Make Your Friendship More Fun With Facebook Friendship Page

The most free social networking sites Facebook launch facebook friendship page to make your friendship more fun than before. Below social networking guidelineThe function of Facebook friendship page is allowing users to establish a closer interaction with their friends.

Later, the friend of facebook users have privileges. All new updates will be posted on a special wall which is separated from other news feeds. Reported by CNET on Friday 10/29/2010, friendship pages have attended this weekend. But not all facebook social networking site users can access it. Like the other new features, facebook friendship page feature will be launched in stages to to facebook users globally.

Occurrences or facebook friendship pages is the brainchild of engineer up, Wayne Kao inspired from his personal experience. "one of my favorite moments on facebook is looking for the latest information in the news feed's closest friends after they already have a boyfriend, engaged, or married", says Kao.

Wayne Kao thought it would be nice if such activities facilited by a specific page. So that a user know latest updates from friends and closer communication between the two of them only. Is seem very fun. Do you like it ?

Source : Detikinet