How To Turn On The Motorcycle With a Mobile Phone

Cell Phone In Hand

Motorcycle and mobile phones are like two things that can not be united. For the sake of safety riding, do not call when riding a motorcycle.

MINI However, one brand that is known with his little car, jumped into the motorcycle market by introducing a motor scooter that has plenty of features. Named Scooter MIMI E. The engine uses electric engine plug-in hybrid.

MINI claim this scooter is required to cover 3 aspects of urban youth that is spontaneous, flexible and free mobility of CO2 emissions. What is unique from BMW MINI E Scooter is to turn on the scooter engine, the owner can use a mobile phone or smartphone. Connect the phone to a docking station in the motorcycle, the motor will automatically be used.

When Scooter MINI E flame, the cell phone directly integrated with the BMW software, and the phone was turned into a GPS device, music player, and bluetooth for communication. GPS tools were sophisticated, because if there is another who happened to Scooter E passed, cell phone notifies the driver. So you can greet each one another.

As quote from detikinet and the official website of BMW, friday 09/24/2010, it's actually a scooter consept will debut initially in the automotive arena world caliber Paris Auto Show 2010 next week. But BMW give a little sneak preview on the sidelines of London Fashion Week, which was in progress.

BMW MINI E Scooter will carry lithium-ion batteries to drive the rear wheels. There are 3 versions scooter E, but all have a retro model with typical speedometer MINI cars. The consept of the body like old scooter consept. Just look from front to rear like a Vespa in the 1950's. The size is also not so big. Suitable for users who like traveling in the town.

Model Agness Deyn who happened to be a brand ambassador Scooter MINI E said scooter is suitable for use in urban areas.

"I was shocked when I heard MINI create an environtentally frieendly scooter. Their reputation in teh cool car designs are well known. I can not wait to ride one", he said with enthusiasm.

So what about price ? looks like BMW is not interested in open-aperture. Let's see, if a scooter is able to attract the world's consumers.