Free Download Avril Lavigne Song

Baweh Online Diary Blog Do you one of Avril lavigne fan? It's great news for you because Avril lavigne will offer free download her new song "what the hell" for 48 hours on her facebook page starting January 1, 2011. The free download will follow the broadcast debut of the single on Dick Clark's New year's Rockin' eve.

Fans can go to Avril Lavigne's fan page and click "Like" in order to access the free download after midnight on New Year's Eve.

Lavigne's fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby, will be released via RCA on March 8. Working with longtime collaborators Deryck Whibley (also her ex-husband), Evan Taubenfeld and Butch Walker, as well as songwriter/producer Max Martin, Lavigne continues to share her personal experiences through her writing and music with a more organic and raw sound.

This is avril lavigne's facebook fan page to get avril lavigne's free song. Click HERE

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Top Ten Windows Mobile Application of 2010

Baweh Online Diary Blog Was share about top ten technology trends of 2010and top ten android applications Now I will share about top ten 10 windows mobile apps of 2010.or best windows mobile apps .Some application is best free windows mobile apps and other is paid windows mobile app.
  1. History Here
  2. History Here Application is a location-based app develop by the history channel. The windows mobile app displays historical points of interest and adds content from the history channel including essays, photos, and videos. History here is free windows mobile app so you free to download history here from The Marketplace.
  3. On Track
  4. On Track application is a time-tracking tool for those that need to keep track of the time you spend on project, ideally suite for contractors or freelancers. The app logs your time on a project and per task basic. You can also use view a specific project on a specific day, week, month or year. You must spend money to get on track application. It's $2.99 in the marketplace.
  5. Fake Call
  6. It lets you set up a fake call so you can exit your meeting, leave your date or remove yourself from other uncomfortable situations. It provides you with a delay setting so you can have a simulated incoming call alert you in x number of minutes. The app has its own personalized lock screen, an incoming call screen, and a default home screen to make it look authentic. Face call is like history here app, you can get free face call app from the market place
  7. Where Was I ?
  8. is a basic location-based application that lets you track your movement via GPS co-ordinates. It works great for when you are hiking and are no longer in an area with cell coverage. You save each checkpoint as a GPS co-ordinate and then map your trek when you return to an area with cell coverage. It is a basic app with an interesting premise and excellent performance. It's available for $0.99 in the marketplace
  9. Cardstar
  10. CardStar is an application to save and retrieve loyalty, reward and club membership cards. The app supports both custom card entries, libraries, membership associations, and information from national and regional merchants including CVS, Best Buy, PetSmart, and more. The card information is stored on your handset and can be retrieved or scanned while shopping. Don't worry it's free windows mobile app so you can get it from the marketplace without spend your money
  11. Wooter
  12. This app brings Woot to your Windows Phone handset and looks great with the Metro UI. The app lets you view the daily deals and make purchases from all the Woot websites including,,,, and It also supports Woot Offs so you can get in on the buying frenzy right from your phone. Wooter application available for free in the marketplace
  13. Max and The Magic Maker
  14. Max & The Magic Marker is an excellent game that merges a classic, side scrolling platformer with crayone physics to create a whole new experience. The gameplay is fun as you follow Max around his cartoonish world and draw objects with your marker that he can use. Available for $6.99 in the Marketplace. A trial version is available.
  15. IHearthRadio
  16. The application lets you listen to radio stations from by Clear’s network of stations. You can even create custom channels with your favorite stations. iheartradio also integrates with Facebook, the Music and Video Hub, and the Zune marketplace so you can share your music and buy new tracks via Zune. Iheartradio is free windows mobile application and you can download ihearhradio from the marketplace
  17. Colorize
  18. Colorize is a nifty coloring application that converts a photo to black & white and lets you colorize sections of the image that you want to highlight. You can choose different brush sizes and pinch to zoom to color your image.The app is integrated into the pictures hub so your newly created images have a prominent home on your phone. Available for $1.29 in the Marketplace. A trial version is available.
  19. Seesmic
  20. The quintessential Twitter application is revamped to support the Metro UI of Windows Phone. It is available for free in the MarketPlace and should be included on your phone as the app for showing off the rich UI of Windows Phone. It launches with a Hub interface that The app does have some kinks to work out as the login for Facebook fails for many people. It also segregates your different twitter and Facebook accounts into different spaces/timelines. Available for FREE in the Marketplace.
You can download apps for windows mobile phones in windows mobile app store
Source : IntoMobile

Top Ten Technology Trends of 2010

Baweh Online Diary Blog

Year 2010 will go from us on some day later and we will get year 2011. Baweh online diary for your guide to social networking online was share about top ten social networking resolution in 2011. If you may read here Now I will share about top 10 tech trends among 2010.
  1. The ipad and the raise of tablets
  2. When the new year dawned, almost no one in the world knew what an iPad was. Outside of the techno-geek community, few had even heard of tablet computers -- the hybrid, missing link between smartphones and laptops. Now, 13 million or so sales later, the Apple gadget is at the top of the list of gadgets that children 6 to 12 want to see under the tree this year, according to Nielsen research. And it's starting to get some company. In a field of tablets running Google's Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy has emerged as the iPad's chief rival. Early this month, Samsung said that the tab had sold 1 million units since its launch in October. And Research In Motion, the makers of BlackBerry, plan to join the battle early next year with the Playbook, which they're already touting as being more efficient than the iPad. Tablets don't have the computing heft of slightly larger laptops or the pocket-size storage of a smartphone. But their video, gaming, Web-surfing and media-consumption abilities are capturing a big audience and it's a safe bet they're here to stay.
  3. We are facebook; resistance is futile
  4. A major Hollywood movie. A Time magazine "Person of the Year" nod for its CEO. And a half-billion users, more or less. Oh yeah ... and it passed Google to become the Web's most-visited site. If Facebook was already a force of internet nature on New Year's Day, it became a phenomenon unmatched in Web history in 2010. But personalities aside, the site itself continued to integrate itself into everyday life. E-mail continued to wane because of Facebook messaging, which included a new ramped-up system. And the way we relate to each other has probably been changed forever.
  5. Check in, Turn on and go out
  6. Growing with the rising number of smartphones, social apps such as Foursquare and Gowalla creeped out of the tiny cloister of the tech elite and into the mainstream. Foursquare, which has emerged as the leader in the field, saw dramatic growth in 2010. The concept of checking in at bars, restaurants and other spots appeals mainly to a young, social crowd, and, in the minds of some, raises privacy concerns. But a spate of apps for homebodies followed in 2010. Mobile apps such as GetGlue, Miso and Philo let users check in to TV shows, movies, books and other entertainment, earning virtual and sometimes real-word rewards along the way. Other apps offer similar rewards for visiting websites, meaning users don't have to leave their desks to play. According to Crowley, one of the goals of such apps is to turn the whole world into a game. Most Web users haven't signed on yet, but the number of those who have keeps on growing.
  7. Look, ma! No hands!
  8. The way we play video games began what could be a seismic shift in 2010. And there were no paddles or joysticks involved. Microsoft's Kinect system for the Xbox 360 took the greatest leap forward. Rolled out at the E3 video-game expo in June, the Kinect is totally hands-free, using a camera to read the player's movements and incorporate them in the game. Not to be outdone, Sony rolled out its Move system for the PlayStation 3. Utilizing remote controllers that look a bit like glowing ice-cream cones, Move isn't quite hands-free, but boasts what developers say is superior motion-sensing. And then there's Nintendo. The pioneers of motion-based gaming stood pat on the hardware this year, but pressed its early advantage by rolling out more complex, fully-imagined games such as "Metroid: Other M," "Disney: Epic Mickey" and "GoldenEye 007."
  9. Watching the web on the tv
  10. Apple TV was launched in 2007, but it mostly languished until it got a reboot and a major price cut in September. In addition to Netflix integration, the system lets users buy TV shows for 99 cents each. Google has promised a similar system -- optimizing Web sites for TV and striking deals with the likes of HBO, Pandora and Netflix. Google TV has hit some snags. Several major networks aren't playing along, and The New York Times recently reported that it needs more time than expected to work on software. Meanwhile, companies such as Roku and Boxee are offering similar devices, suggesting that Web TV, in one form or another, is here to stay.
  11. The saga of the iphone 4
  12. Oh, iPhone 4. Rarely has the launch of a gadget provided more suspense or entertainment than Apple's June unveiling of the latest in its popular smartphone line. Apple, with CEO Steve Jobs as point person, denied there was a major problem with the reception, even during a subsequent news conference where they offered free cases to cover up the spot where a "death grip" caused the phone's signal to weaken. Over time and a handful of software updates, the complaints faded and talk of the iPhone 4 turned to features such as its FaceTime video chat, high-resolution screen and ultrathin design.
  13. Escalation of the smartphone war
  14. Speaking of smartphones, 2010 was when that space got really interesting. No longer was the iPhone able to just go head-to-head with the stalwart workhorse of the gadget world, the BlackBerry. A new phone running Google's Android system seemed to pop up every week. The Droid II. The Droid X. The HTC Evo and the Samsung Galaxy S were just a few. In October, computing giant Microsoft officially got into the game, announcing a pile of different phones that would run its Windows Phone 7 operating system. And with its Bold and Torch phones, BlackBerry has embraced the touchscreen phone world, hoping to meld the security and efficiency that professionals crave with some of the iPhone's fun.
  15. App-Tastic
  16. The app-store model pioneered by Apple for its phones took off in a big way in 2010. In October, the Android apps store broke the 100,000 mark. That's still far fewer apps than Apple offers, but it showed that the model was growing steadily. And in December, Google announced it was opening an app store for its Chrome browser as well. It's certainly been a paradigm shift in how computer programs are purchased. And, we suspect, its really just a secret plot by "Angry Birds" to take over the world.
  17. Privacy Matters
  18. Online privacy has been a hot topic on the Web for a while. But this year, it seemed to constantly be in the news. The more time we spend online, the more of a digital footprint we leave. And should someone savvy be so inclined, the easier it becomes to track that print. Privacy concerns cropped up again late in the year when Gawker's sites were hacked and users' e-mails and passwords were accessed. Other users expressed security fears about sharing their locations on Foursquare and other similar services.
  19. Net Neutrality
  20. Net neutrality was a buzzword in tech circles for most of the year. But it came to a head late in December when the Federal Communications Commission adopted a set of rules to guide Web usage. The new rules, by the way, did not seem to make anyone happy. Internet-freedom advocates wanted stronger protections that would guarantee service providers won't be able to pick and choose which content (oh, say, their own) gets delivered quickest and which lags behind. They also fear big businesses and wealthy individuals will one day be able to pay for better service than everybody else. 
Source : CNN

Top 10 Social Networking Resolution in 2011

Baweh Online Diary Blog

How many of you have include social media sites as a part of your marketing campaign? are you users of top 10 social networking sites to increase your your company selling? Those you have created profiles on different social media sites, how active are you in your social media marketing campaigns? how often do you update your work experience and other information? How often do you post content on your profiles? how often do you tweet on twitter social micro blogging site? These are all thing you can and should do. And since we are nearing the end of 2010. I thought baweh online diary blog will share about social media resolution as quote from Below are your guide to social networking online and top ten social media resolution that you should consider implementing in your 2011 marketing and brand building social media campaign
  1. Create your identity and build your brand
  2. Thing that your social media for business as away to build your brand or another word that social networking for individual services. You are your brand so you have to always be thinking "what do I want people to think of when they hear my name, see my logo or think of me?" when you create your profile(s)you need to make sure it reflect the brand you want to portray.
  3. Stay active but don't take on more than you can chew
  4. When you create your profiles it is important to consistently check on your profiles. Even if time is an issue, you can still update your status, post links to other things you have written, rely to comment, point your readers in the direction of other information you feel will interest them and send friend/connect/follow request. No one says you have to be active everyday, all day, but I suggest that you post something fresh once a week.
  5. Set goals to connect to X number of new people
  6. Building a profile and even staying active on your profile is not enough to bring people to you. Unfortunately that is not how social media works. The "secret" to social media is the connection you make. When you add a connection you are not just adding one connection but are affording your self the ability to connect to all of their connections.
  7. Build up your relationships with your contacts
  8. After you add a connections, now what? You have to build relationship with those you connect with. One way to do this is to send personal messages to those you have connect with. Connecting with someone on a personal level is the best way to "break the ice" and bring down barriers that might otherwise get in your way. Also set up your profiles to receive linkedln messages in your email inbox. As people respond to your inquiries, or seek you out, you can reply right away. Because customer royalty means nothing any more, people always respond best to those who reply quickly to inquiries.
  9. Connect your different social media profiles
  10. One of the benefits of social media sites is that many social media sites will allow you to link your accounts through RSS Feeds and third party applications. This will often you to post your news on one social media site, it will be feed through to and show up on multiple sites.
  11. Keep up with your competition
  12. Most Social Media offers a search field somewhere within their site. Search for those you would consider your competition. Search for their company name, their web address, the owner or other employee of their business as well. This will give you the opportunity to not only see what your competition is doing, offering and posting, but will also allow you to see what others say about them. You should also use search engines such as Google or Bing and search for reviews that others have posted on your competition. This will offer you a unique perspective on what others feel are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Weave this information into your Social Media profiles to show you do not have the same weaknesses or that you can fill a particular need that your competitor is lacking. Always remember, your competitors can and probably using social media for marketing research from your company.
  13. Listen to what others are saying about you
  14. Use the same search options you used on your competitors Use these functions to see what others are posting within those sites about you. Search the Internet for reviews of your business, products and services as well. When you find comments, whether they are good or bad, respond in a timely manner while maintaining your professionalism. Send personal messages directly to the one leaving feedback about your company if you can.
  15. Establish your expertise by asking and answering questions
  16. Many social media sites feature a questions and answers area such as linkedln answers where you can answer questions that pertain to your area of knowledge and expertise. This is also a way to build powerful relationships that will grow your business because it gives you the opportunity to “connect” with the person asking the questions. Look up the individual’s profile and find a way to tie in a personal response. When answering questions, be thorough and offer tips, website links with additional information, or even recommend someone who is the best expert on that topic even if it is not yourself. Always end your answer by inviting the reader to contact you privately if they need additional assistance.
  17. Send and request recommendations
  18. People like to do business with people they like. And even more so, people like to do business with those who come highly recommended. If you have a LinkedIn profile, there is a specific feature on your profile where you can ask others to recommend you. Ask for recommendation from previous and current employers, employees and other business colleagues that you’ve interacted with over the year as well friends, professors you had while in school, particularly if your education is pertinent to your industry.
  19. Promote your social media profiles
  20. One of my favorite ways to promote my Social Media accounts is through the Signature that attaches at the end of all of my personal and professional emails.what I like most about the email signature is that as my emails are “forwarded” to others, my signature usually goes along with it. Next if you have a website or blog, include icons with links to your profiles for each Social Media Platform you use. Finally, consider including your profile URLs in all of your printed business materials. When you need new business cards, stationary, sales flyers or any other promotional material, be sure to add your URL(s) to these materials. If you have decided to utilize the power of Social Media, you must be willing to dedicate time to it. As with any form of marketing, just having it is never enough. You don’t have to do all of these things at once or even all of these things at all. Even if your goal is to simply increase traffic on your website or blog with online marketing and social media, you are willing to devote some time to it, even in baby steps, you will likely see results.
      Source :ipwatchdog

      How To Jailbreak iPhone Instruction

      Baweh Online Diary Blog

       Do you want to jailbreak iPhone 4, jailbreak iPod or jailbreak iPad ? If you search about tutorial how to jailbreak iPhone 4 I hope this tutorial will help you to jailbreak your iPhone.

      The tutorial baweh online dairy blog  quote from iphonefaq. Below are step by step to jailbreak iPhone. The instruction pertain to RedSnow 0.9.7b1, a beta release of the so-called "backup plan" untethered jailbreak. This release is not the final release and, being a beta, require a bit more effort then the eventual final release should. This jailbreak also limited to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G

      The following provides step by step instruction on how to jailbreak iPhone or other iOS device using RedSnow 0.9.7b1.

      Important : if you require an unlock and not a jailbreak only, do not proceed

      jailbreak  iPhone 4 requirrement
      • usbmuxd (you can download from HERE)
      •  a jailbroken (tethered) iOS 4.2.1 iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod Touch 4G. Full instruction for completing the tethered iOS 4.2.1 can be found here
      • The official iOS 4.2b3 firmware file
      • your SHSH blobs from 4.2b3 saved w/ cydia (locally saved files aren't support yet)
      Step 1
      Get usbmuxd unarchived, and up and running. Pick a directory to unarchive it to then, using terminal, navigate to the python client sub-directory and start usbmuxd as shown below. Technically isn't necessary to start usbmuxd just yet, but there's no reason not to start it and get it out of the way right of the bat.

      If you are having trouble reading the commands in the image, that's

      -cmod +x (makes it executable)
      -./ -t 22:2222

      Step 2
      Connect your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch 4G and launch RedSnow

      RedSnow will immediately request that you browse to and select your official iOS 4.2.1 firmware file. Navigate to, select the file, and click next.

      RedSnow will process the firmware file and inform you when it's ready to process.

      Step 3
      Select the"jailbreak monte" option. You can unchecked "install cydia" as you are required to begin these instructions with a jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 device running Cydia. RedSn0w will again prompt you to point it to an iOS firmware file, this time for iOS 4.2b3.

      Step 4
      make sure your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch 4G, or iPad is off and click "next". Then follow RedSn0w's instructions on how to put your device into DFU mode and sit back and let the process complete.

      Source : iPhonefaq

      Download Microsoft Security Essentials Version 2.0 Now

      Microsoft released free microsoft security essential version 2.0. What we get from microsoft antivirus/anti malware ? MSE 2.0 comes with key features like scanning engine, integration with windows firewall and network traffic monitoring.

      Microsoft security essential available for windows xp, windows vista and windows 7 operating system. MSE V2.0 become a beloved antivirus because MSE has a substantially upgrade heuristic engine that makes the program's malware detection more better.

      If you are advanced users, you can integrate free antivirus and malware microsoft security essential with windows firewall.

      Free Microsoft security essentials 2.0 has been better integrated with internet explorer browser to effort more closely track threat posts by malicious web script. Microsoft security essential 2.0 available for free download from official microsoft site.

      Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite For Ipad

      To get new users from businesses Apple launched quickoffice connect mobile suite for ipad. Quickoffice mobile connect version 2.0.0 adds extensive text formating and graphical editing abilities for powerpoint 2003 files.

      Quickoffice connect mobile suite lets you use online services like dropbox, google docs, mobileme and boxnet. It also help you to create, edit and open microsoft office files like microsoft word, excel, powerpoint.

      It's like give us opportunity to use all of office document anytime and anywhere then we edit our office document with quick office connect mobile suite.

      How To Install Windows OS on CR4-48

      Google CR4-48 Notebook runs with Intel processor it's mean that Notebook cr4-48 can runs windows os or other operating system. So how to install windows os on Google cr4-48 notebook?

      Before you install windows os , Recommended to turn off the system. How to turn off the system? the simple way is look for the piece of black tape underneath the battery, remove the power connector to reveal a white switch.

      If you want to use two operating system on your cr4-48 , you can hit the space bar and proceed to recovery mood. It's allow you to recover or restore the notebook backs to it's original condition. If you are uncomfortable with new os, you can flip the switch back and resume where you left off in chrome os.

      Top Ten Antivirus, Spyware and Malware

      Most of visiting Baweh Online Diary Blog comes for searching free antivirus 2011. From this reason, below I share 10 antivirus, anti spyware and anti malware :
      1. Microsoft Security Essentials
      2. Microsoft as most and bigger os software launched free security defender with name Microsoft security essentials. Microsoft security essentials is bases on the same forefront technology as microsoft's enterprise class anti-malware software.
      3. Windows Defender
      4. If microsoft security essentials for anti-malware, microsoft also launched a free anti-spyware with name Microsoft defender. Microsoft defender was include in windows vista and windows 7. It's not activate on your windows installation. So how to activate windows defender for windows vista and windows 7?
        You can activate wndows defender by typing "windows defender" in windows search box, then double clicking on the windows defender option, Windows will tell you that windows defender is turn off and give you option to enable it. click and your windows defender ready for use.
      5. Free AVG Anti Virus
      6. Free avg antivirus protect basic protection against viruses. AVG also a more comprehensive security suite called AVG internet security 2011. It's also provides real time protection against internet search and social Networking sites
      7. Comodo Anti Virus
      8. Comodo Antivirus is based on the idea that it is foolish to allow code to run without first proves itself trustworthy
      9. PC Tools Antivirus
      10. Free PC tool antivirus 2011 is a basic antivirus /antimalware program that is design to protect windoows desktop against various forms of malware. free pc tool antivirus 2011 also have search defender feature to warm you about phishing sites before you click on them.
      11. Free norton antivirus 2011
      12. I was talking about norton anti virus. Check from Norton 360To download free norton antivirus 2011
      13. Ad-Aware Free Internet Security
      14. Ad-Aware free internet security designed for detecting ad-aware. Ad-Aware internet security provides real time protection against virus, spyware and malware. It's has "The Neutralizer" program that provides to clean a PC that has already infected viruses.
      15. HijactThis
      16. HijactThis is one of anti-malware tools that designed to compile a report of critical files abd registry settings that are often prone to viral invections.
      17. Malicious Software Removal Tool
      18. microsoft's malicious software removal tool does a good job of detecting and removing the most viruses. It's run on windows Xp, vista, windows 7 OS and windows servers 2003
      19. McAfee Virus Removal Tool
      20. McAfee antivirus designed rather same of other free antivirus software that provides basic basic anti virus protection.
      Those are Top 10 free antivirus software for your basic pc. Do you know another free antivirus that provides more features?

      Evolution Chip Core Device for Tablet PC and Netbook

      Chip's producers today launches new chips with high performance from dual-core, quad-core chip. With high chip core will save more battery energy.

      Adding tablet or netbook core can improve performance of tablet pc and retain battery life. Intel and advance as micro chip maker continually improve and added processor cores to tablet and netbook as power efficient way to boost performance.

      Nvidia already shipping its dual core tegra 2 chip for tablets, which includes two arm processor cores and a Geforce graphic core. Qualcomm started to ship its first dual core QSD8672, Texas instrument will launch its dual core OMAP 4430, Marvel jumped its rival by announcing a triple core chip for tablets

      With more core includes for tables we hope tablet performance in next will boost its performance and retain tablet battery life.

      Top Ten Android Applications

      Baweh Online Diary Blog was talk about top ten social networking sites ago according to Alexa page rank. Now baweh will share about top ten Android apps.

      Android os was used for many tablet PC nowadays, you can read amazing of this os from many news website like yahoo news, bing news or other search engines.

      there are many version of android operating system like android froyo os, android gingerbread, and new version of android honeycomb.

      Lets we back to our topic today about top ten android apps. Below are top ten android apps that's make your life more fan:
      1. Google Shopper
      2. Google shopper is android app for help you to get useful product and compare some products to save your money.
      3. Remotedroid
      4. If you do not like to input data with tiny pad from tablet pc, use this app than you can enter data with wireless track pad.
      5. Google Sky Map
      6. Point your device toward the heaves and sky map puts a label on every body celestial you see.
      7. Soundhound
      8. Open your soundhound app, it will identify song lyrics from youtube and social video sharing sites. free soundhound users get five free songs every month.
      9. Cardiotrainer
      10. Cardiotrainer is android app for track your fitness regimen and calorie consumption.
      11. Evernote
      12. Evernote is like notepad for your personal computer. You can use everynote for take a photo, record voice and than open from your personal computer.
      13. Urbanspoon
      14. Do you hungry and need some food for your stomach, and you don't know nearly restaurant from your house? Urbanspoon will help you to find restaurant nearly from your house. You can choose certain attributes. The Urbanspoon app has reviews, contact information, maps, and directories.
      15. Quick Office Mobile Suite
      16. Quick Office Mobile suite let's you write and create document in a pinch. You can read word, excel and power point documents, but you can't edit them without dedicated apps.
      17. FxCamera
      18. You can use fxcamera to me your photo more beautiful.
      19. Slacker
      20. Slacker has a deeper catalog of songs. You can download hours of musics to your phone and listen when you offline.
      Those are top ten android apps to make your life more fan. If you have other andoid apps or you are owner of one android apps share them from comments area

      Google Puts All Apps In One Place

      Baweh Online Diary Blog

      Google added new functionality to google apps that support for third party apps. Now google users can access a full of google services including more than 60 productivity boosting applications that extend far beyond any traditional software suite.

      If you
      are google apps administrator, you will have control over your applications. You can control how users use your apps, ability to turn on some applications for certain users and different group for other users.

      are line up of google apps:
      • Google apps : is free service geared towards families, entrepreneurs, and other groups up to 50 users.
      • Google apps for Business : offers 25GB of email storage per user, a 99,9% up time guarantee, data migration capabilities, advanced management tools, telephone support, added security features and more, all for $50 per user per year.
      • Google apps for Government : is FISMA certified and designed with local, state and federal agencies in mind.
      • Google apps for Education : offers many benefits of google apps for business, but at no cost to schools, universities and qualifying non-profits.
      Via: Google Blog

      Top Ten Social Networking Sites

      As we know that free facebook social networking site launched new features called facebook friendship page. You can check and see facebook friendship pageIts very useful for your close communication with your close friends.

      Now Baweh online diary blog will share about your guide to social networking online. Below I show you the top 10 social networking sites according to wikipedia:
      1. Facebook
      2. Description/Focus : General
        Date Launch : February 2004
        Registered Users : 500,000,000
        Registration : Open to people 13 and older

      3. Qzone
      4. Description/Focus : General, In Simplified Chinese, Caters for mainland China Users
        Date launched : -
        Registered Users : 200,000,000
        Registration : Open to the general public

      5. Habbo
      6. Description/Focus : General for teens. Over 31 communities worldwide. Chat Room and User Profiles
        Date Launched : -
        Registered Users : 162,000,000
        Registration : Open to people 13 and older

      7. MySpace
      8. Description/Focus : General
        Date Launched : August 2003
        Registration : Open to people 13 and older

      9. Windows live Spaces
      10. Description/Focus : Blogging (Formerly MSN Spaces
        Date Launched : -
        Registered Users : 120,000,000
        Registration : Open

      11. Bebo
      12. Description/Focus : General
        Date Launched : July 2005
        Registered Users : 117,000,000
        Registration : Open to people 13 and older

      13. Orkut
      14. Description/Focus : General. Owned by Google Inc. Popular in India and Brasil
        Date Launched : 2004-01-22
        Registered Users : 100,000,000
        Registration : Open to people 18 and older, (Google login)

      15. Vkontakte
      16. Description/Focus : Social Network for Russian-speaking world including former Soviet republics. Biggest site in Russia
        Date Launched : September 2006
        Registered Users : 91,600,000
        Registration : Open

      17. Friendster
      18. Description/Focus : General. Popular in Southeast Asia. No longer popular in teh western world
        Date Launched : 2002
        Registered Users : 90,000,000
        Registration : Open to people 16 and older. No children allowed

      19. LinkedIn
      20. Description/Focus : Business and Professional networking
        Date Launched : May 2003
        Registered Users : 80,000,000
        Registration : Open to people 18 and older

      Which one of the top 10 social networking sites above you are a registered user ? Or you are one of members all top social networking sites above ?

      Source : Wikipedia

      Make Your Friendship More Fun With Facebook Friendship Page

      The most free social networking sites Facebook launch facebook friendship page to make your friendship more fun than before. Below social networking guidelineThe function of Facebook friendship page is allowing users to establish a closer interaction with their friends.

      Later, the friend of facebook users have privileges. All new updates will be posted on a special wall which is separated from other news feeds. Reported by CNET on Friday 10/29/2010, friendship pages have attended this weekend. But not all facebook social networking site users can access it. Like the other new features, facebook friendship page feature will be launched in stages to to facebook users globally.

      Occurrences or facebook friendship pages is the brainchild of engineer up, Wayne Kao inspired from his personal experience. "one of my favorite moments on facebook is looking for the latest information in the news feed's closest friends after they already have a boyfriend, engaged, or married", says Kao.

      Wayne Kao thought it would be nice if such activities facilited by a specific page. So that a user know latest updates from friends and closer communication between the two of them only. Is seem very fun. Do you like it ?

      Source : Detikinet

      Download Free Norton 360 v5.0 Beta

      Baweh online diary blog has review about Norton internet security 2011, Now baweh would to share about Norton 360.

      Norton 360 (N360) is a premium computer protection package from Symantec. As quote from detikinet on 10/27/2010, Norton 360 v5.0 using antivirus protection like Norton Internet Security 2011 (NIS 2011).

      Norton 360 v5.0 has Norton Insight 2.0. Insight is mentioned that we ability to to ward off new malicious programs more quickly. Norton Insight features using reputation-based technology. Any files, especially those at high-risk, reputation to the database will be checked norton to be determined whether hazardous or not. Norton 360 v5.o also has the ability download v5.0 Insight 2.0, which scans every file that you download with a similar reputation system.

      Other capabilities N360 v5.0 including identity protection, automatic backup and PC tuneup. This is expected to help users in Indonesia is still relatively low safety awareness.

      "A study carried out by the norton showed that 53% of adults in Indonesia are not using strong passwords and 69% did not perform backups on a regular basis", said David Hall, regional consumer product marketing manager, Asia Pacific, Symantec.

      As a premium product, Norton 365 (N360) v5.0 more reach than Norton Internet Security 2011 (NIS2011) and Norton AntiVirus 2011 (NAV2011) we can get free norton 360 v5.0 beta for free download Norton 360 v5.0 beta click Norton 360 v5.0 beta

      Source : Detikinet

      How To Take Screenshots On An Android Phone

      Baweh Online Diary Blog Has talking about new generation of google android operating system android 3.0 or android gingerbread details.Now we will learn how to take screenshots on an android phone.

      To take screenshots on android phone you need right software installation and android configuration, you can get direct screenshots in any situation. First time Install the software

      Install The Software
      Google thinks that only a developer would be interested in capturing android screenshots, so you will have to act like one. Download and install the free Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Visit the site, and be sure to get the correct version for your OS.

      The software also requires Java Mac OS X has the right tools already built in. Windows users should download the Java Development Kit. Install the android SDK and Java Development Kit on your windows OS.

      Launch the SDK Manager from the Android SDK download (in windows, if promted, choose extract all) Accept the terms and click install. The SDK will download more packages and then update itself with the latest files.

      Launch DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor) within the Android SDK tools folder. The software will open a console for a moment and then lauch a graphical interface in another window. Give it a moment, but if it quits and there seems to be an error initially, try running DDMS again.

      On the Android device, open setting, Application Setting, Development, and select USB debugging. Connect the Android phone to your computer.

      In windows, if the Android doesn't appear as a listing in the Dalvik Debug Monitor application, go to the Device Manager. Right click the Android device, click browse, and navigate to the USB driver folder within the Android SDK folder. Click Next Approve the following prompt to install the driver. Return to the Dalvik Debug Monitor, your droid should now be listed.

      With either OS, if your Android device still failed to show up in the Dalvik Debug Monitor, verify that you set it for USB debugging mode. In addition, drag the menu down from the top of the android screen, and pick USB connection. In most instances, you'll want USB Mass Storage to be selected. Try PC Mode if the software isn't finding your Android, that might solve the problem.

      On your computer, click the phone icon in the upper-left section to select your Android on the Android, prepare the moment you want to capture. On the computer, choose device, screen capture, click save. Repeat the process for additional screenshots as needed.

      Get To The Root
      If You are a savvy Android enthusiast, you can shoot screenshots without hooking up to a computer at all. First, however, you will have to root your phone.

      Normally, the Android OS prevents screenshots apps from working, since they muck around with deeper permissions. The rooting process confers superuser abilities, however, granting you permission to do anything you want.

      After rooting, search the Android Marketplace to find various apps such Screenshot and screenshot it. You'll activate screenshots with a timer, by shaking the phone, or via another command, and the app will then capture your device

      Source : The Washington Post

      How To Raise A Creative Genius

      CNN Every parent want to have smart, clever, and genius children. Do you know how to raise a creative genius ? Below is ways to raise a creative genius :
      1. Sparking Curiosity.
      2. Exposure to creative pursuits early in life is key to help children get motivated to do creative things themselves" said Shelley Carson. "Parents should encourage their children to ask questions like "why" and "what if", rather than stifling those inquiries" Carson sain.
        When children explore the environment, if they're rewarded for that, than encourages that behavior and they're more likely to do that in the future.
        Jolisa said "I think that the best part of it all (reading) is, it can put you in another environment and tell you about something that you may not think of on your own. It can give you experiences that you may not be able to obtain your self".

      3. Setting Up Challenges.
      4. Once a child shows a love of learning, it's important to make sure that he or she gets intellectually stimulated in school.

      5. Being Open-Minded.
      6. Robyn McKay said "Parents should observe and cheer on their children, but should not be attached to outcomes", some kids will rebel and drop an activity if they believe their parents have too many expectations about it.
        Parents who have passionate interest children to be curious and interested about the childcare's interest and to do some research to find teachers and lessons and activities that support your child's talent.

      7. Making "Teaching Moments".
      8. You can making "teaching moment" by using everyday circumstances to talk about broader issues, playing football, talking about sports journalism, ask your children to separate the candies by colors, which helped them distinguish individual colors.
      Those are 4 ways to raise a creative genius. If you are parent's of your children. Do you do one or all ways or do you have another ways to raise a creative genius ?

      Free Cloud Computing Services Program

      PC World announced, OpenStack, the open-source cloud management software project formed by hosting provider Rackspace, has met an initial development milestone, backers are expected to announce Thursday.

      An updated OpenStack code named "Austin" and will be available on thustday. OpenStack has the code that powers Rackspace's cloud files and cloud servers technology, as well as software developed by NASA for its Nebula cloud platform.

      An initial component based on files. The austin gives developers to deployment, fixes bugs, and adds new features, such as a statistics processor, and better access control.

      A second component called OpenStack Compute is a provisioning engine built with code from cloud servers and Nebula.

      OpenStack, Running under the Apache 2.0 license. Rackspace has said it has no interest in being in the software business, preferring to win clients based on the overall quality of its hosting service. Therefore, open-sourcing its technology made sense, because the company will benefit from the community-driven development model, it says.

      Rackspace and NASA aren't going it alone. The project has support from Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Dell, Citrix and dozens of smaller companies that develop cloud computing management, monitoring and other tools.

      SAP also announced for building private clouds on Tuesday, the tool will develop on its own as well as partnerships with the likes of IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware.

      Meanwhile, OpenStack backers are already looking toward the next iteration, code-named "Bexar" which is set for release in January.

      Let we see can cloud computing program to change our habits today.

      Download Free Opera 11 Alpha

      If You ask when will opera 11 be released? Check now on Opere press release. It has feature Upload and Share Extensions for Opera 11. Opera 11 alpha 1, the next version of the company's award-winning desktop web browser. Opera 11 is the first opera browser to include extensions, browser add-ons made using Opera application programming interfaces (APIs) and web standards like HTML5 and JavaScript, Opera also adds a new level of customization.

      Opera extensions allow users to make their web browsers their own by adding features and functionality directly into the browser itself, rather than as standalone opera widgets or opera unite applications.

      Opera also allows developers to build extensions with the same web standards they already use to build websites and web applications. You can tweak your authored extensions for other browserss to share with more than 50 million opera desktop users.

      Jon Von Tetzchner, Co-founder opera as quoted from opera press release said "Opera has always been customizable, but now you can personalize your browser in a new way through opera extensions".

      All of Opera 11 users, will be able to personalize their browser in myriad ways, which opens up so many possibilities for making a more personal experience on the web.

      How to make an extension for Opera browser
      There are three ways to make an extension for Opera browser :
      1. Visit Opera Extensions for your guideline and a complete tutorials
      2. Code your extension using common web standards, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
      3. Upload to Opera add ons.
      Opera will checks all extensions from developers to ensure the catalog of extensions is free from defects and malicious software.

      Today opera also launched an open developer API for the Opera Link browser synchronization service. Opera developers can integrate Opera Link data with other services online and built application with libraries made available for java and python. Go to Opera Applications

      How to download opera 11
      Download Opera 11 for free from Opera. Opera also release Press kit for internet users. You can download opera press kit from press kit.

      Do you want to compare Opera 11 Alpha version with other browsers ? Go to Top Ten web browsers and compare your self to get best web browser according to You.

      The Amazing Of Starbuck Digital Network

      Social Networking Guide talking about Starbucks Digital Network. Go to starbucks coffee company now and use the free wi-fi at more than 6.800 US company-operated stores will be greeted with the Sturbucks Digital Network (SDN). The Starbucks Digital Network is an exclusive starbucks application content network curated by the company and designed to enhance the customer's in-store experience.

      Quoted from that "Starbucks's Vice President of Digital Ventures Adam Brotman sat down with Mashable in advance of the October 20 launch day for a complete tour. Adam Brotman also sad that "The Vision" is for Starbucks digital network to be a digital version of the community cork board that's in all of our stores".

      Starbuck has manufactured a rich experience around each of its six channels : News, Entertainment, Wellness, Business and Careers, My Neighborhood and the customer-personalized Starbucks channels. Below are comprehensive breakdown of each channel.

      News : This section of SDN is comprised of Starbucks media partners offering premium or exclusive content to customers.

      Entertainment : Starbuck has populated the entertainment portion of its network with music, apps, and books from Apple's iTunes, full access to a selection of books picked by starbucks and provided by the Bookish Reading Club, business e-books courtesy of New Word City, a kid-rich experience powered by Nick Jr. Boost and handpicked documentary films provided by SnaqFilms.

      Wellness : Healt and fitness publisher Rodale is the primary content provider for this Starbucks Digital Channel. Starbucks's customer have access to specialized content, from Men's Health, Woman's Health, Runner's World, Bicycling, Prevention, Organic Gardening and Eat This, not that!, along with a custom built "map my Ride, Map my Run" application.

      Business and Careers
      Business and Careers : Professional social networking siteLinkedln is making exclusive video and blog content available wi-fi users in this channel, your guide to social networking online come true.

      My Neighborhood
      My Neighborhood : Starbucks is adamant about creating a localized experience to connect customers with the community around the store. Community fare includes local news from patch, and a look at nearby classroom projects that could benefit from small contributions.

      Foursquare users can check in via the web from Starbucks stores, and Zagat makes available full ratings for restaurants in the surrounding area for free.

      Starbucks Channel
      Starbucks : Starbucks channel provides a personalized customer experience for starbucks aacountic and management, and also amasses all of starbucks social from Twitter, Facebook, and other digital properties.

      A Premium Mobile Experience :
      Starbucks Digital Network certainly packs in a variety of content that makes for interesting material to explore on a laptop, but the network was also designed with the mobile user in mind.

      Starbucks Digital Network also touchscreen-friendly, offering a hands-on, swipe-able experience. Content was also designed to be "snackable". so the mobile user can get value even while waiting in line, says Brotman.

      Article Source :

      Android Gingerbread Details or Android 3.0

      After successful with android 2.2 or android froyo google will release Android 3.0 gingerbread or Android gingerbread. this diary information quoted from Below are detail information of android gingerbread release features and skins according to

      The biggest change of android OS are about graphic overhaul. The acquisition of ex-Palm user interface expert Matias Duarte-the guy that designed the pretty webOS-implied that google would be looking to pretty android up against criticism that it was noticeably "uglier" than the competitor OS.

      Regardless of what we think, google's set out to change the interface of Android Gingerbread and they are started quite subtly. Most of the standard icons have gotten redesigned for a simpler and cleaner look. The Android debugging econ, for instance, now takes on a more 8-bit feel and does not stand out like a sore thumb as it used to. It sounds minuscule when you think about it. But you will really nobice it after using gingerbread for a while and notice that everything's just easier on your eyes. This change makes for a more uniform android.

      At first glance, the graphical changes will be especially noticeable on the notification bar. They are gone from the milky/ ogg-white look of the android of current to a warm, slate grey (reminiscent of the taskbar on devices with samsung's TouchWiz UI) everything looks pretty familiar upon pulling the notification bar down, but the carrier branding is displayed a lot more prominently compared to before.

      Beyond that, it's pretty apparent that google's embracing "green" as the color of choice for acdroid. Looking at the homescreen, things are fundamentally the same as android now. The application drawer button remains the same, but the browser and dialer buttons go from a quiet gray to a standout time. There isn't much else to talk about here.

      One of google's goals this time around is to work on the look and feel or individual google apps to make them seem like more of an extension of the operating system than just a tacked on accessory. The YouTube app is among the few to get this treatment. YouTube will also add the ability to control teh fairly new "lean back" version of their site that launches the video-driven social network on a full-screen continuous play mode. An ideal use-care sees the user controlling lean back on the newly launched google TV right from their phones.

      Graphical changes continue where google's add the "bouncy" effect that you see on iOS devices and on TouchWiz 3.0 devices when traversing lists. When you reach the top or bottom af a list via kinetic scrolling, it'll bounce off of the edge and initiate an orange glow at that edge. Other subtle visual changes include a style change in radio buttons and checkmarks. They're bigger, cleaner, greener, and more beautiful. Gingerbread will eventually end up with a user interface that's more like sense than anything.

      Perhaps the biggest addition, that android gingerbread has been support for video chat using the same protocols that powers video chat on the desktop version of Google Talk. There may very well be more, but for now we can't confirm that.

      Courtesy :

      Exporting PDF Files With New Adobe Acrobat X

      How To Exporting PDF Files launched the Adobe Acrobat X family and pre-announcement of a pair of upcoming online services, on Monday. Adobe also announced that adobe acrobat x standard and adobe acrobat x pro both are with free software version.

      As baweh online diary blog quote from that Acrobat X Standard will cost $299, or $129 for upgrade, while the adobe acrobat x pro version will cost $449, and $199 for upgrade. The new acrobat X and reader X software will ship within 30 days.

      Both version of the new acrobat X include a new interface, which ditches an office-like interface for a minimalist top-line menu with only a few basic functions and a double toolbar. In addition, a large "create" button automatically generates the best PDF for your uses. Mendelson noted that acrobat x does a "startingly good job" of exporting PDFs into a word or an excel document, but with an average internal OCR tool. The software can also send out and "collect" the responses from a fill-in form that you sent to your contacts, collating the responses into a spreadsheet.

      New adobe acrobat x version compatible for android OS, windows phone 7, and The BlackBerry Playbook Operating System. Adobe also added a new "sandbox" mode for security purpose, isolating the content within a virtual machine to minimize risks to the system if a previously-unknown vulnerability wa exploited. Adobe also said two new online services would be available when acrobat x ships: adobe SendNow, a way of transferring large files with receipt capabilities, sidestepping the load on an organization's email servers; and CreatePDF, a document conversion tool to easily create PDF files.

      Security Issues With Facebook

      facebook security breach heating again in the internet. facebook security risk is breaching users IDs as baweh online diary blog quote from world street journal said all 10 of the top facebook apps transmitted users' IDs. If you are users of one of facebook applications, you must careful your self about your facebook privacy right now. Below are top ten facebook applications transmitted users IDs.
      1. FarmVille
      2. FarmVille is a virtual farm game made by zynga
        FarmVille Application Usera : 59.4 Millions

      3. Phrases
      4. Phrases is a facebook's application that shows random phrases and quotations
        Phrases Application users : 43.4 Millions

      5. Texas HoldEm
      6. Texas HoldEm is an online poker game made by Zynga
        Texas HoldEm Application users : 36.3 Millions

      7. FrontierVille
      8. FrontierVille is a virtual frontier game made by zynga
        FrontierVille Application users : 30.6 Millions

      9. Causes
      10. Causes is an advocacy tool for nonprofits and other causes
        Causes application users : 26.7 Millions

      11. Cafe World
      12. CafeWorld is a virtual cafe made by zynga
        CafeWorld application users : 21.9 Millions

      13. MafiaWars
      14. MafiaWars is a role-playing mafia game made by zynga
        MafiaWars application users : 21.9

      15. Quiz Planet
      16. QuizPlanet is tool for facebook users to make own quiz tool
        QuizPlanet Application users : 16.5 Millions

      17. Treasure Isle
      18. TreasureIsle is a treasure hunt game made by zynga
        TreasureIsle application users : 15.3 Millions

      19. IHeart
      20. IHeart is a tool for sending hearts to friends
        IHeart application users : 14.0 Millions
      Do you user of facebook applications above ? If you are users of one or all facebook applications above. your facebook security risk now and you must search facebook security tips for your ID's safely. That what baweh online diary blog can share for your guide to social networking online

      Original post: Data and article is taken from World Street Journal (WSJ). complete article facebook security breach from WSJ click : HERE

      10 Reasen You Must Have A Windows Phone 7 Handset

      Windows Phone 7 OS
      Microsoft's huge commitment to mobile gaming has certainly made this veteran gamer very excited, it's not just about adding a few more point onto my fledgling gamerscore. Promise.

      But if you are still pondering whether to ditch your iPhone and shove your Android in the drawer, here are some good reasons to sign up with microsoft's new OS, according to Pocket Gamer

      1. Microsoft Knows Gaming
      2. The current heads of the mobile round table are definitely not gamers. Google, Apple, Nokia? They probably think BioShock is a medical condition.
        But now microsoft's stepped up to the plate. Here's a company that knows its gaming. The Xbox 360 is a monumentally successful cub of sparkly circuit boards, with a 23 million member-strong online service to boot.

        We have never seen a gaming powerhouse enter the mobile space there's never been a playstation handset or a Nintendo phone. Now there's a microsoft blower-straight out of the company's bold 360 era.

      3. Top Franchises
      4. The advantage of being a top tier publisher is the number of well known and much loved series you carry with you. The publisher has the power to bring out games gased on the worlds and characters of gears of war, forza, project gotham racing and many more.

      5. Achievement Unlocked
      6. Admit it, you are an achievement whore, whether it's shiny playstation trophies, Game Center Unlocks, OpenFeint awards, world of warcraft medallions or Xbox live achievements, most gamers can not move without being awarded worhless but awesome points for meaningless tasks.

        Windows phone 7 does not to make a whole new system of shiny unlocks; it just lobs them in with your Xbox 360 accomplishments.

      7. Separate The Wheat From The Chaff
      8. Finding new Applications on iPhone or Android sucks. The labyrinthiform app stores are murky, confusing messes of genuinely briliant gems amid a turgid ocean of utter garbage.

        Microsoft's going to do the legwork for you. Games are naturally split, like on the Xbox 360, between a carefully curated selection of professionally produced and published games and the bedroom coded indie classics.

      9. Microsoft Has Set The Rules To Avoid Fragmentation
      10. Microsoft has a strict set of rules, and it's sticking to them. Any manufacturer that wants to build a windows phone 7 devide must hit a list of deliverables before Microsoft gives it the seal of approval.

        You have got to have a certain number of buttons, a certain amount of growl in the processo department, and meet a list of sensors and gadgets. That means, that you know where you stand when you go to download a new game.

      11. All Play And No Work Makes Jack a Homeless Boy
      12. Microsoft knows more than just gaming, and its expertise as a maker of spreadsheet, word document, and other stuffy business software has not unnoticed. The phone comes loaded with a suite of office apps, including word, power point, and excel. WP7 could be the perfect home.

      13. Media Mogul
      14. The devide's zune integration is not to be sniffed at. thanks to the strengths of the zune marketplace and music subscription package zune pass, you have got all the wonders of iTunes and spottily pre-loaded on the device and integrated straight into the OS.

        You can also rent movies, watch a bit on your ride home, and then catch the thrilling conclusion on the big screen with your Xbox 360. And lesten to this, Apple: you can stream your PC's music right to your device, so if you are in a wi-fi spot you've got your entire library of tunes at your fingertips.

      15. Xbox Indie Games On Your Mobile
      16. With windows phone 7 running XNA, It takes just a few lines of code to get an Xbox Live Indie game out to an audience of mobile gamers

      17. Try Before You Buy
      18. The trial mentality is built into every app you download, so you never need to grab a dud again. it's part of the core Microsoft Silverlight tools, giving app developers a super easy way to decide how much of the game to give away for free, and how much to lock away for paying customers.

      19. I Turn My Camera On
      20. Remember that steadfast and strict list of rules that govern windows phone 7 makers? One quirky addition is that all devices must have a dedicated camera button, for getting into paparazzi mode quickly, and having that satisfying "click" when you make your shot.
      Those are top ten reason why you choose windows phone 7 handset as your smartphones. See original post HERE

      The New York Times Releases Application for iPad and Android

      The New York Times Apps

      The new york times as world newspaper has release application for iPad. So it's easy for iPad users to know update information and news in real time.

      Experience the enhanced NYTimes app for iPad now with varieties with all of the sections, articles, videos, and photos or images you expect from the new york times.

      What users get from NYTimes app for iPad ? User can access over 25 Times section plus a selection of blogs, Includes beautifully designed new sections for photos and videos, Share articles, photos, and videos through facebook social networking site and twitter micro blogging site and email. Get Breaking news alerts to help users stay informed and know even when the app is closed, Enjoy improved design and navigation that allows you to go back and forth between sections and articles seamlessly.

      NYTimes for iPad app availabe on iPad app store

      Not only for iPad, NYTimes also release The New York Times app for Android Phones. NYTimes for android designed to utilize the features and navigation of android smarphone. Download NYTimes application for android and syncs the latest news directly on your Google android phones. NYTimes app for Android compatible with Android smartphones with Android operating system version 1.6x or higher.

      To download android app go to while on your android phone. See more useful NYTimes apps HERE

      How To Blogging From iGoogle and Gmail

      Best Pleasure Blog for you

      To gain blog services google launch blogging from iGoogle and Gmail. So how to use iGoogle and Gmail Email for our blogging.

      The Blogger posting gadget makes blogger users easy to post to their blog from Gmail or iGoogle Homepage. How to add the Blogger Posting Gadget to your iGoogle page, it's simply just click HERE.

      Then click link "Add to Google" button. make sure that you are signed in with same google account that you use for blogger. Once you have added the Blogger Posting Gadget you will see the gadget on your iGoogle page.

      To add the blogger posting gadget in Gmail, you will first have to enable the Add Gadget by URL lab feature from your setting. Once you have enable this labs feature, then you can add the posting gadget by simpling entering it's URL into the Gadget tab in your Settings. Here'S the URL:

      In the top right corner of the gadget you'll see the title of your blog. If you have more than one blog, there will be a drop-down menu in the corner so you can select the blog you would like to post to. You can then enter a title and write a post. You also have the option to add labels to your post as well. Once you have finished writing your post, click "publish" to publish your post or click "save draft" to save your post back to blogger without publishing.

      The Blogger Gadget supports editing the HTML of title and body. If you start writing a post and decide you want to upload images or use other rich text features, just click "save draft". The gadget will save your post, then give you a link to directly edit the post in blogger. The gadget works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari 3, Internet Explorer and on the iPhone.

      That's what baweh online diary blog publish about how to blogging from iGoogle and Gmail. See original publishing HERE

      How To Use Facebook Places

      What is Facebook places?
      Facebook social networking guideline will share how to use facebook places. Facebook places is a new facebook's application that enables facebook users alert their friends of their location.

      How to use facebook places ?
      If you want to announce to your friends about your location in realtime you can use facebook places application with this application you have option to share your location by "checking in" to that place and letting friends know where are you.

      To use facebook places you need facebook application for iPhone or browsers that support HTML5 and geolocation to access Go to places you want with iPhone application or site, then tap the "check in" button. You'll see a list of places near you. Choose the place that matches where you are now. If it's not on the list, search for it or add it. after checking in, your check in will create a story in your friend's news feeds and show up in the recent activity section on the page for that place.

      In the "people Here Now" section, you can see others who are checked in with you at that place. If you don't like, you can control whether you show up by unchecking the "include me in people here now" after I check in privacy control.

      With Facebook Places, the privacy control is in your hand. You can choose whether or not to share your location when you check in at a place. You have the choice to set more restrictive customized settings.

      If you don't want to use facebook places how to disable facebook places ?
      To disable facebook places it's easy like removing yourself from a photo tag. You can always remove any places check in or tag using your mobile device or on the web. You also have the choice to turn off the ability for friends to check you in at places, Go to your privacy settings and turn off the setting to "Let Friends Check Me In".

      You may want to share your check-in information with third-party applications that build interesting experiences around location, such as travel planning. Application you use must receive your permission before getting this information. Your friends will be able to share your check-ins with the applications they use to help create new social experiences, With location. If you don't want to share your check-ins with your friends, just uncheck the new box in your privacy settings under "Applications and Websites".

      Those are what baweh online diary blog sharing about facebook places application and how to use and how to disable it. I how you enjoy to read my blog. You can check last feature of facebook places from facebook official site here

      Top Ten Web Browsers

      When we buy a license of windows operating system, we get the internet explorer web browser as the main default web browser to our operating system. Over time after the appearance of firefox web browser as a web browser that is free to use and walk to the operating system of windows, then the popularity of internet explorer also decreased. Especially the google search engine which makes its own web browser, google chrome.

      Actually, there are many free internet web browsers in the internet, but on this occasion baweh online diary blog will review web browsers list or top ten web web browsers, quoted from PC Media Magazine 11/11/2010 edition.
      1. Mozilla Firefox
      2. Mozilla firefox is most used free web browser, couse of the speed and reliability in term of security. Currently firefox web browser can be used as the main web browser on windows operating system. Firefox 3.6 as last farefox edition come with key features like : private browsing, tear of tabs, development of bars and performance development,which integrated with anti-phishing technology and anti-malware on firefox 3.6 edition. firefox has more than 6000 firefox add ons for users to have new experience browsing.
        Firefox 3.6 is built from the mozilla gecko 1.9.2, the web rendering platform developed since 2009. Mozzilla Firefox browser has a lot of changes for developers, the add on developers and users though. It's also optimized for small device such as Maemo. You can download firefox from firefox official page .

      3. Google Chrome
      4. Below is google chrome reviews that Google tried to change the name of microsoft in the world. This can be seen with it's operating system, Android OS, not to forget in a web browsers, Google chrome web browser launches. With Chrome web browser, you can browse The Internet faster, safer and easier. To find a site or the information, simply typing a keyword into the address bar, quickly will show web page results related to the keywords you type, top sites you usually visit and acccess will be displayed as thumbnails. If you want quick access, just clik on the thumbnails and will open in new tabs. chrome come with some key fitures such web search result pages, web history, address bar, and completition suggestions as you type. Chrome will warn when you visit a suspected phoshing sites, malware, or sites that are not considered safe by chrome. To make a bookmarks is easy, just click the star on the right side of address bar. Go to google chrome homepage and download site if you want to use google chrome as your browser. Download google chrome os here.

      5. Internet Explorer (IE)
      6. Who's not familiar with microsoft internet explorer web browser? all users of windows operating system is certainly familiar with the windowsInternet Explorer 8 (IE8), because it's has been integrated since you installed windows OS itself and would became the main browser, then you don't need to install internet explorer 8. if you don't change it with other free web browsers. Below is internet explorer 8 reviews .
        Latest version of Internet Explorer is IE 8, though internet explorer 9 beta version already for testing. It would be nice to use internet explorer 8 that has been stable. It's very convenient to use, very user friendly. Internet explorer 8 also more faster, easier, more personal and secure than IE previous versions. Another feature is accelerator, where you can find driving direction, word translation, sharing experiences with friends. Download internet explorer 8 free download from its official website.

      7. Opera
      8. Below opera web browser reviews. Opera internet browser is very popular with many features in it. currently, the latest version of opera browser has reached version 10.70 beta, but we recommend to use the opera 10.60 version, that has been stable. Opera comes with many new key features like a fresh look, speed and performance increases. Some new features that you can encounter in Opera 10.60, Speed dial, it's used to access your favorite websites that you visit frequently.
        You can use the BitTorrent without installing a separate application, just simply klick on the torrent link you want to download. Improve rich text editing which is currently used by applications, thumbnail previews to find tabs where you want to open, how to move the mouse cursor? just bring up thumbnail previes.
        Opera also offers several features including the transfer manager, integrated search and features pop-up blocking. Go to official website to download opera browser.

      9. Safari
      10. Safari web browser is actually destined for apple macintosh operating system. but the developer also provides versions for windows OS. Reliability safari web browser is beauty interface, intelligence, and of couse speed. Safari can be used on iPhone, iPhod touch, Mac and PC. You can see previes of your favorite websites without touching any buttons, safari will automatically detect your internet surfing and create own ranking, than display it on one page that capable to displaying up to 24 thumbnails website.
        You can also customize the display by moving the site that you think is most important, so that when open-top sites, you'll always know where your favorite sites. Safari web browser is the first browser that support HTML5, besides bing search engine and ofcourse google and yahoo search engines. Not to forget extensions to the standard features of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. All of which can be used for web applications.

      11. Maxthon
      12. Maxthon tabbed browser is a web browser that was created for all users. Other than the basic ability to browse, maxthon also has a variety of features to enhance your browsing experience. Maxthon main features among changing, adding moving, and remove toolbars, icons, menus, color, skins, and even the existing layout in maxthon, until you consider the web interface according to your style.
        If you don't like the menu, use the hot keys, doesn't like hot keys, use the word alias. not like the word alias, use the toolbar. Doesn't like the toolbar, use the mouse gesture. All up to you. You also can choose more than 1.400 plug-ins to make maxthon a browser that can do everything you want. Still less? maxthon also provide free features that are usually sold separately, such as remote conferencing, screen capture, alectronic passports, and automatic password. Everything is integrated in the package maxthon web browser.

      13. Flock
      14. Flock web browser built using the same technology as firefox 3 technology. in addition to features possessed by his own. It's also has a technology that can also be found on firefox 3.
        Key features of Flock are People sidebar that allows you to gather your friends from social networking applications including Bebo, My world view to see feeds, friend updates, favorites and photo/video updates. The media bar is useful to discover and find photos or videos on your favorite sites. Favorite feature allows you to determine your favorite sites in just one click.
        Flock also has themes that you can custom, and of course the extensions for the flock itself, or you can also install extentions of firefox, because it has compatibility with Flock.

      15. Netscape Navigator (NN)
      16. Netscape navigator web browser developed by netscape communications, a division of AOL. NN web browser have some features that are released for firefox like site mail notifier and friends activity sidebars, diag tracker and netscape netscape is the default theme from netscape 9.
        Another features are the URL netscape self-correction, FTP listing a better interface, Link Pad, and a dedicated news. Netscape also supports multi-platform, which can be used for windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS X.

      17. CometBird
      18. CometBird web browser is completely free application. it has security, speed and range of features that make CometBird different from others. For the latest version, it has advantages in performance and privacy protection. The advantages of this browser is auto-bookmarks synchronizer that can make you use the bookmarks collection whenever and wherever you want. Various customizations are also things you can do on CometBird, so that will make it your own. Security and privacy protection is good enough to make environment browsing the net from the pop-ups or other. Password manager and the smart address bar help you save the time to access the webpage.
        Some of the features possessed by CometBird include Online Bookmarks, online video downloads, word translator and notepads. In addition, the performance become a major in this browser, it will use a new tab when open a different page to save memory and disk space. Security also remains on of the advantages of this browser, which the antivirus software, pop-ups blocker, one-click clearing private date, and integrated anti-malware already.

      19. Avant Browser (AB)
      20. Avant browser is claimed to be faster, more user friendly than Opera, Firefox and IE, This browser developed with AJAX technology, thus minimizing the incidence frezzing or crash. Some features that are offered by Avant browser include pop-up stopper, Flash ads filter, autoFills, Online profile storage, RSS Reader, Safe Recovery, Integrated Cleaner, and Others.
        Online profile storage used to input user's bookmarks, RSS Feeds, configurations or web passwords, etc. With Avant Online Storage users can access their personal data anywhere. AutoFills used to memorize web passwords, and filling for the user, just one click, Build-in AD/Pop-Up Blocker is used to eliminate AD Banners and Pop-Ups that are not desirable, with just one click.
        Safe Recovery feature will work when covered with avant browser is not perfect. All web pages that opened earlier will be automatically saved, and will open automatically when you open the avant web browser.
      Above are top ten web browsers from PC Media Magazine on 11-11-2010 edition. I hope you enjoy to choose one of them for your best web browsers

      Islamic Search Engines

      Best Blog Destination

      Islamic search engines heats up to battle with the major search engines. The relatively new muslim web search engines are and

      " seeks to offer muslim users for culturally and religiously sensitive search and browsing experience" said the chier operating officer of teh search engine, which is currently based in the U.S and Australia, but is eyeing Dubai or Indonesia as possible locations for it's headquarters. is smaller than but it may be connected with google. search engine offers its users a list of words that are halal (religiously permitted) or haram (religiously forbidden).

      ImHalal search engine and taqwa search engine are alternatively for muslim people to use for knowing more about islamic knowledge.

      New Facebook Features for The Social Networking Site

      New Twitter Multimedia Showcase

      The Social Networking Guideline talking about facebook and features to know new features of facebook features according from mark zuckerberg announce on a live press conference in Palo Alto, California.

      The first new facebook app features, called download your information, this feature allow facebook users to download everything in their profile information into a zip file, including all of the photos they have posted and been tagged in.

      The Second feature is a dashboard for apps where facebook members can control all of the application they use, including games like farmville game and mafia wars game. The page will serve as a one stop shop to control privacy setting and/or delete any apps that they are using on facebook network site.

      The third feature is a new groups tool, designed to give users more privacy. The groups tool allows users to choose which friends they communicate with, without posting it publicity to everyone in their network. it's called "a social solution".

      The facebook groups default setting is closed it's mean no one can add you to a group unless you give them permission to know your facebook groups.

      Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta for Mobile Available For Android Mobile and Maemo

      Internet Explorer 9 Beta

      Mozilla firefox launch mozilla 4 beta for mobile that available for android and maemo, mozilla for mobile build on the same technology platform as firefox for the desktop and optimized for browsing on a mobile phone. Firefox 4 beta for mobile comes with many of favorite firefox desktop features like firefox sync, add-ons and the awesome bar.

      The two big improvement of mozilla firefox 4 beta are electrolysiss and layer. Electrolysis allowed the browser interface to run in a separate process from the one rendering web content, resulting in a much more responsive browser. This beta brings the layers pieces which improve overall performance and in graphics areas such as scrolling, zooming and animations.

      With firefox sync, you can take your browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, passwords and form-fill data with you anywhere so you never have to retype passwords or long urls again, and it's encrypted end-to-end between your computer so only you have access to it.

      Mozilla Firefox 4 beta deliver rich features such pinch-to-zoom, multitouch-capable devices support, and the awesome scree, which instantly gives you access to your recent history, bookmarks, and tabs just by tapping in the awesome bar.

      Mozilla Firefox 4 beta for mobile is significant step forward in sharing a personalized, seamless and encrypted web experience across devices. Developers have the power to use the latest web technologies like HTML 5, CSS and Javascript to build fast, powerful and beautiful mobile apps and add-ons that can reach millions of devices.

      for more details see mozilla's blog How to download mozilla firefox 4 beta ? You can download from mozilla mobile