New Facebook Features for The Social Networking Site

New Twitter Multimedia Showcase

The Social Networking Guideline talking about facebook and features to know new features of facebook features according from mark zuckerberg announce on a live press conference in Palo Alto, California.

The first new facebook app features, called download your information, this feature allow facebook users to download everything in their profile information into a zip file, including all of the photos they have posted and been tagged in.

The Second feature is a dashboard for apps where facebook members can control all of the application they use, including games like farmville game and mafia wars game. The page will serve as a one stop shop to control privacy setting and/or delete any apps that they are using on facebook network site.

The third feature is a new groups tool, designed to give users more privacy. The groups tool allows users to choose which friends they communicate with, without posting it publicity to everyone in their network. it's called "a social solution".

The facebook groups default setting is closed it's mean no one can add you to a group unless you give them permission to know your facebook groups.