Download iTunes 10

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced that iTunes 10 download available today with new logo, is iTunes 10 comes with new features ?

Quote from, when it's tray to install itunes 10, installation iTunes 10 was quite smoothly and was completed in a few minutes which has size 72.2 MB.

After finish the installation process, the logo changed to iTunes 10 looks more glossy with a blue orb shape, with symbols such as the tone of the previous series. This logo gives look more fresh.

Nevertheless, the display in iTunes 10 features was not much different from the previous version 9.2. like top 10 albums on itunes, itunes top 10 music, and if you want to get top 10 itunes addons check it on mozilla. There was no change in color or design. Far from the impression previously imagined.

iTunes 10 was added new features such as a TV Show, Rentals, which allows users to enjoy content TV channels for 99 cents. Some of the popuoar TV series looks adorned the pages like the glee iTunes, or Poison Break.

As Steve Jobs explained, in iTunes 10 there is music social networking features named ping. Jobs called, ping is a social networking where Facebook and Twitter meet with iTunes.

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