Welcome To Social Bee Network

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Social Bee Apps is the boon for all the people who are very active on social networking sites. One can update status on multiple social network Sites with few taps on their Google Android device. This is simple and easy to use social bee Android application to update your status on four major social networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Orkut. So how to use social bee ? What you need to use social bee application is download social bee apps for free and install it on your Google Android device. Login to your preferred social networks, enter your message and tap on update. Your message will be published on your profile on respective social networks!
Social bee apps bring some features to help you to connect to most social networking site ; seamless integration with most popular social networks, you are privacy is protected, easy to use interface
  • Seamless integration with most popular social networks : This application is perfectly integrated with the most popular social networking sites, includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Orkut
  • You're privacy is save : You are redirected to the respective sites for login via secure mode. We do not store your username or password during this process.
  • Easy to use interface : All the operations are handled from a single screen. One can login/logout and publish message using single tap. The interface is designed such that user does not have to go back and forth to check their login status or update message.
To get more about social bee app go to http://www.socialbee.co