How To Take Screenshots On An Android Phone

Baweh Online Diary Blog Has talking about new generation of google android operating system android 3.0 or android gingerbread details.Now we will learn how to take screenshots on an android phone.

To take screenshots on android phone you need right software installation and android configuration, you can get direct screenshots in any situation. First time Install the software

Install The Software
Google thinks that only a developer would be interested in capturing android screenshots, so you will have to act like one. Download and install the free Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Visit the site, and be sure to get the correct version for your OS.

The software also requires Java Mac OS X has the right tools already built in. Windows users should download the Java Development Kit. Install the android SDK and Java Development Kit on your windows OS.

Launch the SDK Manager from the Android SDK download (in windows, if promted, choose extract all) Accept the terms and click install. The SDK will download more packages and then update itself with the latest files.

Launch DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor) within the Android SDK tools folder. The software will open a console for a moment and then lauch a graphical interface in another window. Give it a moment, but if it quits and there seems to be an error initially, try running DDMS again.

On the Android device, open setting, Application Setting, Development, and select USB debugging. Connect the Android phone to your computer.

In windows, if the Android doesn't appear as a listing in the Dalvik Debug Monitor application, go to the Device Manager. Right click the Android device, click browse, and navigate to the USB driver folder within the Android SDK folder. Click Next Approve the following prompt to install the driver. Return to the Dalvik Debug Monitor, your droid should now be listed.

With either OS, if your Android device still failed to show up in the Dalvik Debug Monitor, verify that you set it for USB debugging mode. In addition, drag the menu down from the top of the android screen, and pick USB connection. In most instances, you'll want USB Mass Storage to be selected. Try PC Mode if the software isn't finding your Android, that might solve the problem.

On your computer, click the phone icon in the upper-left section to select your Android on the Android, prepare the moment you want to capture. On the computer, choose device, screen capture, click save. Repeat the process for additional screenshots as needed.

Get To The Root
If You are a savvy Android enthusiast, you can shoot screenshots without hooking up to a computer at all. First, however, you will have to root your phone.

Normally, the Android OS prevents screenshots apps from working, since they muck around with deeper permissions. The rooting process confers superuser abilities, however, granting you permission to do anything you want.

After rooting, search the Android Marketplace to find various apps such Screenshot and screenshot it. You'll activate screenshots with a timer, by shaking the phone, or via another command, and the app will then capture your device

Source : The Washington Post