Download Free Norton 360 v5.0 Beta

Baweh online diary blog has review about Norton internet security 2011, Now baweh would to share about Norton 360.

Norton 360 (N360) is a premium computer protection package from Symantec. As quote from detikinet on 10/27/2010, Norton 360 v5.0 using antivirus protection like Norton Internet Security 2011 (NIS 2011).

Norton 360 v5.0 has Norton Insight 2.0. Insight is mentioned that we ability to to ward off new malicious programs more quickly. Norton Insight features using reputation-based technology. Any files, especially those at high-risk, reputation to the database will be checked norton to be determined whether hazardous or not. Norton 360 v5.o also has the ability download v5.0 Insight 2.0, which scans every file that you download with a similar reputation system.

Other capabilities N360 v5.0 including identity protection, automatic backup and PC tuneup. This is expected to help users in Indonesia is still relatively low safety awareness.

"A study carried out by the norton showed that 53% of adults in Indonesia are not using strong passwords and 69% did not perform backups on a regular basis", said David Hall, regional consumer product marketing manager, Asia Pacific, Symantec.

As a premium product, Norton 365 (N360) v5.0 more reach than Norton Internet Security 2011 (NIS2011) and Norton AntiVirus 2011 (NAV2011) we can get free norton 360 v5.0 beta for free download Norton 360 v5.0 beta click Norton 360 v5.0 beta

Source : Detikinet