New Twitter Multimedia Showcase

What Is Tweet Button

New twitter design will change and eliminating characteristic twitter as microblogging site, with it's new appearance, twitter seems like a multimedia showcase for some of the additional feature, allows users to see photos and videos.

The new twitter design is expected to make it's users more comfortable to spend more time on twitter and more frequently visited. Twitter is also expected to become a more attractive advertising site.

Like what the new twitter design ? as an illustration, twitter page will be divided into two parts, left and right. One part displays the tweet that appear while the other other part contains the image that appear in the text.

So far most of the links to view images and videos that are included in the text usually will displayed on other sites or new browser tab. Now, with new twitter design, users can view pictures and videos links in one page.

This is a new twitter microblogging site
New twitter home screen view divided into two panels : application form was a little like twitter in the ipad, new twitter profile give twitter users access options favorites, lists, followers, or the following. When the users clicks a twitter user name, there is a new option that displays a brief profile which make users more easily when they want to follow, adding friends on the list, or write direct message.

Twitter Users can immediately see the sequence tweet another account by simply selecting a tweet right panel shows some selected accounts tweet view. Twitter users also can instantly view a video that was distributed without opening a new window or a new tab, through the right panel.

thus Twitter social networking guide and new twitter multimedia showcase that baweh online diary quote from detikinet and mashable.