Unisys Announces New Voice-Based Services for Social Networking Sites

Unisys announced a multitude of new services that allow providers to merge voice-based services with social media channels.
The services will be available on Unisys VoiceSource Express 400 Series Platform and will benefit customers who use smartphones and feature phones by bringing innovative easy-to-use voice and data applications directly to their devices.
"These new services from Unisys give carriers a secure, mission critical platform to quickly deploy and develop powerful new revenue-generating services that add richness and depth to the subscribers experience", said Steven Chuey, vice president of Global Solution Management at Unisys.
Other solutions available to carriers on Unisys VSE platform include :
  • Messaging Solution, which uses voice, fax and email services to offer subscribers new ways to personalize services and keep in touch with contacts.
  • Notification services, which delivers a personalized information alert service to users at a device of their choosing from any application.
  • Value Added Services, which allows carriers to build incremental revenue by offering advanced communication features.
  • Voicemail as a Service and VAS (Value Added Services) as a service, which allow communication providers to offer voicemail and value-added services via a secure subscription-based model using Unisys hosting cloud computing solutions.
Subscribers will be able to use Unisys Voice Tweet to easily record a voice-based tweet and post it as a voice or text-based message. This service resembles Unisys Speak to Facebook Service that allows users to use the voice system to update their facebook status and post messages to their friend's walls

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