Microsoft Gets Social In China With RenRen Agreement

Microsoft recently announced that it has signed an agreement with RenRen, one of the most popular chinese social networking sites. Accordingly, RenRen will integrate its services with MSN, allowing users to share login access, status updates and instant messaging on both platforms. With the rise of Google, Twitter and other social networking sites like facebook, and persistent competition from Yahoo, MSN has been relegated to the sidelines.

RenRen helps microsoft in China's Internet Market
Tying up with RenRen, which is known as social networking sites like facebook in China, will enable microsoft to gain additional footing into the chinese internet market which has more than 480 million users. Microsoft recently also entered into an agreement with China's leading search engine Baidu to power its English language search engine.

The Microsoft deal also helps RenRen to compete with other services in China like Twitter clone Sina Weibo, and the IM provider QQ. See more article at :