How To Raise A Creative Genius

CNN Every parent want to have smart, clever, and genius children. Do you know how to raise a creative genius ? Below is ways to raise a creative genius :
  1. Sparking Curiosity.
  2. Exposure to creative pursuits early in life is key to help children get motivated to do creative things themselves" said Shelley Carson. "Parents should encourage their children to ask questions like "why" and "what if", rather than stifling those inquiries" Carson sain.
    When children explore the environment, if they're rewarded for that, than encourages that behavior and they're more likely to do that in the future.
    Jolisa said "I think that the best part of it all (reading) is, it can put you in another environment and tell you about something that you may not think of on your own. It can give you experiences that you may not be able to obtain your self".

  3. Setting Up Challenges.
  4. Once a child shows a love of learning, it's important to make sure that he or she gets intellectually stimulated in school.

  5. Being Open-Minded.
  6. Robyn McKay said "Parents should observe and cheer on their children, but should not be attached to outcomes", some kids will rebel and drop an activity if they believe their parents have too many expectations about it.
    Parents who have passionate interest children to be curious and interested about the childcare's interest and to do some research to find teachers and lessons and activities that support your child's talent.

  7. Making "Teaching Moments".
  8. You can making "teaching moment" by using everyday circumstances to talk about broader issues, playing football, talking about sports journalism, ask your children to separate the candies by colors, which helped them distinguish individual colors.
Those are 4 ways to raise a creative genius. If you are parent's of your children. Do you do one or all ways or do you have another ways to raise a creative genius ?