Exporting PDF Files With New Adobe Acrobat X

How To Exporting PDF Files

Adobe.com launched the Adobe Acrobat X family and pre-announcement of a pair of upcoming online services, on Monday. Adobe also announced that adobe acrobat x standard and adobe acrobat x pro both are with free software version.

As baweh online diary blog quote from PCMag.com that Acrobat X Standard will cost $299, or $129 for upgrade, while the adobe acrobat x pro version will cost $449, and $199 for upgrade. The new acrobat X and reader X software will ship within 30 days.

Both version of the new acrobat X include a new interface, which ditches an office-like interface for a minimalist top-line menu with only a few basic functions and a double toolbar. In addition, a large "create" button automatically generates the best PDF for your uses. Mendelson noted that acrobat x does a "startingly good job" of exporting PDFs into a word or an excel document, but with an average internal OCR tool. The software can also send out and "collect" the responses from a fill-in form that you sent to your contacts, collating the responses into a spreadsheet.

New adobe acrobat x version compatible for android OS, windows phone 7, and The BlackBerry Playbook Operating System. Adobe also added a new "sandbox" mode for security purpose, isolating the content within a virtual machine to minimize risks to the system if a previously-unknown vulnerability wa exploited. Adobe also said two new online services would be available when acrobat x ships: adobe SendNow, a way of transferring large files with receipt capabilities, sidestepping the load on an organization's email servers; and CreatePDF, a document conversion tool to easily create PDF files.