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Social networking sites for musician and music lovers brings a unique advantage to the table and will revolutionize the social networking worlds. It is MusicLunge comes to judging whether or not music lunge has come up with a suitable solution to the time shortage for the hungry social networker. A first glance at the web statistics tracking site,, one would see Music Lunge, a new up and coming SN website with a promising ranking in the world-wide-web, reaching under a million -very healthy place and a clear indication that mass-market recognition potential will become a reality in the very near future. The reason behind this incredible growth is the unique functions and services Music Lunge provides its subscribers, from 140 countries, which will launch social  networking into it's next generation phase.
Music Lunge is a social networking site designed to help indie and major artists with, music, music video, ringtone distribution and other services. With music Lunge, subscribers have the best features of the popular social networking sites, combined into one convenient location. Music Lunge offers the personal page malleability of sites like MySpace, allowing members to keep up with friends status updates and photos. In addition, videos can be uploaded and browsed with a service comparable to that of YouTube, and a Twitter micro blogging feature, are all readily available and easy to use. offers the freedom of what you should be able to do on a social networking website, network without limitations. More and more facebook members are getting their accounts suspended for networking. "we are not here to compete with the other social networking mega sites, like Facebook or MySpace. We are here to give the musicians and music lovers a social networking website of their own", says President/CEO, Sergio Giles.
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