What is Google's Competitor ?

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In an interview with the wall street journal, Google CEO Schmidt talked a bit about Google's Competitor. He said that Google looking at Bing search Engine as competitor as a competitor, not Apple. As Baweh Online Diary Quoted from Newwin, saturday 09/25/2010, Schmidt said that Bing is a competitive search engine.

Along with all the innovation that was developed at Google labs, Google's CEO also explained that they would continue to monitor the development of Bing as the competitors in search engine service.

How about Apple as a competitor of Google's Android platform ? In this case, Schmidt was actually looking at Apple as a partner. "Google does not publicity consider Apple as a competitor, even though they claim that the grant consumer companies is a great partner", wrote a description Neowin.

Schmidt explain that there are agreements in which the Apple iPhone includes Google as the search engine in default. Obviously this is a distinct advantage for Google, before they actually head to head in a new battle.

Overtime, in the end the two companies will battle in the same market. Yes with the presence of Google TV, Apple TV practically got a new rival. Let's see if Google CEO still think Apple as partner or competitor.