Top Ten Web Browsers

When we buy a license of windows operating system, we get the internet explorer web browser as the main default web browser to our operating system. Over time after the appearance of firefox web browser as a web browser that is free to use and walk to the operating system of windows, then the popularity of internet explorer also decreased. Especially the google search engine which makes its own web browser, google chrome.

Actually, there are many free internet web browsers in the internet, but on this occasion baweh online diary blog will review web browsers list or top ten web web browsers, quoted from PC Media Magazine 11/11/2010 edition.
  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Mozilla firefox is most used free web browser, couse of the speed and reliability in term of security. Currently firefox web browser can be used as the main web browser on windows operating system. Firefox 3.6 as last farefox edition come with key features like : private browsing, tear of tabs, development of bars and performance development,which integrated with anti-phishing technology and anti-malware on firefox 3.6 edition. firefox has more than 6000 firefox add ons for users to have new experience browsing.
    Firefox 3.6 is built from the mozilla gecko 1.9.2, the web rendering platform developed since 2009. Mozzilla Firefox browser has a lot of changes for developers, the add on developers and users though. It's also optimized for small device such as Maemo. You can download firefox from firefox official page .

  3. Google Chrome
  4. Below is google chrome reviews that Google tried to change the name of microsoft in the world. This can be seen with it's operating system, Android OS, not to forget in a web browsers, Google chrome web browser launches. With Chrome web browser, you can browse The Internet faster, safer and easier. To find a site or the information, simply typing a keyword into the address bar, quickly will show web page results related to the keywords you type, top sites you usually visit and acccess will be displayed as thumbnails. If you want quick access, just clik on the thumbnails and will open in new tabs. chrome come with some key fitures such web search result pages, web history, address bar, and completition suggestions as you type. Chrome will warn when you visit a suspected phoshing sites, malware, or sites that are not considered safe by chrome. To make a bookmarks is easy, just click the star on the right side of address bar. Go to google chrome homepage and download site if you want to use google chrome as your browser. Download google chrome os here.

  5. Internet Explorer (IE)
  6. Who's not familiar with microsoft internet explorer web browser? all users of windows operating system is certainly familiar with the windowsInternet Explorer 8 (IE8), because it's has been integrated since you installed windows OS itself and would became the main browser, then you don't need to install internet explorer 8. if you don't change it with other free web browsers. Below is internet explorer 8 reviews .
    Latest version of Internet Explorer is IE 8, though internet explorer 9 beta version already for testing. It would be nice to use internet explorer 8 that has been stable. It's very convenient to use, very user friendly. Internet explorer 8 also more faster, easier, more personal and secure than IE previous versions. Another feature is accelerator, where you can find driving direction, word translation, sharing experiences with friends. Download internet explorer 8 free download from its official website.

  7. Opera
  8. Below opera web browser reviews. Opera internet browser is very popular with many features in it. currently, the latest version of opera browser has reached version 10.70 beta, but we recommend to use the opera 10.60 version, that has been stable. Opera comes with many new key features like a fresh look, speed and performance increases. Some new features that you can encounter in Opera 10.60, Speed dial, it's used to access your favorite websites that you visit frequently.
    You can use the BitTorrent without installing a separate application, just simply klick on the torrent link you want to download. Improve rich text editing which is currently used by applications, thumbnail previews to find tabs where you want to open, how to move the mouse cursor? just bring up thumbnail previes.
    Opera also offers several features including the transfer manager, integrated search and features pop-up blocking. Go to official website to download opera browser.

  9. Safari
  10. Safari web browser is actually destined for apple macintosh operating system. but the developer also provides versions for windows OS. Reliability safari web browser is beauty interface, intelligence, and of couse speed. Safari can be used on iPhone, iPhod touch, Mac and PC. You can see previes of your favorite websites without touching any buttons, safari will automatically detect your internet surfing and create own ranking, than display it on one page that capable to displaying up to 24 thumbnails website.
    You can also customize the display by moving the site that you think is most important, so that when open-top sites, you'll always know where your favorite sites. Safari web browser is the first browser that support HTML5, besides bing search engine and ofcourse google and yahoo search engines. Not to forget extensions to the standard features of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. All of which can be used for web applications.

  11. Maxthon
  12. Maxthon tabbed browser is a web browser that was created for all users. Other than the basic ability to browse, maxthon also has a variety of features to enhance your browsing experience. Maxthon main features among changing, adding moving, and remove toolbars, icons, menus, color, skins, and even the existing layout in maxthon, until you consider the web interface according to your style.
    If you don't like the menu, use the hot keys, doesn't like hot keys, use the word alias. not like the word alias, use the toolbar. Doesn't like the toolbar, use the mouse gesture. All up to you. You also can choose more than 1.400 plug-ins to make maxthon a browser that can do everything you want. Still less? maxthon also provide free features that are usually sold separately, such as remote conferencing, screen capture, alectronic passports, and automatic password. Everything is integrated in the package maxthon web browser.

  13. Flock
  14. Flock web browser built using the same technology as firefox 3 technology. in addition to features possessed by his own. It's also has a technology that can also be found on firefox 3.
    Key features of Flock are People sidebar that allows you to gather your friends from social networking applications including Bebo, My world view to see feeds, friend updates, favorites and photo/video updates. The media bar is useful to discover and find photos or videos on your favorite sites. Favorite feature allows you to determine your favorite sites in just one click.
    Flock also has themes that you can custom, and of course the extensions for the flock itself, or you can also install extentions of firefox, because it has compatibility with Flock.

  15. Netscape Navigator (NN)
  16. Netscape navigator web browser developed by netscape communications, a division of AOL. NN web browser have some features that are released for firefox like site mail notifier and friends activity sidebars, diag tracker and netscape netscape is the default theme from netscape 9.
    Another features are the URL netscape self-correction, FTP listing a better interface, Link Pad, and a dedicated news. Netscape also supports multi-platform, which can be used for windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS X.

  17. CometBird
  18. CometBird web browser is completely free application. it has security, speed and range of features that make CometBird different from others. For the latest version, it has advantages in performance and privacy protection. The advantages of this browser is auto-bookmarks synchronizer that can make you use the bookmarks collection whenever and wherever you want. Various customizations are also things you can do on CometBird, so that will make it your own. Security and privacy protection is good enough to make environment browsing the net from the pop-ups or other. Password manager and the smart address bar help you save the time to access the webpage.
    Some of the features possessed by CometBird include Online Bookmarks, online video downloads, word translator and notepads. In addition, the performance become a major in this browser, it will use a new tab when open a different page to save memory and disk space. Security also remains on of the advantages of this browser, which the antivirus software, pop-ups blocker, one-click clearing private date, and integrated anti-malware already.

  19. Avant Browser (AB)
  20. Avant browser is claimed to be faster, more user friendly than Opera, Firefox and IE, This browser developed with AJAX technology, thus minimizing the incidence frezzing or crash. Some features that are offered by Avant browser include pop-up stopper, Flash ads filter, autoFills, Online profile storage, RSS Reader, Safe Recovery, Integrated Cleaner, and Others.
    Online profile storage used to input user's bookmarks, RSS Feeds, configurations or web passwords, etc. With Avant Online Storage users can access their personal data anywhere. AutoFills used to memorize web passwords, and filling for the user, just one click, Build-in AD/Pop-Up Blocker is used to eliminate AD Banners and Pop-Ups that are not desirable, with just one click.
    Safe Recovery feature will work when covered with avant browser is not perfect. All web pages that opened earlier will be automatically saved, and will open automatically when you open the avant web browser.
Above are top ten web browsers from PC Media Magazine on 11-11-2010 edition. I hope you enjoy to choose one of them for your best web browsers