Android Gingerbread Details or Android 3.0

After successful with android 2.2 or android froyo google will release Android 3.0 gingerbread or Android gingerbread. this diary information quoted from Below are detail information of android gingerbread release features and skins according to

The biggest change of android OS are about graphic overhaul. The acquisition of ex-Palm user interface expert Matias Duarte-the guy that designed the pretty webOS-implied that google would be looking to pretty android up against criticism that it was noticeably "uglier" than the competitor OS.

Regardless of what we think, google's set out to change the interface of Android Gingerbread and they are started quite subtly. Most of the standard icons have gotten redesigned for a simpler and cleaner look. The Android debugging econ, for instance, now takes on a more 8-bit feel and does not stand out like a sore thumb as it used to. It sounds minuscule when you think about it. But you will really nobice it after using gingerbread for a while and notice that everything's just easier on your eyes. This change makes for a more uniform android.

At first glance, the graphical changes will be especially noticeable on the notification bar. They are gone from the milky/ ogg-white look of the android of current to a warm, slate grey (reminiscent of the taskbar on devices with samsung's TouchWiz UI) everything looks pretty familiar upon pulling the notification bar down, but the carrier branding is displayed a lot more prominently compared to before.

Beyond that, it's pretty apparent that google's embracing "green" as the color of choice for acdroid. Looking at the homescreen, things are fundamentally the same as android now. The application drawer button remains the same, but the browser and dialer buttons go from a quiet gray to a standout time. There isn't much else to talk about here.

One of google's goals this time around is to work on the look and feel or individual google apps to make them seem like more of an extension of the operating system than just a tacked on accessory. The YouTube app is among the few to get this treatment. YouTube will also add the ability to control teh fairly new "lean back" version of their site that launches the video-driven social network on a full-screen continuous play mode. An ideal use-care sees the user controlling lean back on the newly launched google TV right from their phones.

Graphical changes continue where google's add the "bouncy" effect that you see on iOS devices and on TouchWiz 3.0 devices when traversing lists. When you reach the top or bottom af a list via kinetic scrolling, it'll bounce off of the edge and initiate an orange glow at that edge. Other subtle visual changes include a style change in radio buttons and checkmarks. They're bigger, cleaner, greener, and more beautiful. Gingerbread will eventually end up with a user interface that's more like sense than anything.

Perhaps the biggest addition, that android gingerbread has been support for video chat using the same protocols that powers video chat on the desktop version of Google Talk. There may very well be more, but for now we can't confirm that.

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