U. S. Military Social Networking Site

While the general populace does it's Social Network on widely used sites such as Facebook, Twitter and perhaps now Google+, military service members now have their own dedicated social networking forum. Milpages, a new site created by U. S Air Force Sergeat Adam Mulholland, will devote itself largely to military topics with the goal of bringing U. S service personnel together online.
"Unlike Facebook, we are focused solely on military topics or those things that have an interest to the military people around the world", said Mulholland, who created the site. "This means, everything from opinions on what the military is doing today, coupons and savings, international military reaching across to nations around the world, or just random conversation".
"our site is targeted directly at military or supporters of, which is unique in the sense that it is being done on a social basis", said Mulholland. "We are different because the site is not a commercial multi-million dollar company running it like military.com. It's created by actual military members.
According to Mulholland, the new site contains some columns, blogs, but is largely dedicated to social networking.

U. S Military social networking site source at : http://www.techzone360.com/topics/techzone/articles/221092-us-military-now-has-its-own-social-networking.htm