook mobile phone manufacturer HTC will hold or other vendors in order to get a special place in the Android Operating System.

Facebook is famous social network site and has a very high visibility especially at younger consumers. Especially with a bandage sophisticated phones like smarphones. Nothing wrong when facebook made a new breakthrough in this field.

Facebook may be denied. Just as when google issued a similar stance a few years ago when have many questions about his plans to make mobile phones. Anyway, Nexus One come produced by google smartphone together with HTC. So it is not impossible if facebook use the same stance like Google. This is my social networking review, How about you ?