How To Use Facebook Places

What is Facebook places?
Facebook social networking guideline will share how to use facebook places. Facebook places is a new facebook's application that enables facebook users alert their friends of their location.

How to use facebook places ?
If you want to announce to your friends about your location in realtime you can use facebook places application with this application you have option to share your location by "checking in" to that place and letting friends know where are you.

To use facebook places you need facebook application for iPhone or browsers that support HTML5 and geolocation to access Go to places you want with iPhone application or site, then tap the "check in" button. You'll see a list of places near you. Choose the place that matches where you are now. If it's not on the list, search for it or add it. after checking in, your check in will create a story in your friend's news feeds and show up in the recent activity section on the page for that place.

In the "people Here Now" section, you can see others who are checked in with you at that place. If you don't like, you can control whether you show up by unchecking the "include me in people here now" after I check in privacy control.

With Facebook Places, the privacy control is in your hand. You can choose whether or not to share your location when you check in at a place. You have the choice to set more restrictive customized settings.

If you don't want to use facebook places how to disable facebook places ?
To disable facebook places it's easy like removing yourself from a photo tag. You can always remove any places check in or tag using your mobile device or on the web. You also have the choice to turn off the ability for friends to check you in at places, Go to your privacy settings and turn off the setting to "Let Friends Check Me In".

You may want to share your check-in information with third-party applications that build interesting experiences around location, such as travel planning. Application you use must receive your permission before getting this information. Your friends will be able to share your check-ins with the applications they use to help create new social experiences, With location. If you don't want to share your check-ins with your friends, just uncheck the new box in your privacy settings under "Applications and Websites".

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