And The Beat Goes on With Next Generation Social Networking Site

Beat100, a new wave of web interaction has arrived to combine all the best of other social networking sites all rolled into one exhilarating package which will allow people not only to keep contact with each other via the web but also post video for prizes! Beat100 looks to take on its forever ageing predecessors & injecting a brand new lease of life into a worldwide addiction of the masses.
How does Beat100 work you may ask? well like all great great things it's rather simple there are two charts, the 'music chart & the lifestyle chart'.
The music chart is particularly exciting as since the unconfirmed death of Myspace, bands and musicians have been scouring the internet wastelands looking for someone, anyone to listen to them. Look no more however, here lays the perfect way to revive the unsighed music scene. For the past month, Beat100 debutants have been at loggerheads battling it out for the top spot.
At23:59 on Friday the 30th September it all came to a climatic ending which saw Essex based band 'Plastic Youth' bag the number one spot & the prize money to boot with their self-penned hit for Glory's Sake'. The bands singer/bassist said 'it's great that social networking is evolving &incorporating music with it, we're all chuffed to be a part of it'. Title band which consists of brothers luke, dan & james higgs along with drummer Kieran Ambrose have just completed a stint in the recording studio with Verve guitarist Nick McCabe and are set to release new material and tour in the new year.

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