Free Cloud Computing Services Program

PC World announced, OpenStack, the open-source cloud management software project formed by hosting provider Rackspace, has met an initial development milestone, backers are expected to announce Thursday.

An updated OpenStack code named "Austin" and will be available on thustday. OpenStack has the code that powers Rackspace's cloud files and cloud servers technology, as well as software developed by NASA for its Nebula cloud platform.

An initial component based on files. The austin gives developers to deployment, fixes bugs, and adds new features, such as a statistics processor, and better access control.

A second component called OpenStack Compute is a provisioning engine built with code from cloud servers and Nebula.

OpenStack, Running under the Apache 2.0 license. Rackspace has said it has no interest in being in the software business, preferring to win clients based on the overall quality of its hosting service. Therefore, open-sourcing its technology made sense, because the company will benefit from the community-driven development model, it says.

Rackspace and NASA aren't going it alone. The project has support from Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Dell, Citrix and dozens of smaller companies that develop cloud computing management, monitoring and other tools.

SAP also announced for building private clouds on Tuesday, the tool will develop on its own as well as partnerships with the likes of IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware.

Meanwhile, OpenStack backers are already looking toward the next iteration, code-named "Bexar" which is set for release in January.

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