Facebook Questions Applications VS Yahoo Answers

How To Make Money With Facebook
What Is Facebook Questions?
How-to facebook questions. Millions of people ask their friends about things everyday, what is social networking ? What is the fastest and safest browser ? What music they listen this time? How do I make money via the Internet and many more questions from all members of facebook to their friends according to their hobbies that imposible I write all on Baweh Online Diary.

Facebook introduces new feature to the user that is named facebook questions, facebook questions is currently in facebook question beta version, You may have facebook questions problems sometime. What's on facebook questions beta version? these are what do you have on face book questions: facebook questions answers, facebook survey questions, which allows facebook users to ask questions in their minds to the public facebook. With facebook questions application you will get lots of questions and answers, learn valuable information from people who understand the various topic.

Facebook questions, help you take advantage of the knowledge of the 500 million-plus members of facebook. For example if you want to go to Indonesia You can ask, What your favorite place in Indonesia ? How social life of Indonesian society. With facebook questions application you will get answers to questions of personal and from the experts.

How do I ask on Facebook questions ?
How do you ask facebook questions, To ask questions on facebook questions simply, click the "ask questions" at the top of the homepage. You can also ask questions to your friends from their profile, do the same with how you will post on their wall.

After you ask a question, you have the options to add an image or a poll. With facebook questions pool, you can create a simple survey. Such as whether your cellphone operating system ? Google Android Operating Systemques (GAOS), Windows Mobile Operating System (WMOS), Linus Operating System (LOS), Symbian Operating System (SOS), Other. You can make fun facebook survey questions as you want.

If you ask about facebook frequently asked questions about your security questions facebook and facebook profile questions, I Tell you, to Keep in mind that all the questions and answers can be accessible to anyone and visible to everyone on the Internet. If you simply want to ask your friends, or a certain group of people, you still can apply as a status update on your profile are specially targeted to your friends.

Explore Any Topic
Tagging themes also helps others benefit from the knowledge of everyone on facebook. For instance, if you're always want to learn more about how to implement search engine optimization page results, cooking, coding, politics or even how to learn html scripts. Facebook Questions lets you see what others are asking about those subjects.

Facebook questions lets you browse from people with deep knowledge on a topic or click "follow" under any questions to receive a notofication each time someone submits a new answer. You can Browse through all of the questions to help find one you may have never thought to ask. How to browse through all of the facebook questions ? Just select "everything" from the "questions about" drop-down menu at the top of the application, and click "next question" start your questions and share your answers. You can see original post from facebook here

What is Yahoo! Answers ?
What is yahoo answers, yahoo answers is a place where people ask and answer questions on any topic. It's collects all yahoo questions and answers

When asking a question, you categorize it in a topic, making it easier for others to find and answer it. Your question is open for others to answer for 4 days. You can extend or shorten this time period. Select the best answer, or have the community vote for the best answer

How to answers at yahoo? Use the category list on the left side of each page to find open questions related to the topic you know about, You can also search with yahoo search engine on the left side of each page to locate questions and answers related to specific words or phrases, your answer to a question may be chosen as the best one, and answers yahoo giving you extra points.

Discover yahoo answers
Use the category list on the left side of each page to browse through the questions and answers on the topics that interest you, resolved questions, and use the search box on ht left side of each page to locate questions and answers related to specific words and phrases.

What are yahoo answers categories ?
Yahoo answers has many categories to help user to discover yahoo answers. Below are all yahoo answers categories: Arts and Humanities, Beauty and style, Business and Finance, Cars and Transportation, Computer and Internet, Consumer Electronics, Dining Out, Education and Reference, Entertainment and Music, Environment, Family and Relationships, Food and Drink, Games and recreation, Health, Home and Garden, Local Businesses, News and Events, Pets, Politics and Goverment, Pregnancy and Parenting, Science and Mathematics, Social Science, Society and Culture, Sport, Travel, and Yahoo Products. Go to yahoo answers home here to find official yahoo answers api application