Top Ten Android Applications

Baweh Online Diary Blog was talk about top ten social networking sites ago according to Alexa page rank. Now baweh will share about top ten Android apps.

Android os was used for many tablet PC nowadays, you can read amazing of this os from many news website like yahoo news, bing news or other search engines.

there are many version of android operating system like android froyo os, android gingerbread, and new version of android honeycomb.

Lets we back to our topic today about top ten android apps. Below are top ten android apps that's make your life more fan:
  1. Google Shopper
  2. Google shopper is android app for help you to get useful product and compare some products to save your money.
  3. Remotedroid
  4. If you do not like to input data with tiny pad from tablet pc, use this app than you can enter data with wireless track pad.
  5. Google Sky Map
  6. Point your device toward the heaves and sky map puts a label on every body celestial you see.
  7. Soundhound
  8. Open your soundhound app, it will identify song lyrics from youtube and social video sharing sites. free soundhound users get five free songs every month.
  9. Cardiotrainer
  10. Cardiotrainer is android app for track your fitness regimen and calorie consumption.
  11. Evernote
  12. Evernote is like notepad for your personal computer. You can use everynote for take a photo, record voice and than open from your personal computer.
  13. Urbanspoon
  14. Do you hungry and need some food for your stomach, and you don't know nearly restaurant from your house? Urbanspoon will help you to find restaurant nearly from your house. You can choose certain attributes. The Urbanspoon app has reviews, contact information, maps, and directories.
  15. Quick Office Mobile Suite
  16. Quick Office Mobile suite let's you write and create document in a pinch. You can read word, excel and power point documents, but you can't edit them without dedicated apps.
  17. FxCamera
  18. You can use fxcamera to me your photo more beautiful.
  19. Slacker
  20. Slacker has a deeper catalog of songs. You can download hours of musics to your phone and listen when you offline.
Those are top ten android apps to make your life more fan. If you have other andoid apps or you are owner of one android apps share them from comments area