Facebook to Introduce Video-Calling on Its Site With The Support of Skype

Image from NewsTonight.co.za

The social networking site like Facebook is on its way toward building an even stronger relationship with its users, with the launch of an application for video chatting and calling on the site after finalizing a deal with Skype, the internet calling service.
According to Founder and Chief Executive on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the new application makes chatting with friends more interesting as it goes beyond just sending messages on chat. Facebook has 750 million users worldwide and its users spend a lot of time on Facebook. If a user wants to video chat with another user, the only thing they need to do is click on their contacts profile when they are online.
The application will help users save money and time by talking face to face at low cost or for free. The new feature is also expected to boost Facebook's profits. The feature is expected to be made available to the users in a few weeks.
Presently, Google launched its Google +1 application, which the company hopes will surpass all other social networking sites like facebook in demand, as it can enable to people to chat together simultaneously.

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