How To Jailbreak iPhone Instruction

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 Do you want to jailbreak iPhone 4, jailbreak iPod or jailbreak iPad ? If you search about tutorial how to jailbreak iPhone 4 I hope this tutorial will help you to jailbreak your iPhone.

The tutorial baweh online dairy blog  quote from iphonefaq. Below are step by step to jailbreak iPhone. The instruction pertain to RedSnow 0.9.7b1, a beta release of the so-called "backup plan" untethered jailbreak. This release is not the final release and, being a beta, require a bit more effort then the eventual final release should. This jailbreak also limited to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G

The following provides step by step instruction on how to jailbreak iPhone or other iOS device using RedSnow 0.9.7b1.

Important : if you require an unlock and not a jailbreak only, do not proceed

jailbreak  iPhone 4 requirrement
  • usbmuxd (you can download from HERE)
  •  a jailbroken (tethered) iOS 4.2.1 iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod Touch 4G. Full instruction for completing the tethered iOS 4.2.1 can be found here
  • The official iOS 4.2b3 firmware file
  • your SHSH blobs from 4.2b3 saved w/ cydia (locally saved files aren't support yet)
Step 1
Get usbmuxd unarchived, and up and running. Pick a directory to unarchive it to then, using terminal, navigate to the python client sub-directory and start usbmuxd as shown below. Technically isn't necessary to start usbmuxd just yet, but there's no reason not to start it and get it out of the way right of the bat.

If you are having trouble reading the commands in the image, that's

-cmod +x (makes it executable)
-./ -t 22:2222

Step 2
Connect your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch 4G and launch RedSnow

RedSnow will immediately request that you browse to and select your official iOS 4.2.1 firmware file. Navigate to, select the file, and click next.

RedSnow will process the firmware file and inform you when it's ready to process.

Step 3
Select the"jailbreak monte" option. You can unchecked "install cydia" as you are required to begin these instructions with a jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 device running Cydia. RedSn0w will again prompt you to point it to an iOS firmware file, this time for iOS 4.2b3.

Step 4
make sure your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch 4G, or iPad is off and click "next". Then follow RedSn0w's instructions on how to put your device into DFU mode and sit back and let the process complete.

Source : iPhonefaq