How To Make Money with BlackBerry

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Applications developers use Blackberry to make money with their applications. Research In Motion (RIM) also intoduce a BlackBerry Advertising Service for developers of applications.

RIM reveal new platform for BlackBerry advertising in the BlackBerry Developer Conference 10 (DevCon10) at the Marriott Marquis, San Francisco (27-30 of september 2010)

BB Ad Service allows for BlackBerry developers to insert codes to display ads on their applications. Developers income is from ads on their applications. Tyler Lessard as VP Global Alliances and BlackBerry says that BB Ad Service can be used to access various mobile ad providers, later this platform also includes advertising services from operators.

Advertising is not the one way to make money with BlackBerry because RIM also introduce BlackBerry Payment Service Beta Version. Blackberry users can use BB payment service to transaction within the black berry application. It's can be used to micro-transaction in an application, such as purchase e-books from the authors of e-books.

The payment of Blackberry Ads Servise can used from various ways such credit cards, paypal which are quite common payment used. there is also carrier billing or pieces of pulses. To support BlackBerry ads service RIM will eliminate Blackberry App fee in the world. Do you owner of BlackBerry Applications ? Use this opportunity to make money with BlackBerry