Top 10 Social Networking Resolution in 2011

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How many of you have include social media sites as a part of your marketing campaign? are you users of top 10 social networking sites to increase your your company selling? Those you have created profiles on different social media sites, how active are you in your social media marketing campaigns? how often do you update your work experience and other information? How often do you post content on your profiles? how often do you tweet on twitter social micro blogging site? These are all thing you can and should do. And since we are nearing the end of 2010. I thought baweh online diary blog will share about social media resolution as quote from Below are your guide to social networking online and top ten social media resolution that you should consider implementing in your 2011 marketing and brand building social media campaign
  1. Create your identity and build your brand
  2. Thing that your social media for business as away to build your brand or another word that social networking for individual services. You are your brand so you have to always be thinking "what do I want people to think of when they hear my name, see my logo or think of me?" when you create your profile(s)you need to make sure it reflect the brand you want to portray.
  3. Stay active but don't take on more than you can chew
  4. When you create your profiles it is important to consistently check on your profiles. Even if time is an issue, you can still update your status, post links to other things you have written, rely to comment, point your readers in the direction of other information you feel will interest them and send friend/connect/follow request. No one says you have to be active everyday, all day, but I suggest that you post something fresh once a week.
  5. Set goals to connect to X number of new people
  6. Building a profile and even staying active on your profile is not enough to bring people to you. Unfortunately that is not how social media works. The "secret" to social media is the connection you make. When you add a connection you are not just adding one connection but are affording your self the ability to connect to all of their connections.
  7. Build up your relationships with your contacts
  8. After you add a connections, now what? You have to build relationship with those you connect with. One way to do this is to send personal messages to those you have connect with. Connecting with someone on a personal level is the best way to "break the ice" and bring down barriers that might otherwise get in your way. Also set up your profiles to receive linkedln messages in your email inbox. As people respond to your inquiries, or seek you out, you can reply right away. Because customer royalty means nothing any more, people always respond best to those who reply quickly to inquiries.
  9. Connect your different social media profiles
  10. One of the benefits of social media sites is that many social media sites will allow you to link your accounts through RSS Feeds and third party applications. This will often you to post your news on one social media site, it will be feed through to and show up on multiple sites.
  11. Keep up with your competition
  12. Most Social Media offers a search field somewhere within their site. Search for those you would consider your competition. Search for their company name, their web address, the owner or other employee of their business as well. This will give you the opportunity to not only see what your competition is doing, offering and posting, but will also allow you to see what others say about them. You should also use search engines such as Google or Bing and search for reviews that others have posted on your competition. This will offer you a unique perspective on what others feel are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Weave this information into your Social Media profiles to show you do not have the same weaknesses or that you can fill a particular need that your competitor is lacking. Always remember, your competitors can and probably using social media for marketing research from your company.
  13. Listen to what others are saying about you
  14. Use the same search options you used on your competitors Use these functions to see what others are posting within those sites about you. Search the Internet for reviews of your business, products and services as well. When you find comments, whether they are good or bad, respond in a timely manner while maintaining your professionalism. Send personal messages directly to the one leaving feedback about your company if you can.
  15. Establish your expertise by asking and answering questions
  16. Many social media sites feature a questions and answers area such as linkedln answers where you can answer questions that pertain to your area of knowledge and expertise. This is also a way to build powerful relationships that will grow your business because it gives you the opportunity to “connect” with the person asking the questions. Look up the individual’s profile and find a way to tie in a personal response. When answering questions, be thorough and offer tips, website links with additional information, or even recommend someone who is the best expert on that topic even if it is not yourself. Always end your answer by inviting the reader to contact you privately if they need additional assistance.
  17. Send and request recommendations
  18. People like to do business with people they like. And even more so, people like to do business with those who come highly recommended. If you have a LinkedIn profile, there is a specific feature on your profile where you can ask others to recommend you. Ask for recommendation from previous and current employers, employees and other business colleagues that you’ve interacted with over the year as well friends, professors you had while in school, particularly if your education is pertinent to your industry.
  19. Promote your social media profiles
  20. One of my favorite ways to promote my Social Media accounts is through the Signature that attaches at the end of all of my personal and professional emails.what I like most about the email signature is that as my emails are “forwarded” to others, my signature usually goes along with it. Next if you have a website or blog, include icons with links to your profiles for each Social Media Platform you use. Finally, consider including your profile URLs in all of your printed business materials. When you need new business cards, stationary, sales flyers or any other promotional material, be sure to add your URL(s) to these materials. If you have decided to utilize the power of Social Media, you must be willing to dedicate time to it. As with any form of marketing, just having it is never enough. You don’t have to do all of these things at once or even all of these things at all. Even if your goal is to simply increase traffic on your website or blog with online marketing and social media, you are willing to devote some time to it, even in baby steps, you will likely see results.
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