List Of Social Networking Sites For Gardener

Facebook social networking site Lets us to share our knowledge and hobbies to friends and family. Social networks are allowing gardeners to peer over the virtual fence and how some one build and create their garden more beautiful. Below are list of social networking sites for gardeners :
  2. Your Garden Show site brings some features like GLog (garden log), a contemporary riff on the farmer's almanac, is part of the citizen science platform. "Shared information in a social media setting". In this interactive timeline, gardeners record and track their garden over seasons and years,The Citizen Science feature includes a partnership with San Francisco State University's Great Sunflower Project, which tracks honeybee populations. A plant database, powered by the Missouri Botanical Garden and Cornell University, offers valuable basic plant information, such as light and water needs, USDA hardiness zone along with cultivation tips such as pH preference. Plant photos make for easy identification in the garden or nursery.
  4. The Plant Wiki feature is an interactive repository of information on individual plants, is modeled on a combination of Facebook and the online Wikipedia encyclopedia. The Plant Wiki give members to contribute and adding to it. Trade List lets members share extra plants, cuttings and seeds with other gardeners.
  6. In the Yard Ideas section, the crew posts a daily article based on yards already on site. A recent feature on cutting gardens brought together pictures with text, telling members how to do it. In the yard experts section, landscape professionals submit photos that show projects from start to finish.
Do you have another social networking sites for gardeners. Share your information about social networking sites for gardeners, lets people know your gardener's site