How To Play Free Games With DOSBOX ?

Hy guys! As many of you may not know, I am an avid lover of Classic Games that require Pixel Type Format and Cannot be run in Your Average Everyday computer. So if anyone here love classic games as much as I do, then I will help you play em.
First of all, GET DOSBOX, How can you play these awesome classical games without the correct format program-me? To get DOSBOX for windows get it from DOS Emulator from SourceForge.
Second, download those classical games. I recommended sites like these : Abandonia Best Old Games DOSBox DOS emulator for windows xp.
Third, Create a folder in your computer called DOSGames or something like that, remember no spaces in the folder name. Now that you have a folder, download one of the games and put it in the folder. This will make it easier to look for the games later.
Fourth, Run DOSBox and you will see something like this,

It's a command script. To start the game You have to Enter the following command mount c c:\DOSGames\(Name of the games file)
Fifth, You need to type this in Dir C:\ look for a file that is executable or has .exe and then finally type this in C:\(Name of the .exe. to make it easier right click on the .exe file and click RUN USING : DOSBOX
Congratulation now you can play the old pixel games