10 Reasen You Must Have A Windows Phone 7 Handset

Windows Phone 7 OS
Microsoft's huge commitment to mobile gaming has certainly made this veteran gamer very excited, it's not just about adding a few more point onto my fledgling gamerscore. Promise.

But if you are still pondering whether to ditch your iPhone and shove your Android in the drawer, here are some good reasons to sign up with microsoft's new OS, according to Pocket Gamer

  1. Microsoft Knows Gaming
  2. The current heads of the mobile round table are definitely not gamers. Google, Apple, Nokia? They probably think BioShock is a medical condition.
    But now microsoft's stepped up to the plate. Here's a company that knows its gaming. The Xbox 360 is a monumentally successful cub of sparkly circuit boards, with a 23 million member-strong online service to boot.

    We have never seen a gaming powerhouse enter the mobile space there's never been a playstation handset or a Nintendo phone. Now there's a microsoft blower-straight out of the company's bold 360 era.

  3. Top Franchises
  4. The advantage of being a top tier publisher is the number of well known and much loved series you carry with you. The publisher has the power to bring out games gased on the worlds and characters of gears of war, forza, project gotham racing and many more.

  5. Achievement Unlocked
  6. Admit it, you are an achievement whore, whether it's shiny playstation trophies, Game Center Unlocks, OpenFeint awards, world of warcraft medallions or Xbox live achievements, most gamers can not move without being awarded worhless but awesome points for meaningless tasks.

    Windows phone 7 does not to make a whole new system of shiny unlocks; it just lobs them in with your Xbox 360 accomplishments.

  7. Separate The Wheat From The Chaff
  8. Finding new Applications on iPhone or Android sucks. The labyrinthiform app stores are murky, confusing messes of genuinely briliant gems amid a turgid ocean of utter garbage.

    Microsoft's going to do the legwork for you. Games are naturally split, like on the Xbox 360, between a carefully curated selection of professionally produced and published games and the bedroom coded indie classics.

  9. Microsoft Has Set The Rules To Avoid Fragmentation
  10. Microsoft has a strict set of rules, and it's sticking to them. Any manufacturer that wants to build a windows phone 7 devide must hit a list of deliverables before Microsoft gives it the seal of approval.

    You have got to have a certain number of buttons, a certain amount of growl in the processo department, and meet a list of sensors and gadgets. That means, that you know where you stand when you go to download a new game.

  11. All Play And No Work Makes Jack a Homeless Boy
  12. Microsoft knows more than just gaming, and its expertise as a maker of spreadsheet, word document, and other stuffy business software has not unnoticed. The phone comes loaded with a suite of office apps, including word, power point, and excel. WP7 could be the perfect home.

  13. Media Mogul
  14. The devide's zune integration is not to be sniffed at. thanks to the strengths of the zune marketplace and music subscription package zune pass, you have got all the wonders of iTunes and spottily pre-loaded on the device and integrated straight into the OS.

    You can also rent movies, watch a bit on your ride home, and then catch the thrilling conclusion on the big screen with your Xbox 360. And lesten to this, Apple: you can stream your PC's music right to your device, so if you are in a wi-fi spot you've got your entire library of tunes at your fingertips.

  15. Xbox Indie Games On Your Mobile
  16. With windows phone 7 running XNA, It takes just a few lines of code to get an Xbox Live Indie game out to an audience of mobile gamers

  17. Try Before You Buy
  18. The trial mentality is built into every app you download, so you never need to grab a dud again. it's part of the core Microsoft Silverlight tools, giving app developers a super easy way to decide how much of the game to give away for free, and how much to lock away for paying customers.

  19. I Turn My Camera On
  20. Remember that steadfast and strict list of rules that govern windows phone 7 makers? One quirky addition is that all devices must have a dedicated camera button, for getting into paparazzi mode quickly, and having that satisfying "click" when you make your shot.
Those are top ten reason why you choose windows phone 7 handset as your smartphones. See original post HERE