Security Issues With Facebook

facebook security breach heating again in the internet. facebook security risk is breaching users IDs as baweh online diary blog quote from world street journal said all 10 of the top facebook apps transmitted users' IDs. If you are users of one of facebook applications, you must careful your self about your facebook privacy right now. Below are top ten facebook applications transmitted users IDs.
  1. FarmVille
  2. FarmVille is a virtual farm game made by zynga
    FarmVille Application Usera : 59.4 Millions

  3. Phrases
  4. Phrases is a facebook's application that shows random phrases and quotations
    Phrases Application users : 43.4 Millions

  5. Texas HoldEm
  6. Texas HoldEm is an online poker game made by Zynga
    Texas HoldEm Application users : 36.3 Millions

  7. FrontierVille
  8. FrontierVille is a virtual frontier game made by zynga
    FrontierVille Application users : 30.6 Millions

  9. Causes
  10. Causes is an advocacy tool for nonprofits and other causes
    Causes application users : 26.7 Millions

  11. Cafe World
  12. CafeWorld is a virtual cafe made by zynga
    CafeWorld application users : 21.9 Millions

  13. MafiaWars
  14. MafiaWars is a role-playing mafia game made by zynga
    MafiaWars application users : 21.9

  15. Quiz Planet
  16. QuizPlanet is tool for facebook users to make own quiz tool
    QuizPlanet Application users : 16.5 Millions

  17. Treasure Isle
  18. TreasureIsle is a treasure hunt game made by zynga
    TreasureIsle application users : 15.3 Millions

  19. IHeart
  20. IHeart is a tool for sending hearts to friends
    IHeart application users : 14.0 Millions
Do you user of facebook applications above ? If you are users of one or all facebook applications above. your facebook security risk now and you must search facebook security tips for your ID's safely. That what baweh online diary blog can share for your guide to social networking online

Original post: Data and article is taken from World Street Journal (WSJ). complete article facebook security breach from WSJ click : HERE