How To Build Backlinks For Your Blogs

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Do You have any online dairy blogs or websites and learn to optimize on search engines? One of the ways to get on first page result on search engines is by building back links. so how to build links for your blogs ?

There are many ways to build backlinks according to webmasters seo. There is says that there are 5 ways to build back links, other says there are 10 ways to build to build back links for blog. Below my ways to build backlinks for my online diary blogs.

Creating articles
The most important one to build huge links is creating useful and helpful information and articles accourding to your business. If your blog information popular in many locations, it will get noticed and will help to drive the search engines and traffic interested coming to your blog. A press release also useful information to drive traffics and backlink for your blogs. The greaters owner blogs regularly use press release to get their blog exist. If you have newsworthy information, create your own press release and distribute is on your blog. Don't forget to put backlinks to your blog.

Commenting on Blogs
Commenting on blogs or blogwalking is another way to drive links for your blogs. Search others blogs that have some information for your blog. Use this way to invite traffic on those blogs by putting your comment name as anchor links and a link to your blog.

Article Directories
Writing article between 300 words and 650 words to submit it in various article directories is beneficial ways to generate backlinks. Don't forget to put your blog links in Author Bio.

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking is very importante way to drive blog traffic. there are many social bookmarking sites in the world like TechnoratiCom, DiggCom, StumbleuponCom, RedditCom, DeliciousCom, BlogcatalogCom etc. Bookmark your blog there, which will be bookmarked by other members, If your blog bookmarked by other members, you get a free backlink, isn't ?

Social Networking Sites
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Yuwie are some of social networking sites. Social networking websites now commontly used by bloggers to create pages, groups, introduce and develope their blogs. Be careful do not to seem like you are advertising or pushing your business onto your friends.

Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal Links or link exchange is an agreement between two bloggers or webmasters to provide hyperlink within their own blogs to each other's blog.

Web Directory Submissions
There are many paid and free directories in the world, you can submit your site in relevant category for your blog. many owners blog neglect this way because the web directory submissions is outdated, a lot of internet users still use web directory submissions to get backlinks for their blogs. Best way is submit your blog on the web directory submissions that do not require you to put a reciprocal link on your blog.

Forum Activities
Choose relevant forum for your blog. Put a link on your profile. Answer questions from newbies and help them to solve their problem. Yahoo answer is example way for you to give answer for the questions and put your link on the answer.

Blog Directories
Blog directories submissions is like web directory submissions. Use these ways to build backlinks for your blogs. I hope these ways help and solve you about how to build backlinks for your blogs