New Design of Yahoo Search Engine

Facebook Questions Application VS Yahoo Answers

Google has improve it's search result by adding google realtime and google instant for getting result. Yahoo also add menus on its search engine. Shashi seth, senior VP, yahoo search & Marketplace noted on the official yahoo search blog that this change is the first in the series of search enhancements. When you visit and search for entertainment or news-related topics, you'll get to see a box with vertical text tabs for different options (Videos, images, and twitter. Yahoo is indeed trying to keep up in the search engine competition.

The new yahoo search engine want that yahoo users get what they want in immediately, such searching for celebrities or entertainment will pull up the the most important details like images, articles, tweets, videos, event listing, and ratings right on the primary search engine results page.

The web search has been enhanced with HTML 5 technology for Apple iOS based iPhone and other devices as well as Google Android devices. Trending topics on search results give you brief information on the heavily talked about topics on the web in form of a slideshow. If you implement search engine optimization blog it's useful for your website or blog to drive traffic from search engines.

The images search also incorporates a slideshow feature and users can view the slide show from public facebook albums or from flickr photo web.